Twisted Game: My Stepbrother is my bully

Twisted Game: My Stepbrother is my bully

By:  HaileyMarie  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lexi is forced to live with her estranged mother, who left her when she was a child. Her new stepfather owns one of the best private schools in the country. Her mother is sending her to attend Blackmore Academy alongside her new stepbrother Zane. What she didn't expect was for her new stepbrother to immediately hate her and for his best friend, Alec Crestwood, to go along with the cruel, twisted game she found herself playing with her new stepbrother. Zane and Alec will stop at nothing to make her leave or force her to become their pet. What Zane and Alec don't know, though, was that she grew up in a rough neighborhood and can get just as scrapy as them. The twisted games the three of them play turn into fire burning passion and uncontrollable lust. Lexi finds herself having forbidden fantasies and feelings regarding her stepbrother and his best friend. She can no longer stop her body from heating up and her heart skipping a beat when Zane Blackmore and Alec Crestwood, the knights of Blackmore Academy, touch her.

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Ursula Y Conteh
please when are they going to publish the next chapters I love the book so much
2024-02-07 08:01:33
user avatar
Monika Vos - Mazur
love it! cant wait till next chapter
2024-01-29 05:19:15
user avatar
teela gutierrez
need an update ...
2024-01-03 18:07:22
default avatar
Great book, keeps you on edge.
2023-12-29 11:18:52
default avatar
Angela Owens
Very good. Has a good plot and is a well written bully (hopefully reverse harem) enemies to lovers romance
2023-11-16 10:40:34
default avatar
Alexa Lee
How often do you update ? It’s super good
2023-11-22 06:46:45
24 Chapters
Chapter 1
I'm sitting in the taxi that's now bringing me to my new school, Blackmore Academy. Sounds scary, right? Yeah, I know.Don't ask me why they made a school with that name. I tried googling up the school name and found jack shit. Nothing at all. They have nothing, no information, no pictures.Nothing.If I had grown up in a better life than I was, I would be terrified and plain afraid, but I'm not. I'm me, I'm Lexi, and I have spent my life being abused at home. That left scars on me, and I mean literal scars. One of my foster mothers thought it was okay to whip me with a belt on my back when she thought I was “acting” out.The bitch.We have been driving for hours, 4 to be precise, and I can't help but let my mind swirl with curiosity about my birth mother. She contacted me two months ago, thanks to the money provided by her new husband. She hired a private investigator, and he found me one month later. It makes me wonder how hard did she try to find me before.I remember little abou
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Chapter 2
The driver pulls to a slow stop right at the edge of the steps and climbs out of the car. I don't even pay much attention to him. My eyes are glued to the students walking around the courtyard.Suddenly, I feel self-conscious. I don't want to step out like this, not in front of them all. This is why I wished my mom would have at least met me here for my first day before leaving on her honeymoon. You would think meeting your child for the first time in seventeen years would be important enough to push back the honeymoon trip. I guess to a woman like my mom, it's not as essential as going on her honeymoon to Spain.The school never sent me any uniforms, so I ended up having to wear something that I owned, and it's sad to say that a lot of my clothing doesn't look the best. Most have stains on them or holes, just because I have had them for a long time.My mother mentioned that I have a credit card coming in the mail, and when it arrives, the headteacher will give it to me. My stepfa
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Chapter 3
We walk through the front doors, and my eyes widen as I take in what's in front of me. The walls, just like the outside, are gloomy, but instead of black, they are an ominous gray with the floors being a black marble color. Pictures with little name plates under them shine on the walls down the walkway.I would love to maybe read the names one day and look up the people on the walls, then maybe I could know a little about the school. Each one, though I see, is wearing dark black suits with red ties, a black rose pinned on the right side of their chests, and they are not smiling at all.They are more like smirking, like they know they are going to hold power, and you would think the pictures would be of older men, but nope. They are around my age, a year older. Perhaps when they graduate?Who the heck knows?“So how did you get in here?” Shelby's words push through my thoughts again, and I smile up at her, hauling my suitcase behind me.“Personal driver,” I mumble out, still working
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Chapter 4
Several minutes later, we are eating our food, and no one has bothered us yet, thank goodness. Shelby gets a little less stiff in her seat and relaxes. She has been about the professors, giving me a run-down as she called it.“Professor Longworth doesn't like when students answer without raising their hands, and professor MacLaine doesn't like when students come to her class unprepared. Both will kick students out. The rest are straightforward to get along with, but just watch those two, okay? They are the mean, grumpy ones that shouldn't even be teaching to begin with.” She explains as she finishes up with her breakfast.Right as I'm about to take my last bite, I heard someone shouting. I quickly turned my head to watch some black-haired boy standing in front of the knight's table. Suddenly, the one on the right, the one I stupidly let myself drool over in the courtyard, my stepbrother, leans over, grabs the kid by his shirt, bringing them nose to nose, saying something. I can't hear
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Chapter 5
“What happened?” Shelby's quick words cut through my emotions. I have never been so nervous, and I don't even know why. Something is different from those two than the boys I am used to.They are cold, like they just don't give a shit about nothing but themselves. Like one wrong word, I may actually end up in a ditch, but that's ridiculous, of course.“They wanted to introduce themselves-” I stutter out and can't even finish my damn sentence.What the hell was that, even? And who do they actually think they are to even speak to me like that?“Let's just forget about them,” I suggest as Shelby now leads me out the back door towards the girl's dorm. Thank God, I don't think the boys can get to me there. I looked up at the building as we got closer, and each door outside the building had balconies. I will have to make sure I keep my door locked. Hopefully, my room's at the top.“Yeah, let's just go to our rooms and rest for the remainder of the day. I don't think I'm going to go eat for
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Chapter 6
I wake up with a startled gasp and try to sit up, but I become so dizzy that I actually have to close my eyes tightly before opening them up again. I see blurring lights around the room, but otherwise, it's dark as hell in here. Groaning softly, I flatten my hands on the floor and pushed myself to sit up, fighting the urge to throw up.What happened to me?I feel sick, as if I move too fast, I'm going to start throwing up that spaghetti I ate.I try to widen my eyes to look around, and I see a few figures in black robes surrounding me.What the hell?I climb to my feet quickly, feeling my knees almost buckle under me, but I fight to stand up, not understanding what the hell is going on.Am I still at the school? How long did I sleep?“Where am I?” I whimper as I feel the tears starting to flow down my cheeks, waiting for whoever brought me here to respond."Hello?" I called out and tried to get my blurring eyesite to focus."Is anyone here?""You need to leave my school," Zane snarled
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Chapter 7
The next morning, I'm laying in my bed, too afraid to get out from underneath my covers. After Zane and Alec basically dragged me back to my dorm room, one I can't remember which one did it now, but he picked up my phone from the nightstand. He said he was programming both of their numbers into it before sending a text from my phone to all of theirs.He also said he was installing a fucking tracking app on my phone. Apparently, the school has their own and people can share locations with friends on there. They both will know my location every second of the day.Great.Consider me fucking warned.I have yet to leave my bed. It's now 6am, and I have to pee so badly that I'm squeezing my thighs together.I'm too afraid that once I start my day that it's real. Right now inside my head, I keep telling myself over and over that I just dreamed that last night. Ain't no way I just became a fucking pet for two heartless assholes named Zane and Alec, but the cut on my neck tells me it was defini
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Chapter 8
Lucky Shelby walks in next and makes a beeline for me, her face stricken as she flies towards me before pulling me into a hug, shocking the heck out of me.“Oh my God, Lexi, I heard. You need to leave! It's all over the halls. The Knights picked you to be their pet. I'm so sorry, I didn't know! I didn't know anything until this morning-” she rushes out and pauses a second to catch her breath, and I feel so bad for her, I told up my hand to stop her apology.She doesn't have anything to apologize for. It's not her fault. None of this is her fault. I was picked because of my stepbrother and his hatred for my birth mother. “Shelby, it's okay, I promise. I can't leave here because I was told they have a guard at the front and won't let me pass. I don't know what I'm going to do, but it's not your fault, okay?” I tell her gently, placing my hand on her shoulder, trying to calm her down as I see her eyes filling with tears. “Don't cry.”“No, no! You don't understand! That's why I was brough
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Chapter 9
I'm not going to stand here hungry as they eat in front of me, so I turn away and take a step back from them."Did we say you were dismissed, pet?" Zane snarls, tossing the rest of his sausage biscuit on his tray while staring up at me with hard eyes.My mouth struggled to work as both of their eyes swung to me at once. I didn't think they were paying attention to me. I thought I could slowly back away without them realizing. They were ignoring me and not talking to me, so I thought they wouldn't have noticed me being gone."No," I clench my teeth, grinding them hard together, struggling to keep my mouth shut when all I want to do is scream at them both.Shelby hasn't even tried to check up on me, I looked around several times and didn't once see her. She probably bolted out the second she could, and I don't really blame her. I really want to bolt my damn self, if only I could."You don't walk away from us until we fucking decide if we want you out of our sight, pet" Alec says as he r
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Chapter 10
Once they left the cafeteria, I stood in the same spot for a good several minutes watching the cafeteria door while my body hummed with furry and was still humming with need from having Zane's fingers inside of me. My pussy is pissed off at me telling me I should have just listened because now I'm worked up my body wanting release and I basically was the reason it was denied it. Some of the students in the cafeteria are looking at me, some are even openly laughing, that has me wondering if they all knew what Zane was doing to me, even though Alec told me they would not dare look, I think some of the boys were because I can see the smirks on their faces causing me to slump in embarrassment and slowly walk myself out of the cafeteria. My class is starting soon anyway, I should head to it so I won't be late and get in trouble. Sighing softly when I remember I did not grab my book bag from my room before making the mad dash to the cafeteria when the boys gave me my first duty. I fuckin
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