The Prison

The Prison

By:  baoxian23  Ongoing
Language: English
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Book 2 of THE ARENA! "Rule or be ruled." People should know that there is a great difference between a leader and a follower. Inside the prison, the weak must perish. Featured on CANDY MAGAZINE ARTICLE. There's only one way to survive inside the prison, fight. Declan must find a way out or else he's gonna end up cold in the ground.Book 2 of 'THE ARENA'

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107 Chapters
Chapter 0 (Yet Another Beginning)
I think I found the culprit....... I could have said no when he asked me to do the damn thing, but the nagging voice at the back of my head that thirsts for adventure made me say 
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Chapter 1
But think twice, that's my only advice....... Shit! That was the umpteenth time I fell on the metal floor of the vehicle. Both hands and feet shackled, connected by heavy ch
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Chapter 2
Prisoner two-zero-zero-one...... "As long as you're here, you are no Declan Oliver, you would be referred as Prisoner two-zero-zero-one. Do you
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Chapter 3
You did't kill two hundred. ...... The ear-piercing sound continued for a good sixty seconds before it transformed into a tingling at the back of my head. I got the slightest urge to find the device where it was coming and smash it to pieces. Everything inside the place was getting on my nerves, even the persons in it. I had to contain the great need to kill everyone that my eyes set on.
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Chapter 4
And, what makes you think I take no as an answer?......You always remember the first time. That's what they say about sex, right? It would always be your reference till your last. It sets how high your bar of expectations would be. And that notion made me realize how it so much relates to killing a person. Take me as an example, I would never forget the feeling of taking someone's last breath; how they convulsed under my grip as life slowly drags away. The somehow euphoric feeling that comes with it. But even now, with all the nightmares forever etched in my brain. I'm still in denial, there would always be a part of my being that would never accept the reality of me becoming a murderer.I groaned in frustrations, I had been trying the hardest to fall asleep but it wouldn't grace me.I tucked away my hands behind my head as I fixed myself in the springy mattress, trying hard not to make unnecessary noises and wake up the other occupants of the small room. It was hard though. Sighing,
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Chapter 5
Officer! I'm just teaching this man a lesson.......No one could possibly stop me; I was hyped for blood. The man grunted, nursing a bloody nose. "What do you think you've done? You ruined my nose! It's broken!" he shouted, infuriated at the least.
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Chapter 6
So, they won't take no as an answer?...... Pain is just another lie created by the brain to trick us, controlling our movements, declaring boundaries without our knowledge. Making us feel weak.
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Chapter 7
What is your biggest fear?...... A loud banging stirred me into wakefulness. I slowly peered to the open door then traveled to the officer holding a blinding light to my face. In an instant, I covered my eyes with both hands. The light was put away in response, "Morning sunshine! Have you cleared your head boy
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Chapter 8
Trust me, kid, you don't want to be part of their stupid game.......Silence eats people to the core, drives them crazy, slowly rots them from the inside until it was too late for them to be salvaged. It’s a terror unknown to most. And to me, it was my very weakness.I always hated that
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Chapter 9
Then, you must be wishing for your untimely death.......Sometimes instead of facing the truth, we turn a blind eye just because we fear the inevitable. Because in reality, running is always the easiest way out."Games, what the hell are you telling man?" I asked, keeping a d
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