Uncontrollable Flames

Uncontrollable Flames

By:  Laquita walls   Updated just now
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Malia Dawson is tired of wrestling with her demons, stress from her job, past regrets, and wishing to forget for only one night. After a night at the club with her work sister trying to do nothing but have a good time, she finds herself having a stress-relieving passion and a night of fun with a stranger she met. Unaware of who he is and too drunk to care to find out Malia is shocked to find out that not only has she known him in a literal sense since childhood, but he is her best friend's brother. Daniel Severide also known as Danny has had a crush on his sister's best friend for years, He was older than her and she was his little sister's best friend, feeling it wouldn't be right he avoided her and barely talked to her as a kid. As one night brings them together years later, not recognizing her and how she looks now. having a few drinks in and thinking it was a no-strings no attachments situation, and that he'd never see her again. Danny can't believe it when he finds out she was the girl he spent pinning over all those years ago. The universe is funny and has some type of sense of humor when they are brought back together once more when Malia gets transferred to the same firehouse as a paramedic as Danny who is one of the captains of the firefighters at the firehouse. Will Malia and Danny be able to fight the sexual urge and tendencies, and keep things professional thinking of their one night together as just one night or will they give in to each other risking both their jobs and their jeopardizing relationship with her best friend and his sister?

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22 Chapters
Just as I was about to take the first bite of my sandwich my pager went off. "Damn it, wasn't even able to get in one bite this time". That's one thing about being an ER doctor even when you get a break you never really on your break. Quickly taking a big bite of my sandwich before wrapping it up and putting it back in the fridge before washing my hands and heading to the nurse's station. As I reached the desk, I waited for the head nurse Sandy to give me the rundown. Sandy was new to the position and was still getting the handle on things, even before she became head nurse, she was already acting like one. From bossing nurse's around to resolving employee conflicts, the difference was she had a lot more work to do and lots of paperwork. "What'd we got?" I asked. She responded to me after giving one of the nurse's orders "We got an incoming multi-victim car crash collision on a bridge, Paramedics reported sixteen victims. Four were fatal and were already deceased, and twelve were inju
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Chapter 1
Malia Dawson"We got a male early twenties, GSW shot multiple times, has severe damage to the tissue and organs, possible paralysis, bp 90/40," I said while rolling the patient through the ER doors. Continue helping push the stretcher into an empty room the doctors started telling the nurses what he needed after transferring the victim from the stretcher to the hospital bed. The victim had over 20 gunshot wounds, I was able to patch what I could but there were maybe one or two that was covered and completely drowned in blood. After giving the patient to the doctor I quickly turned away as I felt a tear drop escape my eyes. "NO, NO, NO. Not here go to the Rig, I'll handle the paperwork and everything here" my partner Tasha said after realizing what was happening. I felt like a toddler crying over a skinned knee, I felt like I had just been sent to my room or something. Nodding my head, I thanked her before turning away, the moment I stepped outside tears started pouring down my face, a
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Chapter 2
Malia POVI had way too many drinks, I had to pee so bad I practically had to pull myself away from the dance floor. Opening the bathroom door, I was surprised to find that I was the only one in here, I figured there'd be woman lined up in the mirror freshening themselves up or talking shit. Somehow, I managed to make it without falling on my ass. Stumbling to the sink I washed my hands and threw some cold water on my face thinking it'll somehow sober me up. As I started to exit the bathroom my legs gave out causing me to lose my balance, leaving me to fall on the nearest object I could find. Expecting to fall on the wall or even worse the floor I was shocked to feel a muscular warm chest with big warm firm hands holding me up. My nose immediately filled up with the scent of Vanilla, he smelt amazing. "Are you okay" his voice was deep and manly, it was sexy. I nodded my head unsure what would come out my mouth if I spoke. Regaining my balance, I looked at his face, even in the dimmed
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Chapter 3
Danny"Mariah, can you come and get your phone it keeps ringing; it's getting annoying," I yell from the kitchen to her bedroom upstairs. "Who keeps calling you anyway? There was nothing but silence. I figured she was getting ready and didn't hear me. Just as I was about to get comfortable on the couch and relax, Mariah's phone rang again. Are you fucking kidding me? it's too early for this shit. I just got off of work and can't even enjoy the start of my off day. Just as I was getting up from the couch the ringing stopped, and relief went through my body. I need some air; I need to get out of here before that damn phone rings again. I went to the kitchen and grabbed my keys and my phone from the table. I made my way to the front door and opened it. My eyes just then were fixated on a fine-ass woman wearing a uniform that fit her body perfectly. You could see her curves from all over. Her hair was in a messy ponytail but from where I was sitting it just made her even sexier. The more
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Chapter 4
Malia Placing the flowers on Sebastion's tombstone I sat down from across after laying a blanket on the grass and began holding my necklace. "Hey bash, I'm sorry for not coming by sooner I was supposed to come a couple of weeks ago but you know me, I was so tired I mistakenly slept all day" I chuckled "I ended up going to the club that same night and ended up leaving with someone, I couldn't tell you who he was because I don't even know but I do remember him having a tattoo on his chest. It was pretty cool actually; it was an angel with burning wings falling. But anyway, my last day at Firehouse 12 was the other day, I start at the new station tomorrow as the head paramedic, apparently, I was recommended". I Gave a small sad smile and sighed "I wish you were here; I miss you" a tear started to come down my eye, but I quickly wiped it away before it had the chance to hit my cheek. "Hey, don't wipe them away, it's okay to cry" I heard a familiar voice behind me. "I've cried enough," I
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Chapter 5
Danny Today was the day that the new paramedic started, I didn't know who they were but I was hoping for a male paramedic this time, it wasn't that I had anything against female paramedics or anything. It was just I was tired of the guys flirting with the female paramedics, it wasn't sexual harassment or anything, and honestly most of the time I didn't think they knew what they were doing. It wasn't like they were flirting with everybody who came in here and if a guy did approach a woman and ask her out he would respect her and her wishes if she said no but there was a few times when the woman was into it and liked them back. They kept it professional and didn't let it affect their job sometimes. They knew where to draw the line but the times it did affect their job was a problem. I looked back at the door once I heard a knocking sound on my sleeping quarters. "come in" I said through the door. Not too long after the door opened and revealed one of the guys, It was Hendricks. "Hey He
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Chapter 6
Malia I felt relieved as I sat down at the table in the kitchen, both my feet and my brain were hurting and I needed a break. From the moment I got here starting with the pile-up accident I've been nothing but busy, I've been on maybe 8 calls since I started, not bad for my first day. I couldn't help but smile, I saved lives, and we saved lives and just knowing that and feeling it is what makes it worth it. We might not be able to save everybody but it feels so damn good when we do. Seeing the smile on that woman's face when we helped deliver the baby and the smiles and joyful tears when a loved one or a patient was just happy to be alive, seeing that always warms my heart and makes me extremely proud of the job I do every day. I can't wait to tell Mariah about how good my first day is going, everyone is so nice and amazing. Now that I think about it, I've been so busy with calls I forgot there was someone I still hadn't gotten introduced to the captain of Squad 66. most of our calls
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Chapter 7
Danny I hated to admit it but after I had laid eyes on her from the moment she stopped by the house I couldn't stop thinking about her. I had a familiar sense that I knew her from somewhere, thinking back through my mind my thoughts stopped at the memory of the night at the club and the long extended extension after that I very much quite enjoyed. The sex was fucking amazing, it was the best I ever fucking had. Looking down at my cock I gave small smile as I started to get horny and my cock got harder just by thinking about it. Of all things, I still couldn't believe that the woman I had that amazing night with was none other than my sister's best friend and my childhood crush. It's been hours since Mariah stopped by the firehouse and dropped that bombshell on me, I still couldn't believe it. Malia is that friend of Mariah's that I once had a gigantic crush on when I was a kid. The video Mariah showed me of her and Malia as proof popped up in my head and I saw nothing but Malia. Rem
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Chapter 8
MaliaFrom the moment those words left his mouth I knew he was lying, I had seen his face as clear as day, at least as clear as I could in the dark in that drunken memory, hell I made out with that damn face multiple times and that tattoo was extremely distinctive for a regular common tattoo. Why did he lie? Did he think it would be awkward or something? Did he think I was going to tell Mariah about his identity from that night? Telling my best friend that her brother was the one I slept with that night when I was drunk would not go as well as you think and besides it was one night it's not like we were going continue to sleep together again. letting out a sigh "You're right must've been somebody else, I'm sorry again for staring, it wasn't my intention" I said not wanting to say anything more. I understand his position as Captain and as a brother but I also know I don't like being lied to, had he been honest about the ordeal we could've talked about it like mature adults, and come to
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Chapter 9
Danny With everything going on yesterday I had forgotten about the dinner Mariah had unexpectedly arranged with Dawson. Mariah had hijacked my day off and was forcing me to attend a dinner in our own home, in a dining room we never use. I was so exhausted I wanted to come home and sleep all day, not spend my night chatting up with my sister and my childhood crush whom I slept with weeks ago. "Are you ready Danny? and could you please do something with your motorcycle helmet?" Mariah yelled from downstairs. She might've been younger than me but she acted like a nagging, overbearing mom. She reminded me of our mom but she wouldn't hesitate to deny it as quickly as it was said. "Yes, I'm ready, I'm coming down now" I yelled back from upstairs. Just thinking of Dawson brought up the memory of our conversation. I felt bad for lying, I'm no liar but at that moment I had no choice, and besides seeing her in action firsthand and us coincidently locking eyes with one another i was in Awe. The
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