Escape gone wrong

 "What's going on?" Alexander's voice caused everyone to freeze and I look at him enter the room before appearing in front of us within seconds.

  “She's being difficult again. We can't even continue this meeting." Danny muttered, releasing his grip and I went silent when I realized Alexander is glaring at me.

  "What did she do now?" he asked, softly yet harshly and Kristen explained how I refused to sit with any guy. I just stared at her, finding it hard to believe that she'd rather take a vampires side rather than her own kind.

  "Sit. With anyone you want to." Alexander ordered, sitting down on the sofa and I glimpsed back at him before

  giving a quick glance across the room. I could see David pointing his index finger towards his face as he kept mouthing the words “pick me” but I ignored him and stared at each and every one of them.

  “I don't want to sit with anyone.” I stated my words carefully, hoping it wouldn't annoy or piss off Alexander but of course I was wrong.

  "Oh, for fuck's sake." I heard him mutter at my silence before he grabbed my waist, pulling them down. I squealed and landed on his lap as he wrapped an arm around my waist before shooting me a glare.

  “Stop, I feel uncomfortable-" I said quickly, trying to brush his hands away when he grasped my upper arm before giving them a tight squeeze, causing me in pain.

  "Stop-resisting," he whispered into my ears through gritted teeth and I went silent before nodding, feeling

  weak and helpless.

  "Begin." he instructed and everyone nodded before the so-called-meeting began.

  Even after an hour, Alexander kept going on and on about some special meeting with the humans. I'm surprised I wasnt shaking as much as I expected myself to.

  “If only I picked David or anyone else rather than-” my thoughts trailed away when I felt Alex's hand trail down to my thighs before he started running circles on them with his fingers, causing my breath to hitch in fear. I glanced at him but he was still talking to the other guys, completely ignoring my presence.

  I started squirming in my position uncomfortably and about to say something when I noticed that the girls are mad that of all the people, I got to sit with Alexander. But it's not like I wanted to.

  "So we hold a meeting and ask the girls to give a speech-" I interrupted him, who stopped to look at me before his eyebrows furrowed together in annoyance.

  "What?" he muttered and I looked down to stare at his right hand that was still placed on my thighs. He

  followed my gaze and didn't say anything.

  “Why? Does this make you uncomfortable?" he finally asked, squeezing my thigh softly and I gasped before grabbing his hands but he held

  them firmly, making sure that I wasn't able to move.

  "Yes!" I said, raising my voice a little and I watched his hands move all the way up. 'then I suggest you stop- moving.” he whispered into my ears, emphasizing the

  last two words and I blushed slightly before turning away. He wouldn't dare... would he?

  “The meeting will be tomorrow or within this week. Next week,we all go out." Alexander said to which everyone agreed and nodded. I watched all of them get up and  I am about to stand up as well when he pulled my upper arm, holding me in place.

  "I suggest you don't do anything reckless today.” he leaned closer to whisper in my ears and I shuddered when I felt his lips brushing against my earlobes. Little

  does he know that I am planning to escape tonight.

  "Yeah" I said shortly, hoping he'd let me go now but apparently he had something else to say as well.

  "If I catch you doing anything stupid, which I have no doubt you will, sooner or later," he started, sarcasm dripping in his words and I held back the urge to roll my eyes. Perhaps if he wasn't a blood-thirsty, creepy and ill-tempered vampire who I was not afraid of then I'd probably show off a lot of attitude. “I'll make sure you regret it.” he finished, his voice turning dead serious within seconds and I gulped softly before

  nodding again.

  That night, I paced around the room, biting  my fingernails as I tried to come up with the perfect plan.

  “Oh god, who am I kidding? The only way out for me is through the window." I muttered, turning to look at the window that is now wide open. Tonight was my

  second night here, which means that I'm going to let at least one of those vampires have a taste of my blood before I go to sleep. Like hell I was going to let

  that happen

  "Dinner's ready, are you coming down?" Gracy's voice caused me to gasp as I turned around to watch her walk inside my room.

  "You should've knocked!"I blabbered out.

  “I did, several times actually. You didn't respond.” she said and I blushed slightly before turning away .

  "I'll be downstairs soon.” I replied as she nodded.

  "By the way, there is going to be a meeting with the humans tomorrow. You're to give a little speech about our hospitality.” Gracy said as I gave her a look of confusion before nodding, trying to get rid of him as soon as possible so that I could come up with an escape plan.

  “"Everyone's downstairs already, except you and Alexander . So ,make sure you come down before he arrives. okay?"

  She advised and I nodded again before she walked out of my room. Now, it's my chance to escape?

  Without thinking straight, I found myself rushing out of the room before tiptoeing down the stairs, while silently praying that nobody will notice me.

  “What am I doing?!” panic stricken thoughts started in my mind but I quickly shut them out as I glanced around the palace .

  "It's now or never katarina." I whispered to myself before walking silently up to the main door and grabbing the

  handle. I started to open the door when suddenly,

  David's voice echoed through the mansion, making me freeze in my position.

  “Katarina? What are you doing?" He ask out loud and without delay, I burst open the door and started running outside.

  " Katarina is on the run" Danny alerted everyone and Alexander caught me well before I reach the gates. How stupid of me to think I can outrun a group of vampires.

  “Katarina, why.." David's voice complain from behind me but I didn't turn around to face him. I couldn't be weak and live with them.

  "She's practically begging for punishment." Alexander's cold voice caused a shiver down my spine . I looked at him with tears filling my eyes as I tried to find the right words to say.

  "It probably won't happen again."

  “I don't fucking care. I warned her!” Alexander cut off David, raising his voice as he inched forward, closing the space between us .

  "It-it won't happen again. I was just-"

  “Killing you would be too easy. How about we make it a little more interesting?" His voice cut me off and I

  opened my mouth to apologize when he spoke again.

  “Your parents-” he started and I look at him in fear, the color on my face drained away within seconds. "Perhaps hurting the two people most precious in your life is the best way to teach you a lesson." he finished and my heart dropped dead at his words. He is definitely a sadist, because upon seeing my petrified expression, a cold and sadistic smirk appeared on his face which caused tears to glisten in my eyes as I came to realize exactly what he was capable of.

  This man, this monster was threatening to kill my parents and was dead serious about it now.

  “Please don't, it won't happen again!" I started pleading, trying to take a step forward to convince him

  but due to his compulsion, I was forced to stay still.

  “Beg some more and maybe I'll consider it.” Alexander taunted and his cruel words made me angry, but I was more desperate than angry.

  "Please, I'm sorry! Don't bring them into this, I'm begging you-" I started pleading as tears started rolling down my cheeks but I quickly brushed them away, knowing that crying wasn't going to get me anywhere when it comes to Alexander ivanov .

  "Alex, consider it." I heard David's voice before he let out a sigh. I almost forgot he was there. If I knew that he would hurt my parents, I would have never done this.

  "Please...I'm sorry." I choked out, clutching my dress as he stared me down with his cold, merciless blue

  eyes. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I stood there helplessly, gazing down on the ground. My breath hitched when he suddenly tangled his fingers around my hair from behind, leaning his lips closer to my ears as he brought himself closer to my body. A heavy sigh escaped  his mouth and I shuddered when his lips brushed against my earlobes before he uttered the words that caused me to panic.

  "Apology not accepted, Barbie."

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