Not again

"If you want anything else, let me know." I said while opening the door to my parents room.

"I'll be fine." He said as he unbutton his shirt causing a blush to creep up on my cheeks.

"Don't just do that while I am here." I turned away as he took a step forward. My heart pound loudly "As far as I am concerned, I was changing in my room." I stumbled back when he leaned closer. My breath hitched once more when Alex leaning his face closer to mine now.

"Ye-yes but what I was saying was that-" I stopped when he grabbed the doorknob, his fingertips grazing against my waist.

"Leave. I have to change." He opened the door and I stumbled back outside. I stood there in shock before letting out a sigh in relief. I was in so much trouble. How am I supposed to act normal with him around ? I can't. I couldn't. But I have to try.

A month went on. Still my parents haven't returned yet. Alex and I never had the chance to even talk properly. He always finds a way to avoid me i
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