Witchita's Guide to Successful Parenting
Witchita's Guide to Successful Parenting
Author: Illinoisdewriter

Witchita's Guide to Successful Parenting

On the evening of Santacruzan, I met Gideon, the consort of my life. 

Months later, we grew closer to each other, but then... he found out about the bet and we split up.

Weeks after our breakup, he confronted and told me, “Panagutan mo ako... Buntis ako”, and I was like, “Gago ka ba?”

Days after my family revealed our biggest secrets, I made up my list.

To do:

1.  Get to know more about my family's identity, history, and special ability (especially in dealing with a pregnant male partner!)

2. Master my family's craft —  witchcraft.

3. Attend to Deon's needs, assist, and take care of him.

4. Protect and keep him away from his pack for nine months (or else our child's gonna get killed because Deon's a son of an alpha b*tch!)

5. Plan about our child's financial support and our parental setup. 

 6. Make sure that the whole pregnancy experience will be tolerable for the first-time mommy (or pappy or whatsoever, I don't really know what to call him, geez...)

 7. The child should stay with my family after Deon gave birth because he or she belongs to us, to the kind who needs to keep hiding. 

 8. And the most important thing to do, love my child with all my heart, mind, and Witchita soul. 

I am Angie Lou Pereira, a Witchita, and this is my guide to successful parenting. 

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