you, me and what a pity

you, me and what a pity

By:  Yarmia  Ongoing
Language: English
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Frustrated by abusive father and domestic violence, 18 year old Veronica is on run to start a new life on her own. working several part time jobs to pay her bills and save for university. In the long run, she catches the eye of Italian Mafia boss who visits her university during a seminar. Her introvert personality and sad, pessimistic aura around her makes him suspicious and curious about her. and he is determined to find everything about her. is he going to love her, who had been lost in the long run while yearning for it? a journey of doom and downfall, miseries and anguish. will she ever accept him? while he is going to tame her. a dark romance which will be able to bloom or was doomed from the beginning?

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Delinda Schumacher
37 chapters 6-28-23
2023-06-29 10:15:33
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Sravya Vallika Pentapalli
can anyone say me how can I vote ??
2023-05-11 03:24:06
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Sravya Vallika Pentapalli
i really love this book so far
2023-05-11 03:23:40
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Muhsina Aneesa
amazin and i love this plot
2023-05-07 23:57:39
37 Chapters
chapter 1
She knew it was going to be difficult. Even though she had it all planned out. She talked to her student advisor beforehand for the transfer to another university in a different city. She paid the hostel fees online in advance so she don't have to face any difficulties in renting a house which she can't afford. She had to sell her gold locket chain which she used to wore all the time, gifted by her mother. Packing her bags and buying the train ticket from station, all the while her nerves were panicking. She sweated profusely as she held the ticket tightly in her hands and the ticket conductor eyed her suspiciously. She moved away from there as soon as possible and sat on a quite bench where only females were seated. She noted the time on her wrist watch for the tenth time. She was perplexed as she waited eagerly for the train to arrive."Why it had to be late only this day?" She whispered to herself in a constant state of nervousness. She was scared and white as sheet, as she kne
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chapter 2
"yes miss?" She asked him with a boring stare. "I'm Veronica, and I'm a new admission at this hostel" she replied, as she avoided looking at her. "Oh! So you're that university girl who got transferred here and needed a place to live" she exclaimed as soon she remembered. "Yeah and I got my fees paid in advance for four months" she reminded her in case she asks her again. "Yeah, yeah I know. This is the list of instructions you're going to strictly follow here. and follow me to the room 36" The woman instructed and held out a paper which was filled with letters in blank ink. Veronica picked her bag and held the paper in her hand, following her behind. "Rule number 1: no men are allowed here so you cannot meet or call someone here!" She spoke as she walked through the corridor at front. Veronica rolled off her eyes as she realized that this woman was clearly trouble. "Rule number 2: breakfast at 07:30, lunch at 01:30 and dinner at 08:00" she was scheduling the food timings as sh
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chapter 3
The class was over after an hour and they had a half an hour break before the next class was going to start. She was grabbing her things and stuffing them inside her bag when a girl appeared in front of her. "Hello! I'm Nancy" the girl offered her hand to Veronica. She took it and shook a little. "I'm Veronica" she introduced herself. "Nice to meet you, I guess we're friends from now on" she was more straight forward than Veronica expected. "Sure" Veronica had no reason to decline the friendship, after all she didn't know anyone at this new place. "I'm feeling hungry, can we head out to cafe?" The doctor offered her and she draped her bag over her shoulder to go with her. The girl bought herself and Veronica a coffee which Veronica clearly denied but she said that she was treating her for accepting her friendship. After a while Nancy finally convinced her to take the coffee. "You seem new here" Nancy spoke. "Yeah just got transferred" "Great man! Me too. Hope this place is e
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chapter 4
When she came out of the office, she wondered who was the guy who waved her before she bumped into that hard wall. He looked familiar to her memory. Just as she was stepping towards her building for the class, she realized that it was the same guy who was checking her out yesterday. She was alarmed in pure terror. Why was that guy following her everywhere? She asked herself as anxiety started seep inside her veins. No! She has to report him if he appears again. She determined herself and took long breaths to activate her parasympathetic system. She was freaking out already and it always lead to severe panick attacks. But thank god, the inhaling and exhaling worked out and she avoided the panic attack which started to overwhelm her. She took the elevator and reached her class, which already started. She excused the teacher and sat in the last seat, exchanging some eye contacts with Nancy who was eager to ask what happened and why she got late. The class was over after an hour and
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chapter 5
She tried to kick him with her legs but they were locked against the shelf with his own. He tried to push his thigh between her legs which made her so helpless and vulnerable. He was kissing her neck while muffling her cries, caging her from all sides. Trying to hit him with her elbow, she was wriggling in his hold, resisting his touch but he was more powerful than she expected. Adding to her misery, the lights went off. After a couple of seconds it made sense to her that the only ray of hope she had that the library incharge may come and notice this harassment, faded. The library incharge already turned off the lights and left the place as she didn't saw anyone in her sight and probably it was above the time. Her guts started to churn as he disgustingly tried to rub her womanhood, sneaking his hand from behind. Her eyes swelled up with tears and she was bursting from inside. To grab her wrists while he molests her, he let go of her mouth, assuming that no one was around to hear he
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chapter 6
The very next day she found herself in her bunk bed, counting her options while she was running out of time for university. She couldn't bring herself to leave university because the education for free was worth it. But the man coming along with it who was nowhere ready to leave her alone was scary. "What are you thinking?" Rachel yawned from the neighbour bed. "Nothing" she tried to shake off her thoughts. "Oh I know now, so tell me maybe I'll help ya" she insisted and she realised that maybe she should get advice at least. "What if there's a guy who's constantly bothering you, like claiming you? But you don't feel anything for him. But he's strong and powerful, dominating you and you can't do a thing about it" She was not good at lying so she put everything like this for her to understand her situation. "Tell him straight no! And report him to Police" Rachel beamed. "What if he's dangerous? More like the police cannot do anything." She whispered, afraid that someone will hear
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chapter 7
As the night became dark, so did the atmosphere of club. Only neon lights and the disco ball was illuminating the dark club as the sweaty bodies of men and women grinded against each other. People were filling up inside as if there was a free party. She saw women hooking up with men and leaving the place after exchanging dirty glances with each other. Mini dresses, and hungry eyes, everything about the place made her hate it more. Her mind always wondered how people can enjoy such disgusting and crowded atmosphere?Loud music bursting her ears was the most annoying thing. Its not like she didn't enjoy music, she actually loved it but not the pop and rock one which can make your eardrums go crazy as if almost making you deaf. To her sigh, VIP area was prevented and safe from all this stuff. And as a girl, she had to serve men in the VIP area mostly. But due to her bare face and plain personality, no one ever bothered to look at her and it was the biggest satisfaction of working there
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chapter 8
When her shift ended, she took out her bag from the locker and stuffed her uniform inside. Her eye caught the black blazer which was inside her bag for so long. And she was only waiting for the right moment to return him. She closed her bag again and headed to hostel. It was already getting late. She took the bus and reached the hostel. Although the hostel was a little far from the bus stand so she had to walk a few minutes to reach. She was walking on the silent, barren road when she found a car busting with full music on the side of the road. Some drunk boys stood by it, swaying in the air and holding the half empty bottles in their hand. As she was moving in their direction, she caught their eye. And they started making dirty signs to her. She started walking faster as if almost running. She knew what they were upto and she was very weak to protect herself. But they didn't choose to let go and started running towards her as if they were trying to catch their prey. She was star
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Chapter 9
"I've been waving my hand for a while! What caught you for so long?" Nancy immediately spoke as soon she sat down. To avoid her questions she placed the brownie box in her lap and smiled in return."What's this?" Nancy asked in confusion."It's for you, I'm sorry I didn't intended to be mean yesterday, I was not just feeling okay. And today I bought you these brownies to make it up to you" she told her truthfully."Well if that's to make it up to me then I can tolerate your sour behavior everyday!" Nancy couldn't help but laugh more as she opened the box and found the most heavenly delicious brownies inside.While Nancy drooled over brownies, Veronica's eyes were fixated on the stage although she couldn't see him now. Somewhere she was feeling that someone was watching her. She looked around herself and found no one particular.Listening to the boring seminar and enjoying brownies made three hours bearable. He could clearly figure out her turtle neck from afar. She was not that far
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chapter 10
She packed up and left for her work. All this time her head started to hurt after overthinking all the day. Losing her scholarship or admission would be like being thrown off the cliff which would hurt her so much. She continuously cursed and blamed herself for being extra smart over efficient. If she had chosen to use this tongue wisely then she would have been at peace by now. She put the bag in the locker and changed her uniform. Thank god the uniform was dry cleaned so the stain was gone and her uniform looked clean as before. She tied her hair into a bun with the help of a single pin and she was off to the bar. Serving drinks and dealing with the drunk people was endurable because it was only for two days and most importantly extra pay for dealing with such shitty people. The bartender gave her 10 tequila shots to deliver them to a guy who sat across the wall on sofa, alone. She picked up the tray and headed towards him. After passing through the sweaty bodies, she finally r
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