In Love With The Coldblooded

In Love With The Coldblooded

By:  Ladipo Michael  Completed
Language: English
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Bella Cosgrove, daughter of a Sheriff and the nerdy Red haired of Belgrave High. Her life changes overnight when her best friend transforms into a werewolf and her savior is a 500 year old ruthless Vampire. Little does she know that her simple life would become entangled in the dangerous world of the supernatural from just that one night.

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31 Chapters
Chapter 01
She gasped.He howled,tore his skin open as claws grew,canine longer than usual and those eyes turning dangerously golden yellow.This was not the Jeremy she knew. Yet she watched under the full moon in the humid darkness of this forest from a distance how her best friend turned a werewolf.Weren't this monsters supposed to thrive in fantasy novels and folklores?.This dazzling black wolf sniffed her and without further ado,targeted her as it's prey. It growled,she ran.Thumping her heels on twigs and dry leaves while her red hair brushed through branches and leaves. She whimpered hearing the trotting paws of a werewolf. Her ankles sprained as she inadvertently fell into a depression and at that moment she concluded she was doomed. Her bones began to shudder,her hearts beating racing loudly and her breaths heavy as they toured out. She tried to move but her pain wouldn't let her. It shot up from her sprained ankles to her ribs, rigidly holding her down to the loamy sands. She exhaled o
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Chapter 02
The girls in Bella's class may have found themselves totally lost in his charms. His pompadour dark jelly hair, his enchanting grey irises and his Rosy red lips that made his light brown skin unique. But Bella shove all those girlish attraction away. Choosing to digest the fact that the monster is going to be her classmate!. Her fingers trembled recalling his dangerous nature at the locker."Class, Let's welcome our new student. Arthur Middleton." Mr. Alrik grinned wrapping his hands around Arthur's shoulder. "Finally! we have a new hottie in our class." The drama Queen arose from her seat walking like a seductress towards Arthur."Just so you know. The name is Alisha, Belgrave high cheerleader." She bit her lower lip.A tiny smile spread across his lips. Bella frowned; finding his smile so superficial yet sinister. It made her worry."Okay Lisha, please return to your seat." Mr Alrik beckoned. "Now," His grip on Arthur's shoulder tightened. "I trust you'll all do well in giving him a
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Chapter 03
"And welcome to detention!" Alisha pronounced in a grand gesture amidst themselves in the class. Bella sighed, choosing to delve into her history journals. This was the only way to save herself from Alisha's rants and Arthur's hostility. They were only four that breathed in the class. Her, Alisha, Joe and Arthur. No matter how hard she tried, She couldn't focus. Jeremy's constant worries and Arthur's lukewarm nature was enough to burden her. She thought of his words about her mother. What he meant by a Supernatural species Hunter. Her mother was only a Sheriff and imagining her hunting beasts like Jeremy and Arthur was virtually impossible. On the other hand, Arthur didn't strike her as a liar. Arthur smiled from the back end chair he was seated. His eyes reviewing the Cheerleader of Belgrave high. Dashing gold coloured hair, small and pointed nose, enticing pink lips, nice cleavage and a fairly manageable hip. His smile deepened appreciating her work of art. He had two thoughts sca
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Chapter 04
Rays of light, birds chirping, twigs, dry leaves, tall trees. Jeremy could feel everything. He rubbed his face against the loamy sands before he realised he was completely naked against the soil. He arose quickly to his feet with his eyes scampering around. Studying the new environment.This place was new, he thought and definitely not in Covington. Where was this place? He asked himself before his eyes fell on a lady. Standing metres away from him and dressed in an all black attire. Her long straightened hair were donning a darker shade of blue and he could smell the scent that reeked off her. His senses were operating on a whole new level. They were heightened; his nose picked scents miles away, his hearing noted even the tiniest sound, his myopic eyes could even see better!. How he arrived here, why he was naked this sunny afternoon and who this lady was greeting him with hostility, were questions that puzzled his fragile mind.The last he remembered was the excruciating pain he fa
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Chapter 05
The style at which Bella arranged her stuffs which were mostly books, journals, and novels in her locker almost played a smile on her lips. But when she recalled the turbulence she was phasing through, it dampened her. Then she heard her neighbouring locker open noisily and no doubt, it was the most dreadful person's doing. Arthur Middleton.Her heart began to pace and her palm gradually turned cold from shivering and anxiety. Recalling her mother's words, she understood the Vampire wouldn't hesitate in killing her if she pressed the wrong buttons. So rather than indulge in a conversation with a blood sucking being, she decided to scurry away. She closed her locker briskly and was about to pace away when he held her back with his words."Get ready tomorrow. You and I are going to my Witch's abode." He muttered in his usual icy tone. She clutched tightly to her books leaning against her chest. She turned to his Grey coloured irises blooming in an intimidating manner. His hair was neatly
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Chapter 06
As the police vehicle drove on a silent street of Covington, Arthur had planned various strategies in escaping from the clutches of the law. These ignorant cops were oblivious of his true nature and simply following the orders of Sheriff Cosgrove. He planned on killing them but decided against it as that will be too obvious. It would only worsen the situation. Hence he opted for the other plan. "I need to pee." He pitched innocently from the back. One of the officer smirked at him while the driver pressed on. "Don't worry, you'll have lots of peeing to do when we reach CPD." He said to Arthur's dissatisfaction. "Please, I can't hold it any longer." Arthur grimaced a pleading face in harmony with his polite tone."We'll stop by at the next public toilet. Now shut your mouth!" The driver sounded sonorously in an authoritative mannerism. Arthur relaxed for minutes before the vehicle came to a solemn halt. The Policeman handling the wheels alighted first, opening the rear door cautio
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Chapter 07
News spread like wildfire upon the sheriff's disappearance neither did another brutal murder stop from happening. The Town of Covington had soon descended to a temporary lockdown with curfew imposed on it's citizens. Fear and uncertainties had started to seep into hearts of the Innocents; for the nights brought deaths and terror. The joy and liveliness that once breathed in this small town now brewed into tension and quietness.Arthur heaved an heavy sigh thinking about the recent changes. To a human, the lockdown was simply imposed to curb deaths and find Sheriff Cosgrove. But to the Supernatural world, this was clearly a declaration of war. A war between the prestigious Hunter Families of Covington and Supernatural creatures. Precisely the Werewolves and Vampires. Most times Witches were spared but the same fate can't be said for the rest. There existed a time, when the Supernatural creatures were in unison with humans of Covington. A past where they all lived in harmony until Nicod
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Chapter 08
And so, the Lockwood's annual party came to an abrupt terrific end. One could start with the police circling about the bloody scenery or the blaring tone and lights of several ambulance vehicles. Perhaps one could start with the bodies itself. Some had their hearts ripped out of their chest, others had obvious bite marks across their necks. But the main worries were the identities of these people killed. Dan and his clique alongside security guards. Bella would have assumed Arthur did the killings but he was with her during the ugly incident. And for the first time, she chose to believe his words. Whoever was doing this meant more harm than Arthur. "Bella Cosgrove." A tall heavily built man uttered beside her. His appearance formal and in harmony with his dark clothing. It wasn't far-fetched this man was a bodyguard. "Mr. Lockwood requests of your presence. Please follow me."She nodded and was about to depart from the ugly scenery until Arthur held her abruptly. Grinning sinister
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Chapter 09
The chirping of birds and the heating sensation of sun rays gradually stole Jeremy from his long sleep. He couldn't tell how long he'd passed out nor if he were still held by chains. Suspending him midair and giving him the most gruesome pain he's ever experienced. His eyes awoke lazily and his stomach grumbled. Complaining about the long starvation. His lips were dry and his skin pale from long exposure to air and beatings. Realization dawned on him as he enjoyed the comfort of the small rickety bed. He was in a room designed like an hut and made out of oak wood. The silky brown blanket shielded him from his toe and up to his hips. Leaving his chest bare. How he had gotten here remained a mystery he didn't want to solve. All he thirsted for is to enjoy this comfort while he could. "You're finally awake." Said the stranger who emerged into the hut. His appearance elderly like one in his mid sixties. He had a grin that expressed how grateful he was, his pure Hazel iris glimmering in
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Chapter 10
Bella raced breathlessly across a street of Covington. She screamed but to no avail. The night was dark and unusually silent. Her trotting steps weren't the only one heard in the serene night, there were others too. A monster chasing after her vehemently. Threatening growls from unprecedented angles and a blooming fog that encircled the entirety of the street. She couldn't phantom where to escape, all she kept on doing was running. On impulse. Her strengths gradually faded and her quickened steps relatively reduced. From a fierce runner to a staggering lady about to collapse from breath loss. The growl sounded closer with every second that came by neither did the fog disappear. She knew death was looming around the corner but her legs were failing her. Unable to demonstrate her willpower. With every forced step she picked, dizziness dawned and her breathlessness increased the burning pain in her chest. "Help!" She screamed in an extremely stressed tone. Except her voice only protruded
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