Sneak Peek of Witchita Series #2

Rich Witchita Problems







n. a special kind of witches who hailed from the Beast Republic and who can wield both black and white magic with their male members as the ones conceiving their offspring.

(Witchita Series #2)

Being born in a supreme and wealthy Witchita clan, life had not been easy for Rosendo Stefan Cavendish. It always came with a price in the form of numerous problems. Ever since he was young, he had been through countless kidnappings, hostage-takings, and scams which he was able to survive through his magic. His bigger problem arrived in the human form of his best friend, Ruby Lane Acosta, with who he had fallen deeply in love since they were seven years old. The thing was, Ruby Lane did not seem to heed his feelings even after all the years. Instead, she kept pushing him away. His biggest problem happened when he got pregnant with her and found out that Ruby Lane was actually a Nodram, a black witch who kept hunting their kind.

But wait, there's more!

His worst problem was when he also discovered that she was not just a simple Nodram but the daughter of their greatest archnemesis - the king of Nodrams; and then one day, she just left him and took their twins with her right after he had given birth to them. 

Follow Ross and Ruby Lane as they journeyed from puppy love to being their each other's the one and until their not-so-ordinary parenting life and chase as he confronted and solved his rich Witchita problems.

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