Wolf Under the Moonlight

Wolf Under the Moonlight

By:  Apollona  Ongoing
Language: English
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Caught her boyfriend cheating in the broad daylight, Asteria was shoved and fell into a cliff. Instead of dying, she was sent into a completely different world. It was a world where all kinds of fantasy beings lived: werewolf, vampire, and luckily, there were also human. She met the rumored brutal Ancient Alpha, who claimed that she was his destined one. Under the chaos of the Vampire King who also seemed to be interested in her; confused, Asteria, unexpectedly was sent back to the modern world where she came from. The love story that crossed time and space, can they work?

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i want to read more, so please keep updating please~ by the way, do you have any social media that I can reach out?
2021-07-13 19:00:36
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R.A Higheels
Grasping blurb!! I'm so loving this ❤️😍😍
2021-01-23 05:51:15
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Just started this book and I can't believe people haven't left a single review. The premise is intriguing and I sure would like to see how Asteria fare in the new world <3 Looking forward to reading more
2021-01-06 17:12:47
43 Chapters
Chapter 1 : The Strange Wolf
When Asteria wake up, she was a little disoriented. Yawning and rubbing her eyes as if she just had a great sleep, Asteria began to scan her surroundings.It was a bit blurry, and in her imagination, she thought that she saw a wolf. Letting out a few chuckles, Asteria rubbed her eyes again as her sight became clearer. However, the sight of a huge wolf sleeping on the ground below a tree was still there. Then, it dawned at her that Asteria wasn't dreaming about the wolf. She rubbed her eyes again this time more furiously, yet the wolf was still there."Dam, what's this big guy doing here?" She narrowed her eyes. As the realization hit her, Asteria was confused for a moment. It seemed that the one who should be asking what she was doing here was the wolf, as she even felt lost of where she was."What's this place?" Asteria murmured, looking rather gloomy. She glanced at the wolf and began to think. It looked like she was sent here by someon
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Chapter 2: Did I Die?
At some point in time, Asteria wake up. She gasped slightly and began to take a look at the unfamiliar scenery around her. She noticed her surroundings and the feeling of deja vu as she realized something. The hell that she had fallen asleep again! She was quite angry as she rubbed her eyes furiously. Upon just waking up, she was indeed quite sensitive.Remembering the last memory before she came to this place, Asteria had gotten even angrier. She had caught her boyfriend kissing with an acquaintance that almost could be considered a friend. They were having camping together with a group of ten people. The camping site was not far from the cliff, and that was where Asteria had caught both of them kissing.She didn't why, but the memory of what happened at that time flooded her mind more strongly than last time. Perhaps, it was due to her sleep that she began to recover more of her memory."Ria, it is not like what you see. I can explain i
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Chapter 3: Unfamiliar World
Asteria had already gasping for breath. She was no match at all before the strength and the speed of this wolf. It was bigger than last time, and certainly much stronger.In no time, she found herself getting pinned to the ground. Asteria had gotten the shock from the impact as well as the sudden force that pushed her down. She felt unable to move under the wolf's paw.Asteria winced slightly. Was she going to be the wolf's meal right now? If so, regardless of what she was doing, that meant she would die, right?Her eyes opened tentatively. She had expected the wolf to growl and ripped her into shreds in its feral state. However, she was stunned by that pair of cold eyes staring back at her.It was certainly a wolf, yet why did it seem to have some intelligence? Despite the cold eyes, also there was seemed to be some confusion swirling in them.Asteria froze, not daring to move a single bit. She was completely silent as she let
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Chapter 4: The Village of a Tribe
Asteria and the three men finally arrived safely in a village. The place was neither too small nor too big, it looked very peaceful with children occasionally laughing and running around, though their eyes also occasionally being cast over Asteria's figure full of curiosity.She had attracted a lot of gazes from the villagers nearby. Asteria indeed stood out too much from the group, however, as it was her personality, she just ignored it. "What happened?" A blonde-haired girl approached the four, bringing some pots made from terracotta as she walked over. She helped them to untie the meat hanging over the three's bodies and bringing it into the animal skin spread on top of the ground as to not to get it dirty. The girl then just realized that the fourth member didn't look like a hunter at all and completely unfamiliar. She frowned and looked at the shorter middle-aged man with annoyance. "Uncle Han, do you kidnap an innocent girl again? How many ti
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Chapter 5: The Feelings
Asteria rubbed her temples, feeling the frustration that had been building up to hit her like the waves of an ocean. She sank to the floor, hugging none but herself. Having experience those upleasant events lately caused her to feel slight fatigue.Uncle Han's answer had crushed her expectation. Indeed, the higher one expects something they yearn the most, the harder the fall once they fail."City of Citrus, the capital of Razor Kingdom. Most people must've already known about this one." Uncle Han mumbled. "Let me remember more ... ah, yes, Ceilla city and Lunar city. Those are the names of big cities that tribe leaders mostly know about."Asteria sighed and smiled to hide her disappointment. This place seemed so secluded that she couldn't help but doubt if Uncle Han's conjecture about those cities being the biggest were true. They seemed as if they had never left too far from this village anyway.Annie looked concerned as soon as she saw
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Chapter 6: Conjecture
Asteria had been trying hard to adapt to this place. At the same time, she had distracted herself with other things so that the thought of going home, was shoved into the back of her mind. She didn't intend to forget. She just didn't want to feel burdened. Perhaps, going with the flow a little wouldn't hurt.She had been feeling more relaxed lately. Her stay here was very enjoyable, especially Annie was very kind. She didn't want to freeload off her, so Asteria tried to help Annie or Uncle Han with anything within her capabilities.There was a river near the village; that river was probably the reason why the ancestors of the village chose this place back then.At first, Asteria was quite shy of bathing so publicly in front of everyone."No, no. It's not like that." Annie laughed so hard that tears were coming out of her eyes. She bent her body slightly with both hands on the knees, her body was shaking due to laughter.Asteria didn't
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Chapter 7: Picking Herbs
Asteria and Annie departed in the early morning when the sun hadn't even risen yet. Breathing in the fresh and relaxing air, combined with the humid atmosphere, it gave off a slightly cold feeling.The animal skin made into clothes that Asteria wore right now helped her fend off against the low temperature. She walked alongside Annie, who seemed to be nimble as she jumped around the sticking out low branches of trees.The grass was pretty high, just as expected in this kind of forest. Mosses grew unhindered, adding the color of green into the scenery. Dew dotted the leaves, though it caused slippery when one stepped above the mosses.Asteria had never taken a proper look at this situation. The sun was still hiding, but the sky had gradually brightened. So, she still managed to see everything clearly.As someone who had been living so long in the city with air pollution, she enjoyed it living here."The journey might take several
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Chapter 8: Wolves
It was a huge wolf with red eyes staring et them greedily that almost slit Asteria's throat with its sharp nails. Asteria was breathing quite hard as she tried to recover herself.Asteria was quite shaken that she had just almost gotten her throat slit. She took a deep breath trying to calm herself. This is not the time to panic. After slightly calming down, Asteria looked at Annie who had dragged her on time.The wolf seemed annoyed that its prey had escaped and let out an angry growl.Asteria looked at Annie apologetically, but she found out that the girl currently wasn't looking at her. Instead, she was staring at the wolf with great wariness and unconcealed hostility.Asteria stood up. Her skin was bleeding slightly as she looked at the wolf with caution.The wolf jumped again and the two dodge on each side. Asteria was a bit slower and it caused her to receive another wound. Luckily that the wound wasn't deep.As
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Chapter 9: Puzzlement
Asteria woke up with pain in her head as if someone was hammering it hard. She brought her hands over her head and put some pressure from her fingers to the scalp, hoping to ease the pain.She thought she had died, again. The wound and some scratch
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Chapter 10: Thread of Destiny
It alarmed Asteria that she retracted her hands back in shock. It was almost as if electricity had struck her, but somehow this one gave a weird, pleasant feeling. She stared at the man in wonder. Was he struck by lightning before falling down? But what was with this blood? Looked like he got bitten by some kind of wild beasts, judged by the wound on his neck.The man still didn’t react, and Asteria wondered if he was dead. She wanted to confirm again, but she was concerned about that weird feeling. She analyzed the man to see if he was still alive. Asteria was sure that his skin was warm earlier, so she concluded he was still alive.The sight of red coating his neck and dripped into the ground also contributed to her worries. His wound seemed to be quite a severe one, and it seemed he was still losing blood. His wound looked fresh, as if it was caused not too long ago.Asteria winced slightly. With gritted teeth, she finally decided
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