All Chapters of The Diplomatic Transporter: Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
22 Chapters
Chapter 1 - The sweet smell of money
 The sound of a turbocharged car caught his ear, and Dominique turned and watched as the black four-door Sedan in pristine condition with chrome rims, roared past them. It instantly brought back memories for Dominique. He smiled. “Hey, what are you smiling about?” Marsha asked. 
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Chapter 2 - The Connect
 “Marsha each time we have porridge together I think of you as Goldilocks sampling the bowls of porridge in the bears in the cabin trying to find one with the temperature that was just right."  He chuckled as he spoke, causing few kernels to leak between the cup and lip falling on his white starched shirt. 
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Chapter 3 - Real life or acting?
 “Oh yeah! How did you manage that miracle Dominique Martin?" she enquired. “You know what, don't tell me. After hearing about your past earlier, I changed my mind.” “Haha!” he laughed “I had a link at the Firearm Licensing Authority who had managed to get my application approved for a small fee.” 
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Chapter 4 -It's a hard life
 The words Ming spoke resonated in Dominique’s head as he turned to Marsha on the drive back to Kingston. “Babes I can see a fleet of black high end Luxury SUV’s driven by men dressed in black pants and white linen shirts with 9mm handguns tucked into their waist bands and offices in Kingston and Montego Bay.”  
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Chapter 5 - Will he ever learn?
 "Wow Dominique you seem to have been spending time with this machine!” Marsha replied. He remained silent as he knew that any response would lead to further questions and there was no way he was going to set up himself to fail later by giving away too much information. He was relieved when she changed the subject as the recently constructed; six lane North Coast highways gave way to the three lanes of Mandela Highway.       
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Chapter 6 - Life and death in the tongue
 Excited but apprehensive were just some of the emotions that Dominique Martin struggled with as he left the shopping centre.He was not yet 100 yards from the gate when his cell phone rang. “Hey Bimbo. What’s up?” he asked. “Dom, the next ca
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Chapter 7 -Love or hate
 Dominique heard her sigh and watched as she shook her head and walked over to the chair and took up his pants and shirt that were neatly folded and covered his firearm and wallet and phone.  "Dominique here, if you had just gone straight home but I see why and what you had to break your neck to come to the bar. Put on your clothes and come." 
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Chapter 8- Real man
 Dominique was taken aback by the statement, seemingly it was not a good idea to come back here and even though Yanique had the qualifications for the job as his office manager as well as the looks her tongue had confirmed that nothing good would have arisen if he continued to associate with her. However, curiosity was still gnawing him and he needed to talk to her in private. "Yanique can I have a word in private,” he asked. 
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Chapter 9-The road to recovery
 Dominique could see Marsha smiling as she looked through the window of the living room to see him walking up the driveway.But with each step he saw the smile turn to a frown. Then she rushed towards the front door.  "Where have you been? And why are you walking like that?” she shouted as she ran towards him, "I turned back earlier trying to find you after you jumped out of the car. I was not able to call you becauseI was not able to make any calls or open any messages and then it just went black!"
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Chapter 10- The secrets of the past
 “The entrance to the villa had huge, oak doors with view panels that allowed you to see the infinity pool and the Carib/Atlantic Ocean, the view was breath taking. Marble tiles, gold wall sconces and chandeliers hung from the ceilings in most rooms, but the master bed room with its four postured king size bed with a glass walled Jacuzzi and shower ensuite was the most exquisite place I had ever seen. “ “The setting seemed more like a honey moon suite than the temporary residence in my mind,
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