Marking Territory

Marking Territory

By:  Besties Babe  Completed
Language: English
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Born in the season of death, under the layers of hatred. The Moon held nothing in front of her beauty but it was such a shame that she didn't survived.Or that's what they think~Warning!!! ~Mature Content~

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55 Chapters
      A Werewolf Novel She was born in the season of death under the layers of hatred. It was said that the moon held nothing in front of her beauty but it was such a shame that she didn't survived. . .Or that's what they think. . .Eva she was born from love and was thrown in the woods in the dead of winter for nature to take her back. But nature had other plans for her. She was the daughter of the strongest being on the earth and was blessed with power's that matched the powers of the moon.The world of the supernaturals considered her dead but she was as alive as the wind.She was the bastard child they thought they got rid of and she was okay with it until he came in front of her staking his claim on her very being. The one The Moon blessed her with. She didn't asked for her blessing. . .She didn't want a mate and him being the one
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+CHAPTER 1+ The Lonely King
Present Time The kingdom of Lycans. Known to be the deadliest kingdom of all. It was said that the beings residing in this kingdom were the deadliest immortals with no morals. Once a kingdom who was famous for its loyalty, wisdom and strength was now...A kingdom filled with liars.A kingdom filled with cheaters.A kingdom filled with blind beasts.Everything changed about this kingdom but you still can't win from them when they fight to protect their own. Because even after all these changes it was still a Kingdom filled with the deadliest warriors. . .They were blessed by the Goddess of Moon. Blessed with strength, immorality and a mate. Once a Lycan finds his mate he can't take another
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+CHAPTER 2+ The Cold Queen
Fate has a way to turn impossible things into possible. A person can fight his fate all he wants but in the end, things always turn out how fate wanted them to be. Just like Amber. She was living proof of the games that fate plays.Amber, a woman who was thrown in the woods in the dead of winter by her own mother. She was given to nature for a low agonizing death. Who thought that the little girl her mother and her people thought they got rid of was as alive as the wind. As a little girl, she was not even given a little space in her parent's kingdom. And now as a grownup, she has her own Queendom where she decides who stays and who leaves.Pretty much ironic! They say ignorance is bliss and indeed they are right. Amber can give anything to remain ignorant. Amber was always a curious little thing. It was her curiosity
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+CHAPTER 3+ The Oracle
"I'm not getting any good vibes from here. This place is literally giving me creeps man." Connor suppressed a shudder."Don't worry I have been here before. It's not as bad as it looks." Darach replied without looking at his brother. The last time Darach was here he had almost burnt this damn house in his blind rage. He still remembers the day when he came here to know the whereabouts of his mate from this Oracle. She had looked at him with her lifeless black eyes with sorrow.'You are late my child she's dead, murdered by her own kin.' At that moment Darach had felt as if someone had pulled his backbone out of his body. All his life he had waited for his mate and she was taken from him by her own kin. Not taken MURDERED! He was boiling withContempt~Rage
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+CHAPTER 4+ Jimmy Aka Victor
So much love. . .How could they manage to love each other so damn much? No matter how much Amber showed that she didn't give a fuck about love, no matter how much she said that she doesn't care, there was always a little voice in her head that whispered 'You Do Care Silly!'. It was a voice that never left her alone. Sometimes soothing and sometimes it was so frustrating that she can do whatever it takes to get rid of it. But she can't. . . Amber's parents gave her nothing. Hell! they didn't even give a single fuck before throwing her away. But they gave her an instinct, Wolf's Instinct. She was a part female lycan but she didn't have a beast, she can't transform into her lycan form and she was glad for that. Over the centuries Amber had seen Lycan's transformation. It was a captivat
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+CHAPTER 5+ The Lost Souls
After centuries the two lycan brothers were doing something together. Both of them felt like idiots for entering the wastelands. It was said that the snow on this land hides more secrets than it reveals. Long forgotten mystical creatures that are just a myth in the present time, reside on this land. The moment they entered this land the brothers' inner Lycans were on high alert as if sensing an unseen threat. If Lucia had entered this land then she must have gotten some clue on the lost mates but as the stubborn princess that she was, she decided to investigate this lead herself instead of asking her brothers for help.And now she has her ass handed to herself by someone who was a fool or strong enough to reside here.Moon help her when Darach got his hands on his brat of a sister!
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+CHAPTER 6+ The Warrior King
A random person~ That was what he was to Amber but the moment she had looked at him she couldn't keep her eyes off him.Even though his face was decorated with burn marks, cuts and scraps probably from the snow during his journey, he still looked delectable enough. The left side of his face was still mottled black and blue and his lower lip looked a little swollen.When Amber had seen him for the first time laying unconscious on the ground, Amber literally felt something about him calling to her very being. Like there was someone trapped in his body, trying desperately to get free, trying to reach to her.And before she knew what she was doing Amber told the guards to put him in her home. In her own home. . .It was the first time a male laid in her bed, it's not like she hadn't bedded anyone in her awfully long lif
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+CHAPTER 7+ Mad Lust
Darach felt like he was trapped in a black tunnel, not knowing where to go or what to do. It has been like this for centuries. Darach was trapped in this darkness for centuries. No matter what he did, he can't just free himself from this misery.He was a coward~A coward who was given the little of King. He had the responsibility of the whole lycan race, the responsibilities of the whole kingdom were on his shoulders but he was royally neglecting them because deep down he knew that if he wasn't good enough to save his own mate than how was he supposed to protect the whole kingdom.From the past centuries, Darach has been doing one thing he was good at, running from his responsibilities. Running from this darkness that surrounds his very being. He just wanted a way out of it, a small light to pull his dark
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+CHAPTER 8+ The Missing Ones
If all your life you have waited for someone and suddenly they came in front of you, your first thought will be to touch them, to feel them, to know that they are really not just a fragment of your imaginations.That's what happened to Darach when his mate came in front of him. Darach became so busy in admiring her that he lost control of his beast who was hell bend on claiming her. Darach knew that he moved too fast.Actually, it was his beast who moved too fast. Centuries he had wasted in thinking that his mate was dead instead of hunting her just because a fucking Oracle said so. He should never have believed her. Darach got a clear idea now that why Oracles were considered mad beings. But aside from his mate, he can't dismiss that it was the Oracle who had told him the way of these wastelands. And Darach can sense a large number of Lycans here. Mayb
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+CHAPTER 9+ Weird Connection
Frustration was all that Amber felt when she couldn't get the answers to her questions. Her life was becoming a puzzle.From the moment these lycan royalties had entered her Queendom they had only created problems for her and her devoted people. The lycans that once resided in the lycan king's territory were now her people but she knew that no matter what, he was their rightful king. It didn't matter that the human side of these lycans didn't consider him their king because the beast that resides within them knew that who was their king, their Alpha and if the beast commanded them to follow their king back to his land, to their mates, Amber will be powerless to do anything against him. Hell! It was difficult for her to shake his dominance off from her own self. She cursed her small lycan part that was submissive to the lycan king. Amber didn't know how bu
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