The Contingent Love
The Contingent Love
Author: _urvashi

1 # Prologue

( Some words to understand which are Gujarati....

Pappa - Father, Mummy - Mother,  Dhingli - a baby doll, Dadu -Grandfather, Bhai -Brother)

"Harsh's POV 

"What is this, Ronit? I have already rejected this plan, do something new. Leave," I roared on him. He quickly found the way to the exit.
"Sir, " He turned to face me again, I insulted h, till he dared to say something. I narrowed my eyes at him.
"Sir, when you were in Italy, I have received an envelope in your and Madam's name. As I was on leave, I couldn't hand it to you. I'm sorry for the delay, " He hesitated, a sincerity was in his sound.
He opened the drawer on the left side desk and handed me a big envelope. I didn't pay any attention to him and grab it from his hand, he exited.
I thought, "I should not think like that, maybe she has been changed. For what I'm doubting, one month ago, she has refused to have a coffee, even she behaved bizarrely. I arrived two days, she is having coffee, even she throws up herself on me oftentimes. She was not like that before. Why is she conducting bizarre, that caused me doubt on her?"
I glanced at the envelope. There was a title, 'Mr, Harsh Rawat and Mrs Aaina Rawat.'
A smile erupted on my face and I opened it with a delighted smile on my face.
It seemed to be her medical report. I checked all the reports. My eyes welled, it was clear for me. I inserted reports into the envelope and grabbed it. I ran quickly to the elevator.
After some time, I'm at home. I parked the car in front of the main door and ran to find her. She was talking on her phone in the balcony. I hugged her from the back. She hung up the call.
"What Harsh?" She asked with a smile.
"Why didn't you tell me this?" I showed up on the envelope.
"What is this? What are you talking about?" She again raised a question?
'Is something fishy?' I thought and change my mind to tell her, what was in the envelope. 
I grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the car. I texted the doctor and informed her that we are on the way.
I made her sit in the car, she asked me many times, where we are going, but I remained silent, as there is a big cyclone into my mind. 
I stopped at the hospital and forced her to come out of the car. She yelled, "Harsh."
I pulled her inside, she screamed, "Harsh, why are we here?"
"You will know soon, " I entered the chamber of Dr Trisha Desai.
She was waiting for us, as OPD was done, and it was lunchtime. She greeted, "Good afternoon, Mr and Mrs Rawat."
"Good noon, doc, " I greeted back and added, "I have already told you what to do."
She nodded.
"I don't want to do any check-up, " Aaina tried to escape grip, but she doesn't know with whom she is entailed.
I forced her to lay down on the couch, I tightened her, the doctor checked her. She smiled and replied, "She is fine, Mr Rawat. You need not worry."
"I told you, I don't need to checkup, " Aaina yelled and jumped out of the couch, as I loosened my grip. She stamped out of there with anger.
"Doctor, " I want to ask but she cut me off.
"You were right Mr Rawat, she is not the same person, whom I checked up one month ago."
Tears filled my eyes, making my vision blurred. I hardly spoke, "Thank you, doc. Please, keep this a secret from this woman."
"Sure, " She replied.
I exited from there. She was waiting outside the car. My anger reached at the peak, I sat inside, she followed.
As soon as we reached home. She ran inside the house before me. I pulled her and made her face to face me.
"Who are you?" I raised my hand to slap her hard, I lost my all senses of thinking, as I discovered her truth and slapped. She fell.on the surface.
"I'm Aaina, " She trembled with fear, lying on the marble floor and scrawled back to save herself.
"Dadu... Veer. Help me..." She cried out loudly.
"I'm asking you for the last time, who are you and where is my Aaina?" I warned her while undoing my leather belt.
"Harsh, have you lost your sense?" Dadu stood between us.
"She isn't Aaina, Dadu. She is making us fool for a month, " I growled in anger.
My words froze Dadu at his place. 
"Give me the proof, " Dadu ordered me.
"Dadu..." I screamed with a shock.
"Aaina, leave from here, " As Dadu's words came out of his mouth, she stood up and ran to upstairs.
"Dadu, " I gasped.
"Come, we will talk about it in the study, " Dadu said orderly, certainty was found in his voice.
I followed his steps, I was furious, whoever she was, she can not take my love's place in my heart, in my life and my house.
Dadu locked the door and made me sit on the chair. He squeezed my shoulders and took a seat beside me. 
"Dadu..." He took a pen and his journal, I was shocked at his actions.
" I was defeated in a chess game by Aaina daily, but from the last one month, I'm winning the game daily."
"Dadu..." I screamed as he wrote those words on the page, but he cut me off, "Sssshhh..."
I glanced into his eyes, as they were pleading me to do something. I nodded, and this time I know Dadu is with me.
"I'll not tolerate if you will be victimized, I can do anything to save you, love, " I mumbled at stormed out the study.

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