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It had been a long time since I last visited my Aunt's house in Luxembourg. I couldn't help it. I was too engrossed with my volunteer work in a recently earthquake-devastated country. When finally I decided to visit her, all thoughts of relaxation and freedom flew out of the window.I never thought that my daily stay in her mansion would turn out to be something more...more than unbearable, and it all stemmed to a certain man - the head butler - specifically too attentive of me and by that, I meant sleepless nights, moans and groans and a promise of an unconditional love.Being personally served by someone sure spells heaven, but not when the person actually serving me was the Demon Prince of Lust himself.All Rights ReservedJMFelic Books 2020

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44 chapters
“Suck my d*ck.”That sentence was the last thing I remembered when I woke up from a deep slumber.Such vulgar words, I know, but I found it surprisingly arousing. Not that I could remember all about my dream in detail. What clung in the recesses of my brain was a blurry face of a man, standing in my front, his black slacks pulled halfway down his long legs. I was kneeling, my face meeting his erection.Yes.His very impressive erection.No wonder it made me feel hot the moment I opened my eyes. Like wet hot.It surprised me because I am what you would normally call, ‘untouchable’.Seriously. I am proudly a member of SNBTVM - the Society for Never-Been-Touched Virgin Maidens.Yeah, like that group of people actually exists.Anyway, guess I am that sexually frustrated in my mid twenties age huh? Probably that’s why I am hav
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Chapter 1 - Pleasure to Make Your Acquaintance
After a straight six-hour flight, my plane finally touched down the Luxembourg Fidel Airport at seven twenty-five in the evening.Auntie Marcella had already informed me via email that she had charged someone to pick me up in the airport lounge area. She didn’t specifically tell me if that person was a he or a she, so I was confused on who to look up to when I arrived in the lounge. There were so many people inside the room, mostly tourists I suppose, either waiting for their flight to be called or waiting for whoever would fetch them just like me.I noticed a vacant seat in one corner of the room, so I went straight there. I got only two bags with me; one had my clothes inside, while the other smaller one contained my personal necessities like my cellphone, wallet and passport. Good thing I wore simple jeans, a white blouse and a coat today; at least with this, I wouldn’t feel conscious with the way I sit together with all of these people.Read more
Chapter 2 - Your Mistress is Not Me
Aunt Marcella’s house can be called a boast if you ask me. The big - no - huge fancy house looks just like those you normally see in Beverly Hills complete with a swimming pool. This one however has a touch of old Renaissance taste, all elements of it including the building, the main facade and the interior. They were all designed into perfection. The marbled floors, the high ceilings, even the furniture were eye-popping. It doesn’t fail to surprise me though considering that her late husband, my Uncle, was a filthy rich man.When I visited here for the first time, I remembered playing house on my own, treating myself as a princess inside a big castle. I enjoyed it very much, especially when my Auntie plays with me, acting like the queen of the castle. They also had a ranch located a kilometer away from the main house. This was where I learned to ride a horse, taught by Uncle Michael Winner himself.By the time Aunt Marcella saw me in the foyer, she
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Chapter 3 - Just A Sausage
When Eriol said sweet dreams, I honestly hoped to have one. But, it definitely didn’t cross my mind that this was what it would bring me.I woke up in the middle of the night gasping... desperately inhaling for some fresh air. Yes. I had another dream. A WET dream so to speak. Only this time, I felt it was a continuation from the one I had last night and it remained vividly inside my head.I was continuously sucking this man’s d*ck; licking his G.I. Joe’s head in a twirling motion. This alone elicited a groan from his throat. I couldn’t fathom what kind of sensation I was giving him for you know already - I am new at this. But even with this fact, here I am devouring his length like a wanton woman. His shaft was a lovely sight, complete with a web of veins and a head that saluted me with its central pearly white bead. Pre-ejaculation phenomenon I suppose, but who am I to presume? Again, I am new at the sight of a man’s nail. Either way, it taste
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Chapter 4 - A Taste Of Fear
I immediately spun around to exit the store feeling partly infuriated, partly embarrassed.Infuriated - with Eriol of course, because he didn’t so much as warn me beforehand that it was a flipping pleasure shop! What kind of a butler is he?!Embarrassed - with myself, because obviously it was my poor choice. How would I know? I am innocent on these kinds of erotica equipment. Never had I seen one before. But now, my eyes felt like it was being ripped out of its sockets and tossed into the holy water to be cleansed.When I was some distance away from the store, I turned around and shot Mr. Hot Butler a cold glare.“You want something Milady?” he smoothly asked. Freaking smoothly asked! The cover of my simmering pot immediately sky-rocketed in the air.“I can’t believe you just let me walk into that store!” I shouted but instantly regretted my move. I immediately looked around and found that some pass
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Chapter 5 - Behold the Prince
  ~ Eriol ~ I couldn’t contain myself anymore. Having her near me was already poisonous, how much more if I touch her again? It would be the death of me. But what am I even saying? I am already dead. I am a demon. So what’s the use restricting myself now? What’s the use making myself suffer? I have waited for her for a long time. Such a long, long time. The three Fates of Hell gave me a clue. They said that my Sarah will be reincarnated in the Anthoni Family, the sixth generation. With that in mind, I set out to infiltrate myself into the family. A butler would definitely be a good idea. I could gather clues and information about her while posing like that, but unfortunately, nothing happened. I waited and waited, almost becoming impatient until the faithful day came. I felt the strong, undeniable connection when I saw her, Andrea Anthoni. 
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Chapter 6 - And So It Begins
~ Andrea ~ I blinked twice, thrice. Many times, actually. Until my mind registered that I was truly back in my room. Eriol was still holding my arm, so I yanked it free quickly. Lucky for me, he released it, but I had the notion he was hesitant to do so. He cast me a dark look, so intense, so burning that I believed 'phase one' of his threat was on the move. What else would I think? Out of all the places we could go, why in my bedroom, right? But wait, how did we get here in the first place, anyway? “Ho—how did we?” I sputtered, my voice laced with disbelief. I wasn’t dumb not to notice something supernatural had just happened. I certainly don’t believe in vampires, but I feel this was the case. Yeah, me and my brain, and I owe it all to my True Blood and Twilight fangirling. How crazy was that?! “Milady, could you explain to me why you were babysitting that pathetic man?” he asked, ultimately disregarding m
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Chapter 7 - Hands Down The Best 'O'
~ Andrea ~ “No. I...I don’t think I can do this,” I said, putting my hands in between us and pushing him slightly backward. Huh! Finally! Some sense coming back to me. But that didn’t so much as linger. It was immediately tossed out of the door when Eriol cupped my butt and effortlessly lifted me up. He strode to my bed and arranged me there. Without delay, he launched himself on top of me and brought his lips back into mine. It was a slow kiss at first, but then it became hard when his tongue darted inside my mouth. On impulse, I sparred with it. I had to reciprocate since his kisses were so good. He sucked my tongue. Made a tornado out of it. And then massaged it with heavenly grace. The twirling of his tongue was similar to a symphony of orchestra; playful and engaging, and I was certainly a captivated audience. Eriol’s hand moved down my thighs and with precision, gathered the hem up to my abdomen. I felt
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Chapter 8 - A Sudden Intrusion
~ Andrea ~ I woke up in the morning trying to figure out what to do besides doing my routine morning care. I hoped to skip breakfast and just directly leave the house just so that I could avoid him, but when I checked on my iPhone from the bedside table, I found a message from my aunt telling me she wanted to see me first thing in the morning, and by that, she meant taking breakfast together. I wasn’t hungry, though. Eriol, just as you would expect from a butler, sent a maid into my room with a tray of dinner. That was after he left me feeling, well, full in a different sense. I thought it was kind of him to do that. He knew I wasn’t able to eat at the charity ball because of Mr. DaisVita’s apparent attention-grabbing stomachache. When I opened the tray, it was full of special dishes better than what I saw at the party. There was also a card in it with my name written on the front and it said, “Thank you
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Chapter 9 - Mr. Flogger and His Horses
~ Andrea ~   Humming, I changed my clothes and footwear into a much proper one. As opposed to earlier, I felt pretty much confident now. Mr. DaisVita and his Casanova ways weren’t my problem anymore. Well, by heart, I still believed he’d endlessly pour words of delight to inflate my lungs and he’d try to get all touchy with me, but unlike last night, I am now prepared. The location I had in mind for our meeting would be the proper place for a civil talk. It was at my auntie’s ranch. I figured what could go wrong in a place full of horses and manure, right? After changing, I walked out of my bedroom and onto the outside porch. I leaned against the metal railing and waited. From this angle, I could see the whole of the front gate, the main garden, the driveway, and the parking lot. It was a beautiful view altogether. I actually enjoyed my time just observing the place. Fifteen minutes after, I saw the BMW l
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