Maria (A Mafia Romance)

Maria (A Mafia Romance)

By:  MissAshleighDre  Completed
Language: English
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Meet María! María lives anything but an average life. Living on her family estate with four Mafia bosses,Dangerous men if you come to cross them. Two of the men being María's older brothers, Lorenzo and Diego. The other Two men, Marcel and Lucien. Lucien being the man she has a past with, Although they are not in a romantic relationship anymore he is still very involved in her and makes it his business to place himself directly in the middle of her love affairs. Watch María's life go from crazy to insane very quickly as Lucien goes overboard with his possessiveness, Claiming her as only his in a way that no one would have ever expected. How will María deal with the cards that she has been dealt? Will she be able to still love Lucien after his actions?Will they survive this battle of love? And the battles with the enemy still to come their way? *Copyright 2020 All rights reserved for the author MissAshleighDre. This book or any portion there of may not be reproduced or used in any manner what so ever without the express written permission of the author, except for the use of brief quotations in a book review. Copyright 2020* A quick Thankyou to my sister,Nicole for being the model for the cover of Maria. You look amazing! Book complete

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      I groaned, leaning back in my chair with a relaxing sigh, my eyes strained to shut on their own will as I looked up at the silver chandelier and plane white ceiling.   A shiver climbed its way up my parted thighs, my black stiletto heels slipping against the surface of my desk they had rested upon. I dug my heels in deeper in an attempt at keeping my quivering legs at bay.    With refusal to close my eyes my gaze fell to the heavy rise and fall of my chest beneath the low-cut black blouse I had decided to wear today. It matched the black mini skirt that was slowly rising above my thighs.   I hissed, my breath becoming caught as I felt an unfamiliar tingle down below. A breathless moan escaping my lips without my permission. I help my lips shut tight to stay quiet, I was only loud enough for us in the room to be able to hear.    Shaken sobs of a feminine cry fi
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    This side of Lucien is something I was very afraid of, something that shook me to my core. With Lucien's threat James bolted up right, scrambling to his feet with a b-line for the door, grabbing the arm of his girlfriend and pulling her with him as they made their way out of my office.   My heart sunk in my chest. They had left me alone with a fuming Lucien. Read more
    I shivered at his deep husky voice that somehow still made an appearance even in a whisper. How is it that I still have butterflies at his touch? How is that possible?  How is it possible for me to still feel anything for this man standing in front of me when he is behaving in such a way? So impulsive.    Even in a time like this, when he's so intimidating and threatening I still manage to care for him. I still Love him and that scared the living hell out of me.    With Lucien's last words he let go of my arms, turning swiftly on his heels as he stormed out of the room without so much as a single glance back at me.   The door slammed shut and I shakily slid down the wall to the floor not having the strength to to hold myself up any longer nor hold back my tears as I broke. I had no strength, I was in fact weak as my tears freely flowed and my sobs escaped loudly.    What h
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    With three smooth steps Lucien closed the small distance between us. I stood my ground, my neck straightening as I looked up at him. With a soft press of his thumb, he slowly glided his soft touch down the length of my jaw as he took a hold of my chin between his thumb and finger, tilting my head and ever so gently guiding my eyes to his.   I wasn’t sure if his actions were meant to be seductive but yet still, they enticed this need and almost drowsy like reaction from me.   "I like seeing you blush, especially if I'm the one who causes it" He spoke softly looking down at me. he was fully aware of his effect on me and damn did he know how to the play with it. But thank the lords from the heavens above because before I had the time to respond, not even sure that I would have been able to, I heard the commotion of the other three behind me as they not so subtly jogged down the stairs.    "Mor
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    I watched as she displayed her affection towards James, rubbing his arm and placing a kiss to his cheek before making her way towards the table that the other women were occupying.   "Hey María" James greeted with a genuine smile. All it took was that simple greeting to turn each of the three women’s heads to our direction, not even one of them trying to hide the fact that they were watching and listening.   I rolled my eyes at them, pouring myself a glass of the apple juice I had taken from the refrigerator. I was over it. What could I do? It was the same thing every day, day in and day out! Maybe one day it wouldn’t bother me as much as I let it now.   "Let me guess, you will be my bodyguard for the meeting?" I bemused, but my voice was my betrayal as I really was not pleased with the idea. Don’t get me wrong James was actually a really nice guy, but to have someone follow you around against your will
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      The room was huge, there were probably around fifty to seventy members already inside, but we could possibly fit another hundred or so men in here. The tables and chairs were pushed to the sides as the men gathered directly in the centre of the room. I say men because I was literally the only female in this room right now.   Roaming my eyes over the crowd I searched the room for any sign of the Garcia’s or my brothers. I strained my neck and leaned forward on the tips of my toes, it was extremely hard for a woman of a petite size like mine to see past the sea of many tall men but eventually My eyes landed on Lucien’s, a smile flicking at the corners of his lips. Relief washed over me at the site of him, he was unknowingly my comfort blanket and if there was any time that I had needed one it would be now. I made my way over to him, James clearing and guiding me through the crowd of men, I was not ashamed to admit that I would never suc
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    “Now take a fucking seat” I ground through my teeth. This time she didn't disobey quickly placing her ass to the chair with a whimper.   This whole time James just looked dazed at the situation that was playing out in front of him, and I’m sure he was thinking of me as the crazy bitch he hates to protect. That thought wiped from my mind as I watched a small smirk tug at the corner of his lips and now, I was the one wondering if he was crazy. I turned my gun on him, the smirk dropping from his face as he covered it with a bite to his bottom lip.   "You" I spoke as seductively as I could possibly muster up with the bucket of nerves I was beginning to feel.    “Come here" I demanded Sitting down behind my desk and motioning for him to come to me. He bit his cheek in what looked to be an attempt in hiding his smile, I don’t know why but he was enjoying this way more than he should.
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    "Yo you alright man?" Diego asked patting my shoulder to snap me out of my thoughts. Throughout the meeting María looked sad, Distracted even. Read more
    María pull at her arm, trying to pull it from my tight hold.  With no success it angered her as I watched her screw her face up Read more
    María's pov-  I slid my back down the wall, my knees collapsing beneath me, My tears uncontrollably streaming down my face.  Read more Protection Status