Two Bad Boys Behind A Nerd

Two Bad Boys Behind A Nerd

By:  ImWriter  Completed
Language: English
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A bad boy behind a nerd is common. But What happens when a girl has to deal with two play boys of her college who were behind her The girl was crazy for her passion of singing while the boys were crazy for her.

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what a enjoyable read, glad the truth finally came out. hope the author is going to bring another book out.
2023-03-13 20:13:39
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Stephanie Hill
Update soon?
2022-03-31 02:48:54
user avatar
Stephanie Hill
Please update soon! Love it
2022-03-20 04:02:20
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Amna Farrukh
The author herself is very person.And the books she writes is soo good that a person can not stop reading. keep it up! And keep giving us this awesome stories...
2021-11-14 18:52:33
user avatar
Aarti Shankar
The book is too captivating, can't stop reading it. You'll rock it author.
2021-08-29 13:28:05
user avatar
Tara-Lee Bodenham
so far really good start to the book. wish more chapters came out than 4 in i think the last 6 months which is seriously disappointing to hardcore readers with ocd. my bad for not checking to see if the book was completed.
2022-07-18 09:27:52
50 Chapters
Chapter 01
SAVANNAH POV :I was sitting in the car right now and was going to the university to which I get admitted recently.I had finished my high schooling recently, and now it was time for pursuing my graduation.I got admission to one of the prestigious universities by god grace. Furthermore, I had spent my eighteen years of life in a town, but now I was in a city. A completely different place and lifestyle.It's not like that I was super-rich or something like that. It's just my good grades in high school. Because of my Good grades, I got a scholarship and selected at Cross high University.It's like a dream come true for me. Now I can study hard maybe I also followed my passion of singing here far away from my home without any restriction.I have spent my schooling years of life following the orders and regulations of my elders. If they say it's a day then I have to consider it as a day. In short, I was not less than a puppet for them.J
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Chapter 02
A smirk formed at the corner of his lips. He grabbed me by my waist near to him."I will not leave you until I have them," he said pointing towards my lips with his eyes.I shouted No loudly and covered my mouth from both of my hands tightly. My hands were shielding my lips."Ready," he asked in a husky voice.I shook my head in no, fast.Noo.I didn't want this.He removed both hands from my mouth and twisted them behind my back. He was stubborn and shameless as well.Not only that, but he pushed me against the railing and trapped me between himself and the railing. I looked behind at the students who were looking at us with a keen interest but none of them utters a single word.Someone, please stop him!I almost lost my hope to escape from him by looking at the determination in his eyes and the helplessness of mine.He leaned to my face and I moved back. He leaned further more and moved back more. My face
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Chapter 03
I was hell embarrassed. He must be thinking that What stupid this Girl is!"Wear the spectacles. It will help you to see clearly." He pointed at my spectacles which were hung sideways in my jean's pocket.I took them out and placed them on my eyes." He-he, You are right," I chuckled nervously.Oh, God!I had faced enough embarrassment for today.His eyes locked with my spectacle covered eyes for a short moment. He moved his eyes from mine so did I.He pushed my luggage bag towards me and ducked his free hand inside his pocket like another hand." Go Inside," he said coldly and leave from there. I was still standing there looking at his retreating back which soon emerged in the crowd of other students." I couldn't even thank him," I muttered to myself with a sigh.I entered the Dean's office and reported my presence as the newbie in the college under the scholarship scheme.I greeted him politely and after
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Chapter 04
"You must be hungry," she said." I am fine, Sky. Thanks for asking," I said to her and get up from the bed.She grabbed my arm and made me sit again on the bed. I was dazed by her sudden pull." I know you are hungry. I heard your stomach growling from the moment you entered this room," she said with a smirk.I was feeling a bit flushed."Yeah. I am hungry," I said with a nervous chuckle." I am also hungry. Let's eat something," she said while rubbing her stomach.This girl and her antics were crazy."That's sound great." I agree with her.I was more hungry than her.She gets and wore her slippers in hurry and ran to her wardrobe. She took out some money and ran towards the door.I looked at her in confusion. Why she was leaving me behind? I also want to eat something." Hey, where are you going?" I asked her. She stopped in her tracks.She turned towards me standing at the door."You
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Chapter 05
  The sun rays subside on my face which disturbed my sleep. I don't know when for the last time I had such a pretty sleep. Far from my home, I have no restrictions from my parents who kept nagging at me how to behave properly and to be disciplined.I yawned and stretched my arms to get rid of my sleepy muscles as well. The sky was sleeping soundly on her bed.I decided to call my Mom.I called her yesterday to inform them about my safe arrival at the University.I dialled my Mother's number and she picked it up on the third ring." Good morning Mom." I greeted her with a tinge of respect."You wake up this late?" she retorted at me.Late!Damn! She can't keep her strictness aside when her daughter is away from her."I slept late at night. I was busy settling my stuff here." I told nervously." Don't think Savi that you are away from home and your parents so you can do whatever you want. Y
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Chapter 06
A new day begins as the bright sun shine in the sky. All the students rushed to the university to grab their schedules for upcoming classes. Savannah gets her schedule along with Skyler. She was now wandering from one corner of the college to the other. Or one can say she was following Skyler who kept running like a maniac in the whole college campus. “Sky, Please slow down,” said Savannah in a tiring tone. “Common, baby girl. You can’t get tired this early. We have to see the rest of the college campus yet.” Skyler said with excitement. Savannah let a deep sigh. She mentally slapped her for coming to pick her schedule with Skyler.Seeing no option, she started to follow Skyler with fast steps to match her pace. Savannah's phone pinged inside her pocket. She takes her phone out of her pocket to read the message. She was following Skyler while looking at the phone. She shrieked in shock when the phone from her hand fell on the floor with a t
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Chapter 07
Dominic and Damien let each other go. After all, they can't decline the order of Mr Black. Damien straightened his posture and entered his office after knocking.As he entered inside, he found Mr Black sitting on his chair in a deep state. Damien instantly recognised that today it was time for one more heated conversation with his father.Damien coughed intentionally to initiate," Dad! You called me?" He plastered his eyes on the ground.Mr Black couldn't control himself now. He threw the files on his table on the ground while fuming in anger."What do I do with you, Damien? You always end up in a fight with Dominic." Mr Black get up from his chair and marched towards Damien.His voice was so much loud that it was echoing in the whole room."He was the one who initiated the fight, Dad. Not me," replied Damien with as much calmness he could."That's my point. He is the one who always initiates a fight. He is the one who beats you first.
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Chapter 08
Dominic's eyes were fixed on Savannah for the whole time now.From The moment she came outside from the college;From  the moment her eyes landed on him ;From the moment she passed by him ; From the moment she stands at a distance from him and came back to him; All this time his eyes didn't move an inch from her.His gaze was something which was Savannah hating badly. It was making her felt anxious."Here's the bandage. Apply it," said Savannah in a nervous tone. Her hand was shaking lightly. Dominic could sense that how nervous was she!Dominic didn't utter a word. He just pushed Savannah harshly and she falls to the ground with a thud. Skyler's mouth opened wide in shock.Dominic's nostrils were flaring in anger.  His one hand was tightly clutching the car key in his hand. It looked like he didn't like Savannah's way of helping him."You jerk," hissed Skyler at Do
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Chapter 09
Dominic, Savannah and Damien we're sailing on the boat. A boat which lack of emotions from their elders. All of them were having nothing in the name of having everything.They had parents who were designated for were building their children as a perfect idol of intelligence and mannerism. They were trying their best to earn prestige on the behalf of their children. But none of them cared for their feelings, emotions and happiness.Dawn came and the sun shines brightly in the sky marking the beginning of a new day. Savannah dressed up her arm and left for the college along with Skyler after completing her daily routine. " Woohoo! I am so excited." Skyler said with enthusiasm.Savannah was feeling not soo excited. She feeling like she was sent on a mission of completing her graduation after sacrificing her dreams just because of her parents."Good," said Savannah with a coverup smile.Savannah reached the entrance and mutter
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Chapter 10
"Ohh common! I will decide what type of singer you are!" Skyler said and pinched Savannah's cheek. Savannah and Skyler attended the upcoming classes. Savannah listened to all the lectures with full concentration. It's not like that she was interested in studies but the real fact was that she couldn't afford her mother anger once again. The last class turned came to an end and the professor exits the class after giving the assignment to the students. "Ahhhh! Finally this boredom finish." Skyler said with a yawn. "It was tiring," Savannah said in a tired tone as well and gathered her things inside the backpack. Adam closed the book," I think on the first day of college we will have some relaxation in studies but here it is contrary. We have a total of 3 assignments to complete by the weekend." Skylar huffed sadly. "Ohh, God! Why did you give me admission to this University? Can't you adjust me somewhere else where the stu
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