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Jamie woke up her head spinning, she was so groggy because of the ammonia that was used on her a while ago... "OMG! Where am I?" she recalled that she was about to go inside her hotel room when she... My God! Jamie can't continue what she wanna say. SHE WAS KIDNAPPED! She panicked when she roamed her eyes around to see that she was in a luxury cabin... Is this some kind of kidnap for ransom? How can they do this to me! I'm not born with a silver spoon, For Godsake! And I was alone in life...Who will come and save me? Wait! Is this kidnapping for ransom? How come I'm not in an abandoned warehouse... Instead, I was lying comfortably in a cabin. This is Mr. Francis Ribbs's plan! Jamie's instinct works immediately and the only person she thinks who has the ability is Mr. RIBBS! But she shakes her head trying to come up with a more reasonable explanation as to why he did this while a while ago he treated her as air... "Hmph! Who did this to me? Diane, Guys! Are you there? Dame? Where are you?" Feeling helpless and dizzy she found a mini living room and seat. She rest herself waiting for the man to appear in front of her.

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71 chapters
Chapter 1: The first meetings...
Jamie POV In this life, people say that dreaming is for those who have everything. For those who are provided with everything they want. And what is exactly for the people who live a simple life like me? I’m Jamie Lyn Langford from the small town of Beacon, NY. Yeah! They say that our place is a haven for artists, artisans, chefs, and environmentalists. But who cares?! Jamie lives her life for what she needs to be... She is a carefree person, a loner, and living a simple life. She believes that living on her own is better than living with her relatives. That’s right! She's an orphan, with no parents as they are already passed away. Her father died because of a stroke when she was in grade 6, and her mother died when she was in her third year of high school. Well, she can say that even if they are not here physically they're still engraved in her heart. Living alone is hard and she needs to accept it. That’s what God gave her and she should live with it! Well, that’s what molds her
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Chapter 2: The connections...
Francis POV As the business meeting is done with the Williams Group, Franz decided to go home. He was driving as he recalls his coincidental meeting with that girl called Jamie. It gives him the feeling of longing for an affair. A feeling to be loved by her. Franz can't explain those things, all that he knows is that he started to feel incomplete meeting her is not a good idea... It's a reminder of his dark past with his wife Kiara, the time he was once very in love until the day come that he doesn’t even know what to believe anymore. All of the things just come eroded and became the memories of the past now. He never wants to have a relationship to be failed in return because he put all his efforts in all of that relationship but Kiara didn’t realize that, she never cared about me or even our kids anyway. He was the one investing in that relationship, and it's sad to admit that It's a one-sided love. Only now does France realize that he was too overwhelmed with the relationship bu
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Chapter 3 : The trip....
Jamie POV Jamie wake up early to prepare what she need for the trip, Diane called me last night to be sure she take the leave from my work. “Just want to be sure you do as you say last night…” she said… And look at her, she got her happiest look ever. “What’s that look? I promise to come so I did what I had to do but please Diane never mention to Damien about this trip!” Jamie saw how her smile changed and by the look of it, Damien already knows… "I’m sorry babe… John already told him!” Jam feels so disappointed to hear that she is going to be bothered about the entire trip. And she needed to persevere. "I’m going to strangle you, babe! You don’t follow what you said to be the last time again… You promise me! I was not the one who told him you know… Its john,” “You should tell him what I told you…” “There’s nothing wrong with him tagging along with us…” “You can say that because your not the one who will be bothered!” I said as acted as if I’m going to cry. I was just putting m
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Chapter 4: Love Blooms...
I didn’t expect the sudden dizziness I felt when I smell the ammonia in his handkerchief. All of my awareness had been blocked out. And I fainted.Francis POVThe day that I was taking a nap at my house after going back from Beacon and learn about Jamie.I called Williams for updates about her and I learn that she will be having a vacation here.But the thing I got jealous of is that she travels with a man, I know she’s with her best friend, but after everything, I experience about the relationship I’ve been very territorial especially for what is mine.Yes, I want her to be mine… That’s why I planned of getting to be close to her. I need to get her at my place for us to know each other, the way she looked at me a while ago she is angry at me.If I didn’t do this we will never have the chance. This moves ruined my image of her but who cares, I don’t want to lose her.Since the first time I laid my eyes on her, I already felt something from my heart.Until I got the report about her it
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Chapter 5: A moment to remember...
Jamie POVAs I go outside and found him standing outside with his back on me. I admire his feature first. He's the man that I dreamed about…The way he stands is overflowing with confidence, authority, and bossy character.I ask myself, am I ready to gamble? This man is a good catch not just in his status in life but his feature alone is catchy…"I hmmm!…” Myself, for him to acknowledge my presence.He looked at me in the eye and I was like a lost puppy that I don’t know what to do…This man has a big impact on my body…“Darn!” I warn myself you like a grade 3 Jamie…Starting to be with your crush huh! I was as a teenager, it's so embarrassing…“Are you ready?” As I approach him he looked at me…“You look stunning love!” he said. I wore a maxi dress that suited my fair skin, I paired with string sandals.“ Found it at the cabin, It suits me very well… How do you know my size?" I said as I tested him…“Nope! Not at all..”He said, " I bought that especially for you” and I can’t say any
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Chapter 6: A day to be with him...
Jamie POVI wake up with my body so sore and hurt that I feel like I went hiking on Mount Everest but I need to go to the bathroom to clean up.I saw him still sleeping beside me his hand hugging along my stomach. I was about to stand up but he pulled me from his body and locked me in his arms…“Where are you going?” he says with his voice so husky because of sleeping…“I’m going to wash up!” I told him as I was trying to stand up… I forgot were both nude at that time, I saw him smirking as my fair back exposed to him.“Do you need help, love?” He told me.I look at him and said “No… I can do it myself…” I hold the quilt to wrap it on my body and saw him naked lying in the bed, I pulled the pillow I used and throw it to him.“ You pervert! Cover yourself!” I told him as I feel my face so red, because of him being shameless.I smiled at myself because of that embarrassment I felt.It's not bad after all his body is perfect, with his biceps in its place. I can see that even if he'sss bus
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Chapter 7: Changes
As we are on the dock Francis talks to me as if I was the best thing that happens to him. We are near the resorts that he says…As we approach our destination, he said one thing that caught my attention and I turned around to look at him. He said “Do you trust me on this? I was “……” I can’t say anything, all I want now is to take whatever Diane might give me, the time that I disappear without further notice to them. I know she’s worried now to death… He comes near me and holds my hands… “ Love was on this together. Remember that, whatever happens, you can lean on me…” His assurance makes me quite relieved… The night that I gave myself to him was the best night that happens in my life… I will never regret it, I hug him and we walk holding hands back to the seashore where his resort was… As we approach the hotel it was named Hotel Ribbs Pacific Height that was located near downtown San Francisco, It’s a no.1 Top Hotel in the Fisherman Warf. We are walking when a man approaches Fr
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Chapter 8: Sort things out..
Jamie POV We already arrived at the Presidential Suite of the hotel when I get a chance to talk about our conversation on the elevator a while ago. “I’m sorry about that… I shouldn’t be the one to open about that. “ He looks at me and I was so conscious the way he stares at me as if he was about to swallow the whole out of me. I freak out… “What the hell! Stop that will you…. Stop staring…” I told him, his stares, the way he looked at me was the way he uses to make a silent conversation on me… And it touches my heart, some say eyes are the window of our soul and I believe in that sayings… It feels like our heart communicates when he does that, and I find it amusing… He was never a nagging guy just like Damien. Is it because of the age gap between the two gentlemen? Or either he was more matured and his understanding is more broaden than Damien. But he has a dominating and possessive side but it's tolerable. He gives the feeling of security. I turn around and went to the window and
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Chapter 9: Making memories with friends...
It take a minute when I was done taking a bath, I found him on the balcony talking on his phone, this man is busy… I told myself and smile, I hmmm myself for him to acknowledge my presence behind him, and I was right… He turns around to look at me and he smile. This man is catchy, he is more handsome when he smiles and I was like “….” He stretches his other hand a sign to go near him… I just wink at him to tease him and turn around to go to the bedroom to get ready. I choose a two-piece swimsuit and top it with a summer dress and my usual slipper… I looked at myself in the mirror I reminisce since the first met and encounter with him I realize since he came to into my life my clear doe eyes are twinkling like stars, he made my dull life more exciting and livelier… And I can say he changed me into being a dauntless girl now than the ever skittish girl I was back then… I can say from nuisance to bright girl, in short, he makes me see the better me… Would things change when we face pro
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Chapter 10: True Colors...
Jamie POV After were done with our dinner we decided to go to the seashore to be refresh and to unwind at the same time. Diane got tipsy with the wine that we drink for dinner and she became more active than a while ago. Maybe she is taking advantage of being single. She is laughing but I know deep down she hasn’t overcome the breakup it's just been 5 hours ago so my friend is finding a way to forget what happened. And I’m so sad because I can see she is trying to hide her pain. Why John did this to her? I was thinking because right now I can’t say against John, I haven’t heard his side yet… I want to help them settle their issue but even I didn’t know where to start. Only they can fix their issues… I Don’t want Diane to suffer, as I see her struggling with her pain I’m also breaking inside. I tried to accompany him as much as possible. We didn’t finish the wine a while ago but she urges Franz and Nate to just buy the whole bottle and she takes it with us, she is drinking while we ar
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