Unfortunately His Mated Mistress

Unfortunately His Mated Mistress

By:  Edbless  Completed
Language: English
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19 years ago, Bethany Delaney was forced to flee the pack in the middle of the night. The Blue crescent pack was attacked by the Blood moon pack and her family was murdered in cold blood by the Ruthless and Fearless Alpha Dominic, who has no respect for the laws. She found out that he has a thing for female slaves, so she snuck herself into his packhouse as a slave. But her real mission is to kill Alpha Dominic and get revenge for the death of her family. Alpha Dominic Rayleigh is a Ruthless and Fearless Alpha, and he is known and feared by all because he is both strong and powerful. He hates the moon goddess for making too much laws for the werewolves, and he swore to kill any girl that the moon goddess gives to him as a mate. What happens when she finds out that she is his mate that he has sworn to kill?

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wow! this is such a good read. I couldn't put it down till I finished it. good job, author. however, it should have a sequel
2023-12-20 20:36:39
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this book deserves more stars…it’s so good it doesn’t have the usual plot…I finished reading it in just one day that’s how good this is…
2023-08-12 09:46:45
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Pyke Yap
so far so good
2023-07-15 22:51:25
default avatar
a nice story to follow
2023-07-15 13:22:32
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YourDaily Outfit
let me try this one...seems interesting
2023-07-14 22:18:02
user avatar
Juicy Miss
Very interesting so far.
2023-04-24 02:20:48
161 Chapters
The Wicked Alpha
Bethany’s POVIt was a cold winter night and we were all sitting in the sitting room, watching one of our favorite family dramas on Netflix. The heat from the fireplace brought us little warmth from the freezing cold weather and we reveled in the warmth it brought us.Dad wasn’t here with us tonight. He hasn’t spent time with us since he got that threat from Alpha Dominic. He kept working with his warriors, working on our security systems, and planning different defense techniques that would prevent Alpha Dominic from breaking into our pack's boundaries.“Mom, have dad been able to settle his dispute with the bad Alpha?” my kid sister asked our mom in her cute little voice that always brings smiles to our faces.“No princess, the bad Alpha doesn’t want to settle the dispute with Daddy, he only wants war. But don’t worry your pretty head about that, your father would find a way to get him to change his mind,"' Mom responded with a smile as she drops a warm kiss on her forehead, causing
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I Don't Want Her
Dominic’s POVThey call me the devil's son, they fear and tremble in my presence. I have not seen or heard of that man or woman that wouldn’t run into hiding when my name is mentioned.Why play by the rules when I can make my own rules?The rules are so cliché, that is why I play by my own rules and I get whatever I want, No one dares to stand in my way, not even the king who is too damn lazy to handle his own affairs.I am expanding my territories, I need more lands to accommodate my people and to achieve my dream of getting all werewolves under my rule. The Lycan king is just a lazy, asshole who got to be king simply because he is a freaking lycan.Soon, I am going to get all the Alphas and their packs to be under me and if he tries to challenge me, I’ll fucking kill him. He can be the king of Lycans, I don’t care, but he would never be my king.“I, Dominic Rayleigh would be the king of all wolves and nothing would stand in my way.”The Blue Crescent Pack is my target right now. I j
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Running Away
Bethany’s POVSleep had evaded me all through the night, from my hideout in Carl's basement, I could hear the turmoil and chaos from our pack members, everyone was scared and they were trying to escape from the wicked Alpha but there was no escape because the whole pack was surrounded.I heard a shuffling coming from the stairs that lead down to the basement, I looked up in fear, thinking it was the warriors from the wicked Alpha but it turned out to be Carl and he looked frightened as hell as he walked past me and pushed at the broken cabinet that was leaning against a wall by the corner.“Carl, what’s going on, what are you doing?” I asked him nervously, as I stood up and wiped away my tears, before going up to him. He ignored my questions and continued dragging on the cabinet until it finally gave way. Behind the cabinet is a hidden door but I have no idea what’s inside that door.Could it be weapons that he needs to fight off our attackers?“What are you doing Carl, what do you ha
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Searching For My Mate
Dominic's POVI never knew I would be this desperate to find a girl that I don't even want. I had waited to turn around and leave so Dwayne would search for her, but something in me just wouldn't let me leave, I just want to find her and make sure she is okay. What the hell is wrong with me?Why can't I just leave?I had my men combing through the woods, searching every house, every corner, searching for her. I did not stay back like I earlier intended, I went along with some guys, searching for her.With the way I'm searching for her, you would think I have other motives for searching this hard, you'd never know that I simply want to put an end to her miserable life and send her to the afterlife.That’s why I’m searching for her, right?I do t even know anymore. This whole thing is messing with my head, I need to get rid of her so I can get my head back in the game. Something big is coming, there is a war coming and I need to be ready for it, otherwise, our entire population would b
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She Is Gone
Dominic’s POV“Where is my mate?” I asked him fiercely, looking deep into his eyes as I stared him down. I could see the fear in his eyes as I called her my mate. My boys were also looking at me with surprise they had no idea that she is my mate.When I told them to find her, they thought I wanted to keep her locked up with her parents, they had no idea that she is my one true mate. I could feel their eyes on me as they all gawked at me, but that was not my major concern right now.With every minute I stand out here, I am losing my connection to my mate, I know we have not established a connection yet, but I felt a calming peace when I perceived her amazing scent. It had pulled me to her, and I loved the feeling of having her close by.But I don’t feel it anymore, it feels like the distance between the two of us is increasing by the minute. It felt like all the warmth I felt earlier had only been my imagination like she never even existed. It’s making me go crazy, I want to feel that
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Stripping In A Club
Three Years Later,Bethany’s POVLife as an independent adult away from her family and friends was not easy. In fact, it was harder than I’d ever imagined and it was humbling.If only Carl had agreed to come with me, but he was right to send me away, he had to make sure I was not caught by the tyrant Alpha Dominic. I only hope that he is safe wherever he might be.Back at the train station two years ago, I had tried to stall a little and wait for him but he never showed up and my wolf kept howling in my head, urging me to go back home, it felt like something bad had happened to him and I know it’s all my fault, I was not strong enough to defend my people. I ran off like a scared little cat, leaving them to their fate.I am the Alpha's first daughter, I should be capable of leading and defending the pack in my father's absence, but I’d failed them all, I ran away from my responsibilities and I had also put my boyfriend in danger, leaving him at the mercy of the tyrant. Since I left, my
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Victory For King Dominic
Dominic’s POVMiserable…That’s how I feel right now. You know that feeling when you start thinking about the choices you’ve made in life and you start wondering what your life has come to?Well, that’s was how I felt after she ran away from me. My blood was boiling in rage. My body was shaking in rage and lost every ounce of control and I turned back to the beast and power-drunk Alpha.Carl was my only link to her and I kept him locked in my dungeon, torturing him for her location every damn day. But he maintained his story, he said he has no idea where she could have gone. He admitted to giving her some money to last her for some time, but that was all we could get out of him.Dwayne had kept to his promise. He had rallied some warriors and searched every city from New York to Washington, searching every town for her but it seems like she fell off the surface of the earth, they just couldn’t find her. I must confess, she is so smart to have evaded my warriors for over six months. I
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Graciela's Addiction
Bethany’s POVThis is good, this is so good. This is a perfect opportunity to put an end to that maniac, the moon goddess must be with me, this is my destiny, I must avenge my family.As I walked out of that champagne room, I felt my wolf pouncing and howling excitedly. I think she misses the fin of being around our people. I have to admit, I also miss it, I miss everyone. I always let her out to go for a run, but it is nothing compared to running in the woods with my friends, enjoying the feel of the full moon on our furs, chasing tiny unsuspecting animals to their holes. It was so much fun and it’s nothing compared to my lonely run in the park.I miss Carl. I know, I should miss my family even more, but I don’t really think about them anymore. I heard their screams that night, I felt their pain as that demon tortured and killed them all. I miss them too but I’ve moved past their death, I’ve learned to live without them. My only worry now is Carl. I know he is alive, I can feel it in
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Castle Black
Bethany POVI stopped home to pick up some things. I never lost any of the things I had with me when I ran away from home. I gathered my old phone and the other phone that Carl had gotten for me. Most importantly, I took along my body spray that hides my scent, I wouldn’t want the guys to sniff me out among the girls, they could label me a traitor and I’ll be thrown in the dungeon, never to see the light ever again.Teaching Ciara and Fiona about our jobs had been so hilarious, they obviously know nothing about being a stripper. We taught them how to face and tease their audience at the same time, although I wasn’t sure if we’ll be doing all that at the party. They were catching up faster than I did when I started out, but I’m not even sure that the werewolves would be keen to watch us dance and tease them all day.If I’m not mistaken, King Dominic is the host of the party, and he is a pig and a brute, so I’m pretty sure that everyone at that party would be dickheads like him. They wo
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It's Bethany
Dominic’s POV“Secure our borders, send more guards to keep watch on the gate, I don’t want any surprises, keep all intruders out.” I instructed Carl and Harriet as I shifted into my beast and went out to engage the infiltrators before they could get here.I got a report from my spies to inform me that the king is sending some warriors to infiltrate my castle. I sent some men to investigate and they confirmed that it is true. He had planned to take me unawares. He must have heard about my victory party, that is why he sent his men over to sneak in when we weren’t looking.I’ve got a mole in my camp and he/she is biting more than they can chew. My castle is fortified like a fortress and I’m pretty sure that they can never sneak past my security measures. I had my warriors split into four groups and we chased them through the woods, driving them towards one of the minefields around my borders. We watched them get blown into bits and pieces, putting an end to their miserable lives. King
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