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He stood in front of me, held my face between his hands and stared down at me. I waited, once again, I did. For what? This time I didn't know. But the moment he spoke, I knew, the wait was over. "You waited." He said. I gasped. " You waited." He breathed.

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61 Chapters
Chapter 1
I sat crossed legged on the couch, my Kenny G CD playing soft and soothingly in the background.  Book in hand and my relaxing on the couch, I waited, like every other night for him, Keith, my husband. You see we've been married for 2 years now, and one would think I'd grow tired of waiting for him, doing the same thing, just for him to make little to no acknowledgement of my existence. But no, the hope of that One day, still lies within . Keith Salvatore is a 26 year old, successful CEO and owner of Salvatore Enterprises and other ventures, good looking , talented and who's presence is filled with authority and a bit of mystery.  He's the type of person who works well under pressure, never rash with his decisions and has a way of getting his word across with the simplest of words. Being as straight forward and blunt sometimes, I found myself hearing him the first time we met, without much f
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Chapter 2
I waited in the Kitchen, food displayed on the kitchen table, looking delicious as ever. I had put extra effort this morning, with how much Keith seemed to enjoy dinner last night, I thought why not add a feast of a breakfast.I just hope to God he accepts and actually relieve me of my efforts.Hearing his footsteps coming down from the stairs, I quickly get into position and stand behind his chair, hoping he doesn't just pass by.I'm surprised when he actually steps in the kitchen like someone, who planned to do so, he stops mid step and takes in the delicious looking food on the table. From pancakes, russians, eggs, bacon, you name it.I just wanted to give him options and once there was left over, I'd give to the staff of the house. They deserve to be treated right and feel appreciated every now and then.I nervously watch him step further into the kitchen and hold my breath when he loo
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Chapter 3
I know I shouldn't have done it but at the moment, it was the only thing in mind, with those news, having to hear it from a live TV show then my own husband. Right now as I speak, I'm pacing up and down nervously  in a motel. Hoping that he doesn't show up or be in his ignore mood enough that he doesn't notice me, not that he really does. I just needed to be away from there and get a bit of fresh air, even if it's for the night. I was quite careful about this, though telling Joe I would check in a hotel, I watched him leave and right after, I called a cab and booked a room in a motel, under my mother's name, not wanting to expose Keith being married, as well as myself. Finally sitting down on the soft bed, I sigh out loud and look around the room for the first time since being here, because I was too in my head to see much. Now that I'm here, I really appreciate what I see, the room is clean( thank God), cream white
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Chapter 4
"Pack your things we're leaving." He says, barging in and pushing me aside in the process." I don't understand." I say."There's nothing to understand, you are coming back to the house." He says, giving my room a once over before turning to face me.I turn my back to him, closing the door and almost leaning my head against it, in preparation of this conversation."No." I murmur against the door." What?" He asks.Turning back around to face him, both hands behind my back against the door."No, I said no." This is really my first time speaking up and saying no to him."Why not?" He asks." I thought you'd tell me once you wanted to move on." I say, instead of answering the question.Silence is all there is right after I say this. I gasp when in long stride, he's right in front of me. Both hands on either s
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Chapter 5
" Oh my God!" I gasp under my palm, which covers my mouth.I can't believe that I let this happen, let myself be in this situation. The last I remember is me laying on the floor and now I wake up, to the feel of a strong arm around me and the sight of Keith laying close to me.Not wanting Keith to find me on the bed with him, I place his arm on the bed before carefully leaving the softness of the bed, taking my toiletries and change of clothes to the bathroom. Well more like tiptoeing to the bathroom. I almost slam the door shut before leaning against it and releasing a big sigh of relief.The feeling of water on my body is amazing, has me relaxing and almost forgetting about the whole sleeping arrangement. The night might not have turned out the way I initially thought it'd be, but I won't lie and say butterflies didn't erupt in my tummy when Keith held me close.Comfor
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Chapter 6
It's night time, that much I can tell.I haven't really been out of my room, due to me crawling onto bed and falling asleep as tears freely fell down my face.None bothered me which gives me relief, especially with Keith not seeing me like this, proving that I expected way too much from this marriage then we'd pretty much discussed. Well, I hope he didn't come in.I'm still in the same clothes I was in from morning and now , more then ever with this exhaustion, I'm in need of a long shower. Not wasting time , I get up from the bed, switch on the bed side lamp and head to the bathroom.Divorce.The word alone crashes in mind , reminding me of why I was in this state hours ago. I'm in love with him yet till now, he hasn't ever noticed nor gave thought to us working out. Shaking my head , I undress and step into the shower and once the water hits me, everything seems to fade away and I'm just
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Chapter 7
Divorce. That word hasn't left me ever since Keith gave me the papers. After last nights events, I'm quite exhausted today and the numbness hasn't vanished. After our little chat, I cried while letting the milk and Oreo's comfort me, today though, I might be feeling all sorts of emotional but I refuse to let it consume me, and take me from the reality that stares me in the face. Making way down the stairs, I'm all set in mind about a couple of things. I walk on to the kitchen, expecting to find Sarah so we could have a chat, but all plans are put aside when I hear my name being called. Keith. Whipping around, I see Keith right behind me, coming down the stairs. " I have something to discuss with you." No good morning, nothing. " okay" the sound of the doorbell interrupts him from saying anything, whilst awaiting for whoever, I give him a once over and I can s
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Chapter 8
50 or so houses stare back at me. So many to choose from, beautiful, spacious, private and at a great distance to not run into Keith and his love interest.Ever since I was young, I have always longed to have my own house, this as a sign of independence. The experience of having your own place with a great view , the thought of owning something.I guess the whole deal with Keith came up right when I'd started saving. I was determined that after 6months, I'd have enough money to purchase one and from there, I'd create an opening for future plans.It might be 2 years, but not 2years late where I can't still focus on my future, well different plans at that, because I'd planned one for Keith and I , if ever we worked out ,but I guess things didn't go as planned.Feeling hopeless on which one to look into, I capture the top ten I think are best before making my way out of my room, with my laptop, to ask for ass
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Chapter 9
Before married life, simple was all me, not that it's changed now that I'm married.For me, the simplest moments hold importance, just like the times I used to come to the small cafe downtown, which wasn't far from my highschool. I used to hang out at the cafe after school, sometimes do my homework there or just be there to unwind.I loved the homey vibe I always received whenever I was here, now being back here brings back so many memories and most good then bad. Thus bringing a smile upon my face, like right now when I enter the cafe.Looking around I see that not much has changed which I love and appreciate." Kea?" I hear from behind me.Turning around, my jaw drops to the floor at seeing my old friend, who I'd lost contact of, 2 years ago  looking so handsome." James!" I almost scream in excitement but hold back , remembering that we aren't alone.
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Chapter 10
Tears threaten to fall as I stand alone in the living room, with an envelope in hand. This is it, I'm moving out. I didn't believe I could do it but here I am, about to leave this place like I never lived here. This was bound to happen, I know but  it still is hard. There's still that twinge in my heart telling me that I'm giving up but then I need to do this, not because of James's words yesterday but for my own peace of mind. A big decision yet again. Keith isn't even here to see me off, not that I expect him to. He's out of the country, he has a business conference to attend to in London and won't be back till three days. I've tried to get ahold of him today but his phone is off and that's why I've written this letter, I hope he receives it and know that I didn't mean to leave this way, I would have waited but for this one time, I couldn't. Placing the letter on the glass
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