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"You're a woman. Where's your brother? I would like to talk to him." She rolled her eyes, raising her pistol at him, fear crossed his hazel eyes. "Being a woman doesn't make this gun any less deadly. So if I were you, I would watch what I say because, to me, your life means nothing," Natalia told him firmly. "I'll ask you one more time and think about your answer because my patience is running thin. Where is my money?" "I don't have it!" She aimed the pistol to his right leg, pulling the trigger, the silencer made sure no one could hear the shot only his screams. "Where is the money, Michael?" - She is a drug He wants to taste One drop of her Is all it takes To have you addicted Where ever she goes Death follows But he didn't care Since he knew He'd die for her She is fire He'd touch Despite the heat She is a killer But so is he. This woman was both the devil and an angel. -

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75 Chapters
Sneak Peek
If you have any questions ask me. Enjoy! -Sneak Peek- "You want me to kiss you, don't you?" he asked and she nodded not trusting her voice, he leaned forward kissing her slowly, but the kiss soon moved from soft and sweet, to passionate and needy as his tongue moved into her mouth, causing a pull in her core everything around them going blank. She wrapped her hands around his neck moaning, his member pressing into her, she allowed one of her hands to fall from his neck going to his member stroking him through the fabric of his pants. He grabbed both her hands putting them behind her making her back arch involuntary. No words were said but as the mood shifted around them they silently agreed to not
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Chapter 1: Gaze & Event
- Chapter 1: Gaze & Event - Natalia's P.O.V I reloaded my gun, pointing it at my cardboard target. When I applied pressure to the trigger, a bullet travel through the barrel of the gun hitting my target right between its eyes. As I was about to take another shot, the door to the Shooting Range opened. On instinct I swiftly turned around, aiming my gun at the intruder. The 'intruder' was my older brother, Andrey. "It's just me." He announced. I lowered my gun even though I wouldn't mind making him my next target. "What do you want?" I inquired while slipping my gun into my bag, "Папа wants to see us." I immediately felt drained from the conversation that hadn't even happened yet. (Папа - Dad) "Did he say why he wants to see us?" Andrey shook his head as I handed him my bag, walking past him. "Are you aware I'm not your maid?" I shrugged. 
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Chapter 2: Spilled & Mafia Women
- Chapter 2: Spilled & Mafia Women - Natalia's P.O.V I walked towards the waiter who wasn't too far from me, tapping on his shoulder I gained his attention as he turned to me, I could see the fear creeping up on his face the minute he realized who it was. "A—I—Hi." He began but never got to finish since I decided not to give him the time of day when I took two glasses of red wine, ready to go back to my table. Though it seemed like the universe had different plans for me since the second I turned around I was greeted by a strong chest which caused some of
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Chapter 3: Introductions & Explosions
- Chapter 3: Introductions & Explosions - Natalia's P.O.V I let out a breath of relief when the music came to a stop. My brother and David came back to the table taking a seat while my eyes went to my parents as they made their way to the man who made my wine spill. I was surprised when they started a conversation which made my interest grow about the mysterious man, what could my parents possible be talking about with him? Whatever the topic was, it certainly didn't catch his attention like I did as he would look at me every few seconds. Something he said seemed to have my parents looking at me, I knew it was probably nothing good as it didn't take much time for them to make their way over
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Chapter 4: Stares & Guests
- Chapter 4: Stares & Guests - "Natalia, get up our guests are about to arrive." Natalia sighed annoyed when she heard her mother's voice. "Just give me 5 more years." When her mother didn't respond she fell asleep once again. Suddenly she heard a door open which was soon followed by a gunshot this made Natalia jump close to the edge of her Queen size bed to avoid being hurt in her mother's antics. "What the hell! Don't you think that's a bit much?" She asked tiredly as she opened her eyes letting out a yawn. "Good you'r
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Chapter 5: Like & Hell
- Chapter 5: Like & Hell - Natalia's P.O.V When I entered the dining room again, I took a seat ready to finish my food which was probably the only thing I enjoyed about living here. "Where's Alessandro?" The woman who came with him inquired sounding worried which told me she was still very wary of us, but who could blame her? My family was known to be feared throughout the entire mafia world. I leaned back in my seat, "He's using the restroom. He told me he knew the way back, so I left." I explained while partly lying at
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Chapter 6: One Week & Any better
- Chapter 6: One Week & Any better - Natalia's P.O.V I walked towards Alessia's room with Alessandro, who was very quiet on the journey as something seemed to be on his mind. When we stopped in front of the room I had placed her in, I carefully opened the door allowing him to see his sleeping sister. "See she's still alive." He closed the door nodding. "Sadly she is. Do you have any idea where my room is?" "You can take the vacant one down the hall to the left," I told him which earned a smile. "Do you mind showing me?" I nodded.
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Chapter 7: Tequila Neat & Letter
- Chapter 7: Tequila Neat & Letter - Natalia's P.O.V I took a seat around the bar with Alessandro as we waited for James to come off his phone so he could take our order. "Isn't it too early in the morning to be drinking?" He asked me. "You sound like my mother," I replied just as James approached us. "Sorry for the wait. What can I get you today, Natalia? "2 tequilas. Neat." The bartender immediately made the drinks giving Alessandro the chance to speak again. "Why tequila neat? Why not the on rocks?"
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Chapter 8: Past Memories & His Stare
- Chapter 8: Past Memories & His Stare - Flashback 1 year ago "Hey call me back when you get this," Natalia said before she hung up. She sighed, that was the fourth time she called her boyfriend, Ryan. After a few minutes with no text or calls from him. She decided to check on him seeing as his house was not far from hers. She walked downstairs where she saw her moth
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Chapter 9: Alcohol & Poison
- Chapter 9: Alcohol & Poison - Alessandro and I talked for a while which distracted me from my screaming hunger. Luckily the door slowly opened. I silently hoped it was the last guest because I knew if I had to wait any longer I wouldn't be able to stop myself from eating. "Sorry, I'm late." I instantly glared at the person who entered. "Ryan, It's no problem dear. Take a seat so we can start dinner," My mother said with a smile while doing her best to avoid my glare. Ryan immediately made his way over to me as he wor
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