He then disappeared into thin air. Vampires and their abilities.What is he doing to do? With every second passing through, my heartbeat keep on increasing. I am gonna have a panic attack.

  " He went to get your parents. " David said with a concern. As soon as he finished, Alexander arrived with my dad in his arms. My dad wasn't very pleased with this.

  " What the hell did you do that Alex himself has come to bring me here? " He angrily asked me.

  " Dad, I want to go home. you know that I don't even want to be here. You forced me. I don't like it here. " I replied sobbing . He wasn't even happy to see me after 3 weeks.

  " You're staying here. Even if you decide to run, don't ever come to my house. You don't have any home. "

  I stared at him in utter disbelief. He didn't mean it. Did he?

  “Are you..." I started to choke out when the infamous devil chuckled as me and my dad snapped our heads towards him.

  "The argument was pleasant to hear and all but you're forgetting why we're
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