My Possessive Master

My Possessive Master

By:  Maryixxx  Completed
Language: English
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"I'm six weeks pregnant," spoke a woman behind him, caressed her flat abdomen. She looked at him coldly, tried to meet his gaze. "My child needs a father. He needs you, Klaud!" "Abort the baby," he coldly replied and looked deeply into her weary, sullen emerald eyes. He gulped, guilty of everything that had happened that night. "My reputation will be in vain, Dianna. I... I can't bear to lose the company I've built for so many years!" Tears flew into her cheeks as she listened to him. She never thought he was a type of cold-hearted man who was willing to abort his child, his own flesh and blood. Dianna turned her back at him and quickly wiped the tears from her eyes. Her heart shattered into tiny pieces as she walked away from the man who captured her heart since that night. "Forgive me, honey, your daddy is a jerk. We don't need him and he will never see you, never!" She whispered with bitterness in her voice and regretted for sleeping next to Klaud Anderson, an alpha and Dianna's possessive master

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I love the book
2023-10-30 20:57:31
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Candyce Williams
enjoyed the book
2022-06-24 01:58:06
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sweety sweety
book complete d
2022-03-03 12:04:00
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Lily Lily
Are there any schedule for the update of this novel?
2021-07-02 01:03:35
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bsbsbbssbbsbsnsnsnsnsnsn bsbdbsbsbs nsnsnsns
2021-06-22 16:04:58
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tanu sam
Diana and Klaud, they are my favorite couple on GN and why won't they be. BDSM and MASTER-SLAVE themes are my new guilty pleasure! DIANA - A TYPICAL GOOD GIRL. Ready to go to any extent for ehr family. KLAUD- MYSTERY AND AN ENGIMA. Advice--Don't judge klaud on the basis of Synopsis. i love him
2021-05-10 19:03:14
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Reading only the blurb caught my eyes as I wouldn't even bath it before I rush down to review. This book is such with a great potential to be one of the best on good novel. I will easily recommend this book to everyone.
2021-05-09 18:51:54
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Flower Spirit
Nice one..loved it.
2023-08-18 21:25:30
198 Chapters
One Night Stand (I)
"How much do you need, Young Lady?" A man in a black tuxedo asked her, bit his thin lip. She clenched her jaw and swallowed her dignity to get the money needed for her dying sister. Stood firmly, in front of a powerful, rich CEO. Wore a simple yet elegant white long dress embroidered with beads. She paired it with a white stiletto and a small purse on her right hand. "Ten million dollars and you can do whatever you want to do!" she told him, "Just transfer the money to my bank account as much as possible." She added out of desperation. She can no longer bear to see her sister, dying and suffering from an accident. The man stopped blowing the cigarette. He was surprised by the large sum she was offering to him. He stood and threw it into the trashcan, "You are too unbelievably expensive,"He chuckled, checking the young woman in the long white dress. "Hmm, fifteen million dollars. Deal?" "Fifteen million? That's too mu
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One Night Stand (II)
Klaud Anderson brought her to an expensive five-star hotel owned by his sister. He chose the most grandiose, elegant room for a night with her."This way, Sir, Ma'am!" The hotel's receptionist leads the way to their room. She was too quiet, nervous, and trembling. She has to do this, she must do this thing to save her sister from the brisk of death. "Hey," Klaud poked her. "What are you doing? We're here!" He narrowed his eyes on the young woman who's standing still in front of the door. She was afraid of what will happen yet, a strong force pushed her to take a step forward. "I thought you will going to run away from me," he chuckled and slowly locked the door. Watching her walk towards the mesmerizing, wide room. "Wow! I– I have never been here before! This is completely beautiful and relax–" she paused upon realizing the real reason why she's with him. She quickly looked away from his meaningful gaze an
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One Night Stand (III)
Dianna has finally taken the chance to push the door right in front of her. She was breathing deeply until Klaud grabbed her arm without asking first her permission."Kl–klaud," she murmured. "For he–heaven's sa–" He sealed her with a kiss that made her knees weak. She quickly put her arms around his neck and felt the burning sensation. Slowly, Klaud deepens the kiss as he reached for the faucet. Water poured into their body without breaking the passionate kiss. Until he took off her white, long dress that fell into the wet floor. "Hmm," she moaned, grabbing his hair like she wanted to climb up above his chest. "Kl–klaud! For he–heaven's sake why is it feels so good?!" Dianna wanted to shut her mouth but she couldn't hold it back anymore. She wanted for more, she longed for someone's touch until Klaud kissed his chest. "Oh, my holy crap!" She screamed as she felt something warm between her thighs. Dianna was afraid to
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One Night Stand (IV)
The room was huge, encompassed two mini tables. Dianna looked around and gasped when she noticed the petals that were scattered around the floor. She walked slowly like a blind as she was afraid to stumble and hit the edge of the tables. "Hey, where are you?!" Her voice sounded off around little did she know, the naughty CEO was waiting for her. Klaus Anderson laid down in bed, half-naked and biting a flower's stem. "Want some drinks?" He said, looking at the table with a bottle of wine and two empty glasses. Secretly, Dianna cursed out as she got easily drunk by any alcohol. She wanted to refuse but for the sake of fifteen million dollars, she nodded and covered herself with a towel. Yet, it seemed to be useless. He can barely see her white, long legs and ensnaring collar bone. "Here," Klaud Anderson gave to her the glass filled with wine and said, "Cheers?" "Ohh, sure thing! Cheers," Despite
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False Hope
"Open the door or I will going to break it!" A loud, disturbing noise sounded off around the hotel's hallway. She was banging, kicking off the door by the selfie stick. "Open this door now before I could have the chance to caught you with your mistress!" The woman in her mid–twenties shouted out. She was quite disturbing the guests of the hotel. The receptionist has tried to stop her but she was too persistent and threatened to kick her off. "Ma'am, please stop shouting. It is against the law and you already disturbed our guests. Please, let's go and we can't help you with such matter." But the woman hit her hand and pushed the door. Until someone opened it widely, "Oh my goodness! Why did you suddenly open the door?" She scowled at the woman who stood and looked at confused."So you're telling me that it was my fault? Did I tell you to push the door on my behalf of me? Didn't I?" She raised her eyebrows a
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Small World
"Pa–pardon?" Dianna stopped chewing the apple as she heard that name again. After a month, she has never seen him again. She couldn't believe it! "No! You're must be wrong..., o–or mistakenly heard your doctor's name!" "Klaud Anderson Anderson. That's his name, and I'm not deaf!" Dianne replied and repeated his name. She then began to raise her eyebrows and watched Dianna's suspicious actions. She gulped and turned her head to the red button at her left side. Dianne is a mischievous girl and she planned on pushing it to get the nurses and her doctor's attention. While Dianna acting like a little girl, Dianne slowly lifts her arm to push the red button. Suddenly Dianna leaned to the wall without knowing that there was a lizard. It moved and jumped into her chest. "Ahhh!" She screamed at the top of her lungs but the sad thing is..., Dianne pushed the button accidentally upon seeing h
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Master's Slave
"What are you doing here?!" Dianna Sy grabbed his arms and brought him outside of the room. She was angry, ashamed to admit that she knew him very well.He remained quiet and stood calmly before her. "Why don't you go back to the hospital's entrance and read its name?" Klaud Anderson answered her sarcastically. His shoulders shivered until she suddenly hit his chest. "I am not fooling you around! Answer me or I will squeeze that!" Dianna referred to the thing she does not have to look into. She was breathing heavily, "Answer me! Who are you?" He turned around on her but she quickly pulled his robe, gripped his neck, and said, "Trying to be hard to get huh," she whispered, and moved her knee between his legs. "Don't you dare, Young Lady! Perhaps you don't know who truly I am!" Klaud moved quickly and pinned her around. The situation changed as she encircled her arms around his neck. "One wrong move and you will fall in
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Mad At You
Dianne looked at the wall clock since the nurses left. She never thought of such an occurrence but it was the reality. "Tell me the truth, do you know Doc Anderson?" She interrogated her older sister but Dianna was looking nowhere. She couldn't believe that their paths crossed again in the wrong place and time. "Hey, big sister! I am talking to you!" She stopped gnawing the chocolate and jumped off from bed. She was completely fine and her right leg healed too soon and fast. "Hey, what are you doing here? You should have to rest! We will go back home tomorrow morning," Dianna reminded her and looked at the screen in front of her. She was looking at her phone for so long yet she hasn't written anything. Dianna wanted to message her only, best friend but she couldn't even think. "Please, I... I am confused now and I wanted to call my best friend but that doctor is getting on my nerves!" "He's ma
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Deal or No Deal
She was devastated by the caller who suddenly ended up the call. She wanted to curse him but it was no use at all. She then grabbed her bag from the side table and looked at her reflection. "I looked like a mess now!" "Where are you going?" spoke a little girl. "I need to see you, doctor," Dianna replied shortly and combed her hair with her fingers. Dianne smiled secretly and nodded her head. "Tell Doc Anderson that I owe my life to him. Can you do it for me, pretty please?" Dianna was mesmerized by her sweet smile. She could never forgive herself for not granting her little sister's simple wish. Despite the anger she felt, she shook her head back and forth. "Yes, I will do it for you." She then kissed her forehead and waved her hands. "One more thing, please be kind to him. He is a generous man after all." Her eyes pleaded but the decision was not in her hands. Silently, Dianna t
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Contract Signing
He waited for her answer but it took her a decade to decide. "No d–" she paused. "Pardon? Make it clear enough for the two of us, Dianna." He replied and his eyes stared at her chest. She felt electrified by his sticky, meaningful stare. Dianna smiled and grabbed his collar closer to her. "I... I wanted to taste your lips again, Doc. I've missed the taste of it," Wild and crazy, she came up with a naughty plan. "I missed you, Klaud," Dianna whispered and tried to provoke him. She threw her bag away, touched his chest, and kissed him passionately. She wasn't certain of her actions until he pushed her away and said, "What are you doing?!" said Klaud and narrowed his eyes on her. He wanted more, but he respected Dianna despite the things that happened between them. "Don't act you loathe to be kissed by a sassy woman, Doc." It was the real Dianna who spoke. She was literally a sassy, crazy wo
Read more Protection Status