5 # Frustration

Third Person's POV 

One week later....

A peon runs hurriedly and shouts, "HR is comi...nnng..." 
Everyone ran to their respective tables. Who are holding files, their files fallen down due to trembling hands. Everyone started remind what work was given by HR to them. A shiver passed through the whole body of each employee.
When he entered, perfectly office attire, white shirt, black suit and red tie. Dashing personality but his anger, no one knows how to handle him. Every girls mouth remains opened.
"Wowww " A newly joined girl said seductively.
"Shut up, if he had listened, you will be kicked out in next second." Her colleague said her.
"Every man falls for a girl's beauty." She adjust her clothes as her cleavage shows off.
"Please, Shut up." Her friend said.
When he entered in his cabin of this floor, everyone took breath in relief.
"God knows, whose turn will be today of facing him." A staff named, Rahul murmured.
And his phone buzzes, "Hello sir."
"Come into my cabin." He shouted from otherside.
"Yes sir."...

He knocked at the door with fear, "May I come in sir?"
"Come in and give me the file of Our company construction at Ahmedabad." He barked.
"But sir, you have refused to do that..." Rahul stammered.
"I said, give me file right now." He roared.
"Okay sir, give me a five minutes.
Rahul went to search the file, but it was cancelled by HR, so they didn't give priority to that file. So he is searching it from fifteen minutes.
"Rahul, you are terminated, now leave the office." HR barked from behind.
"But sir. " 
"Leave now."
HR moved back to his cabin, Veer was looking this all. He shook his head.
One of the staff came to him and said, "Veer sir, please help. In this week, HR terminated total 9 employees, without any mistakes." 
"I will do something, don't worry." Veer patted his back.
All of sudden everyone stands up in the honor of Vikrant Rawat. 
"Good morning, Sir." employees greet him.
"Good morning everyone. I hope you all are fine." Vikrant said with smile.
HR noticed him so he came out of his cabin and stands at the door of cabin, silently.
Vikrant moved towards him and announced, "I have finally chosen a girl for your HR or my Harsh."
So many girls' heart is broken by this news. 
"I need your help, specially ladies. As you all know that there is no lady in our house, so I need some help. I hope that you will like to help me." Vikrant said happily.
"May I take some of your employees, HR?" Vikrant asked to Harsh.
"Yeah, sure Dadu." He replied as he uninterested.
"Thanks, beta." Vikrant patted his back. Harsh returned to his cabin.
Vikrant called two female staff and one male staff. He ordered them to report tomorrow at his home.
"Now you all can continue your work." Vikrant said. Who dares to ask about the girl, whom he has chosen for HR. Everyone feared of HR.
"Dadu, come with me." Veer pulled Vikrant to another cabin.
"Dadu, you know, bhai terminated 9 staff in this one week." Veer said in worried tone.
Vikrant first took a deep breath and said, "Call them all and order them to report me tomorrow at our home. They will help us in wedding preparation. Don't cut their salary. And after this wedding, they can join again office." Vikrant said.
"Dadu, why are you not understanding? Bhai is not taking this wedding so easy." Veer worriedly said.
"Veer, I know why he is frustrated." 
"Dadu, I'm grinding between both of you." Verr complained.
"Veer, delete Aaina's photos from your phone and also burn the photo given by her family." Vikrant said with smirk.
"Okay, Dadu.." He irritated and suddenly lightened up, "What dadu ? Delete? Why? Bhai can ask me anytime for her photo." 
"That is the reason, he is frustrated because he couldn't find the details of girl, yet." Vikrant said.
"I know, he is trying and set his man to know about her. He will find her by anyway. " Verr shook his head.
"He won't. I will not let him know about her." Vikrant said.
"Ohh, god. Save me or killed me." Veer joined his hands.
"First, you delete and burn the photos." Vikrant reminds him again.
Veer deleted all photographs from his phone and also burned the photograph through lighter.
"And remember, if Harsh ever asks you about Aaina, you will not give her any information about her. Not even her name." Vikrant added. Veer shook his head.
Viktant left the office with smirk. He wanted to laugh on Harsh. How stupid he is..! 

During the lunch time....

Veer loosens his tie, and shook his head. "What the hell of this life? Nowadays I afraid of my own bhai."
He stood up and moved towards the top floor office. He entered in the office. Harsh gazes him coming inside.
"You are 10 minutes late." Harsh said.
"Sorry bhai, I was busy." Veer made an excuse. He added, "Let's have a lunch."
"Yup, I have ordered." Harsh replied.
Hearing him Veer shocked. Harsh never orders for lunch, always Veer comes in his cabin and he orders for the food in the canteen. 
Within a few minutes lunch arrived and they had it silently. When Veer about to move from there, Harsh stopped him, "Veer, I want to talk with you."
His stomach churned with fear, hearing his words. He turned slowly towards Harsh and stands in front of him.
Veer thinks, "Fire me also like other 9. At least I'm free from grinding between you and Dadu." He shook his head.
"Have a seat." Harsh said.
"It's okay bhai." Veer replied.
"Give the photo of that girl." Harsh order him in stammering voice. Veer's eyes became wide hearing him. 
Veer thinks, "He is asking for a photo. Dadu was right, now what to say him. I have deleted as per order by Dadu."
"Veer, I'm telling you something." Harsh said nervously.
"Bhai, all photos have been deleted mistakenly." Veer replied with fear.
"Her name?" Harsh asked impatiently.
"Bhai, Dadu has order me, not to say you." Veer replied.
"Good. Dadu is playing well with me. But he forgets that he is playing with HR." Harsh said with anger filled voice and his eyes turned red.
Veer left Harsh's cabin and moved to his cabin.
Harsh angrily walked here and there. He loves only two person in the world and they are Veer and his Dadu. He likes his bachelor life and always gives priority to his business. He is in top of successful businessman in India. Today he is feeling helpless, as he can't search the girl yet. 
It is the first time that Dadu hides the details of that girl. He knew why he is hiding from him. He can do anything for his Dadu, except Marriage.
The reason behind that, is the worst married life of his parents. His father and mother never loved each other, in their case, they are in love marriage and here dadu is forcing him into arranged marriage.
Last time, Vikrant choose a girl from Rajkot, Gujarat. They are living in Mumbai for their business. She was also pretty, but Harsh doesn't like to marry her. So he appeared as a playboy in front of her. 
When the girl learnt about that, she refused to marry him. That time, he warned Dadu that he must forget about his marriage. But Vikrant is not ready to leave him. So he is searching for a girl.
Vikrant finds Aaina for him, she is living in USA, but he meet her first time in the funeral of Harman, his own son. He knows, she is spoiled because of over loved by family, she spends lot of money, but she has also a good side. She is in USA, still she is single. 
She never did such a stupid things, that makes her family guilty. She helps to the poor people, respect eleders. She is wearing her charm as a beauty this is enough to attract anyone.
She is the combination of modern and Indian culture. When Vikrant choses her, he collects her all details. In fact he sends his man to USA for information about her.
Harsh knows that very well, his dadu is stubborn this time, and he is going to be victim. He knows that Dadu is a chair person of HR empire. If he wish, he can remove him from the post of CEO. 
This business is his life, he can't stay away from this. If he did something wrong and Dadu really removes him. This is the main reason of his tension.
He wanted to restart the construction in Ahmedabad, so he can search for the girl, chosen by Dadu. He has not reason for going to Ahmedabad. So he is finding a reason.
He inquired from all side but, he was fail in finding details about her. So he is frustrating day by day. His anger reveals on his employees.
"Dadu, I'm your grand son, don't forget. I don't want marry means, Noooooo.." Harsh beated his hand on the table with a loud sound of thud. 

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