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Zoe was once a normal girl, daughter of a wealthy businessman she's never wanted for anything in her life. That all changed on one fated night! When navy seal Aiden Taylor finds a stowaway on his yacht will he be the one to save her? Is there more to the Taylor brothers than first meets the eye?

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58 Chapters
                               Chapter one    The Stowaway. Chapter one. Zoe's point of view.   Zipping up the figure-hugging black dress, I slip on my shoes and fix my lippy in my full-length mirror. Damn, I look good! Tonight it's my twenty-first birthday party, Daddy has arranged for a massive party, all my family and friends plus many of daddy's business associates have all been invited.   One last check in the mirror and I head out the door, My father and my big brother are waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs.   He smiles when he sees me. "You look beautiful Princess so grown-up." He says as he takes
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Stowaway.Chapter two.Zoe's point of viewOf course, the door is locked what else did I expect; I make my way over to the window opening it wide, I lean out and look around it's hopeless there's no way out I'm trapped in here.Dropping down on the bed I can't help the tears, how am I going to get out of this there's no way im going to marry Austin Rutherford that's for sure, they can't force me to say wedding vows, can they.I have no idea how long I've been laying there looking at the ceiling my tears have stopped now, my face blotchy and red getting up I make my way into the bathroom thankful there's a lock on the door, stripping off my clothes I turn the shower on before stepping inside the bathroom is full of ladies toiletries, everything I could possibly need. Makes me feel as though they have been planning this for a long time.I step out of the shower and dry my
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Stowaway chapter threeZoe's point of view.The rest of the week passes in a blur; My face is all over the news, apparently im the one who tamed Austin Rutherford. Lucky me, yeah!!!I'm sick of this circus show now, every night I have to go out hair and makeup done wearing designer clothes, and everywhere we go the press are there jumping out to take a picture, Austin plays the doting fiance holding my hand, kissing me when he's knows were being watched. I feel sick when he kisses me, but I've played the part of the perfect fiancee when all I really want to do his break his fucking nose.I'm very thankful that Austin hasn't tried anything else since that night, but I've made sure to take my clothes into the bathroom with me. I will never put myself in that situation again especially where Mr Rutherford senior is concerned; If I thought, Austin was a sleaze bag he's got nothing comp
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Stowaway chapter fourZoe's point of view.The dress is pulling me under.The heavy material of the sequined dress soaks up the water like a sponge, weighing me down like a lead brick, I try desperately to unwrap the heavy dress from my body, my lungs feel as though they're going to burst as I hold in the precious air for as long as I possibly can.The heavy material finally slips free of my body.My head is pounding, my lungs screaming for oxygen as I release the last of the air. I keep fighting until I feel like my head is about to explode, I have to hold my breath, I try so hard, but the need for oxygen takes overtake me as I gulp in the salty water, The water creeps in around me, filling me with a deep dread, black splotches dance in front of my eyes, as the Icy cold I  had felt upon entering the water was completely gone the desperation overcomes me as Panic begins to set in. The black spo
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Stowaway.Chapter five.Aiden's point of view.I look down at our beautiful boat the Mary Jane; we named her after our precious Grandmother when I say our I mean myself and my three brothers, Noah, Jack and Carter. The Taylor brothers. We've spent hour after hour painstakingly restoring our beautiful Mary Jane back to its original glory, well apart from the few modern features we've installed, mostly the modern kitchen and the power shower in the bathroom. I mean we're all big guys and the tiny cubicle that was in there before it just didn't work.Oh yeah, there's also the powerful engine we added we like to sail when we can, but it's always good to have a backup.We also fitted a large bed in the main bedroom and the other two rooms we added bunks, my brother's hand made them so there slightly more significant than a standard sized bed, but it works we have so much more room now.
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                                Stowaway                               chapter six                      Aiden's point of view I frown as Noah, shuts the door behind him; shaking my head, I have no idea why he called me baby, I look down at the beautiful blonde woman in my arms as I hold the glass of water to her lips.I whisper to her,"Come on sweetheart I need you to swallow the pills we need to get your temperature down, If you can't swallow them then we will have to get the lifeguards to take you off the boat and to the nearest hospital, do you understand me?"She nods her head weakly as her beautiful blue eyes flutter open, she manages t
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                           Stowaway                         chapter seven                     Zoe's point of view.I try to open my eyes, but everything hurts, my head hurts, my throat hurts and my limbs hurt.Fuck what happened I think to my self as I try to lift my arms, realising something is weighing it down, with a groan I eventually pry my eyes open as the sunlight hits me. I turn my head to the side a half scream leaving my dry throat as I pull my hand away from the man who's holding it.He groans as he opens his eyes, and I find myself looking into the most mesmerising green eyes I've ever seen in my life. I scoot away from him as he blinks looking at me before he says, in a deep m
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                                Stowaway                             chapter eight                        Aiden's point of view Noah asks me to help him prepare some food giving me a look as he asks, I know this has nothing to do with food he wants to see if I've found out anything about our little mystery stowaway,  I nod my head as I follow him into the kitchen area softly closing the door behind us, he instantly turns to me and asks."Did you find anything out?"I run my hand over my stubble trying to control my anger my emotions running wild after everything she just told me before I reply."James Rutherford threatened her
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                 Stowaway.Chapter nine. Aiden's point of view I hold her in my arms as we look into each other's eyes. Knowing  I will do whatever it takes to keep Zoe Mathers safe, and if that means taking down Austin Rutherford and his father, then that's what I will do.We reluctantly pull away from each other my arms feeling instantly empty; it's like she's filled this gap that I never knew existed.I whisper to her "let me help you, Zoe? I can keep you safe."She smiles up at me with those beautiful baby blues as she says."It's too dangerous when you dock the boat I'll get off, I have jewellery I can sell to get me started somewhere."I sigh the thought of Zoe leaving me fills me with instant dread. I pull her back into
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Stowaway.Chapter ten.Zoe's point of view I must have fallen asleep in Aiden's arms, after promising him I would stay on board. I'm so frightened right now, Aiden and his brothers are good people, and I don't want to put them in any danger.Aiden tried his best to reassure me, making me promise to meet with his father after the weekend he said to me"My father is more powerful than James Rutherford could ever dream of."My last thoughts before I drift back off to sleep.Maybe there is a way out of this; I really don't want to spend the rest of my life running away from Austin Rutherford and his father.I wake up in the afternoon with the soft sea breeze blowing through the curtains, making my way over to the window I peep outside, the sun is bright, and the boys are laughing on the deck. I pull the t-shirt down my body before wearily making my way o
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