Madam Billionaire

Madam Billionaire

By:  Cassandra Davy  Completed
Language: English
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I needed this. I need to let go. She thought as she tried to justify her sexual feelings towards the sexy beast tangled to her body. "Stop me..." Matteo whispered harshly in her ear, but she was moaning to his kisses and was letting him take off her dress as he lay her down to the bed. He groaned when he saw her slender body which strangely aroused him more than those voluptuous stripper bodies that he had grown accustomed to. "Amara, baby..." ***** She's the daughter of one of the most influential families in the world. She grew up as one of the richest trust fund kids, and she lives a very lavish and luxurious lifestyle. But what people didn't know was the truth of her bloodline. She's the love child, of one of the richest men in the world. She was daddy's little princess. All three of her biological brothers, the true heir of her father's wealth hated her. His wife, her fake mom despised her, never acknowledge her existence unless it was for social occasions. ...... This is a story about the richest, deception, love, humor, hate, heartbreak, and all the drama you can fit into a book. Follow me, find out who's the lucky guy who gets to live his ever after with our madame billionaire. And for all of you who has been stalking on our townies... Take a wild guess, who knows, you might be right ....... *Warning! R-Rated for 18+ due to strong, explicit language and sexual content*

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43 Chapters
This book is a stand alone, but you will get the flow of the story better by reading "The Bratty Heiress" before this one. Oh's chapter one. Very excited! okay typer author, let's start this journey. Right... so, first of all, I'd like to welcome all of our loyal and lusty readers out there. This book will obviously be different, since I, Olga will narrate the story. I'll keep it sexy and entertaining for you to enjoy. Second, there won't be any chapter tittle... haha... so you have to read each one of the chapters and can't be a cheater for skipping to the steamy parts. But trust me it'll be worth it! let the story build up so when Steamy McSteamy starts to strip naked, you will feel all the hotness which will get your toes curling and your fingers scrolling your screen back and forth. Pheww... did that get you hooked already? nope? okay, bear with me as I tell you a story about our Madam Billionaire. A story s
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Did you know that our spoiled Amara would go far and beyond for her loved ones? We had just finished getting our massages and were having our drinks overlooking the beautiful scenery of the snow-covered mountainous landscape when her daddy dearest called. "... Austria dad, yeah sure I'll tell Peter to arrange everything for our return. Yes, I'm with Olga..."And just like that our getaway was done. She has always been daddy's little princess. I've known her for years, she would abandon her class every time her dad arrives early for their scheduled father-daughter weekly lunch date. She would know how to excused herself out of the class without offending her professors. Though I'd say it was her dad's very generous donation that had made the faculty ignore her behavior. But her grades were good, I'd say better than her lazy ass brothers who also went to the same university.
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One year later..."Amara, baby, I love you.""Me too, but we can't, not here baby..."
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"Amara, he's on the line again. And these bouquets of flowers just won't stop coming! I'm getting scared, okay... I seriously think you have a very rich stalker on your ass!"Amara just laughed on the other line, telling Peter to be a man, and forward all of her incoming calls to her mobile. It has been three days and he was either smitten by her or just wouldn't take no as an answer.
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"Damn... you still haven't got laid haven't you?"She was deep in her work, flipping pages and scribbling her gold Montblanc pen on her trusty yellow pad."Peter shut it. I'm having a breakthrough. We might have a plan on how to stop the worker..."
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They arrived at his place in less than an hour. He was sexually charged, she was sexually hungry. Both were feeling the tension but were keeping their frustration down until it all blows up behind his doors."You want to drink?""Seriously? I've spent hours on these and you're asking me if..." s
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"I'm definitely liking what I'm seeing..."Peter greeted her with a steaming hot cup of coffee as she was looking dead tired from the lack of sleep that she had last night."I don't even know why I'm at the office already. I'm so far..."
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"You know you're making me lose money on your lease right?" he asked as he stepped into her luxurious penthouse."I know and you're about to lose more than your money right now. Let's start with your shirt, I want to see what you're wearing tonight."*****
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A couple of months later..."Amara, baby, I love you.""Me too, but we can't, not here baby..."
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"Amara honey, wake up...""Peter, tell me I've just woken up from a dreadful nightmare?" Amara asked as she felt the warm swell of her eyes."Oh...boss, I wish it was my nightmare. I truly do. But Rick and your father's lawyer Bradley is here, they have some issues that they would like to discus
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