The Assassin's Mate

The Assassin's Mate

By:  H. Linton  Completed
Language: English
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**** BOOK 1 OF THE ASSASSIN SERIES**** Selene never wanted a mate, even her wolf agreed that her destiny lay with the assassin's guild. Her work was blessed by the Goddess. Sent by the King to eliminate a threat to the kingdom, the haze drives her to make a fatal mistake. Her target is none other than her fated mate. Alpha Lucas had turned down the King's proposal to wed his daughter. The king was after his land, but Lucas just wanted a true mate. He found her in the darkness, her intent clear before the haze took them and forced the mate bond into completion, but can she overcome the lies whispered by her King and give in to the bond, or will her obsession with duty end them both?

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86 Chapters
Chapter 1
SeleneI kept my eyes on the ground as we were led into the large hall. There were a half dozen of us chained together at our ankles, all dressed in under bust corsets that pushed our exposed breasts high and thin material fashioned around our waist as a skirt that exposed just a hint of our most sensitive parts. We were the product, the wolves that filled the room the consumer. I risked a quick glance around and saw a raised platform where my target sat.            He had a dangerous aura about him and looks that would turn any woman to putty. I felt a slickness between my thighs as we were led closer to the table. My body responded to the power and appeal of a literal ‘bad boy’. I knew I wanted to fuck him before I killed him, I held no moral qualms abo
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Chapter 2
“Selene! If you’re not down here in ten minutes, I’m coming up with a bucket of cold water!” I heard my mother yell.            I groaned and pulled myself from the bed. Today was my birthday and she couldn’t even let me sleep in this once. I knew she was excited because my birthday lined up with the full moon that signaled the monthly haze werewolves experienced. With all of the wolves of age becoming out of their mind with the need to procreate, my chances of finding a mate were higher than usual. I didn’t mind the thought of being driven to have sex, but under no uncertain terms did I want a mate.            Read more
Chapter 3
LucasI shook my head, clearing away the image of the enraged King’s face. I had turned down his offer to marry his daughter in exchange for my pack lands being brought under his rule. My pack had thrived just outside of the kingdom’s border, quickly becoming one of the strongest in existence. We didn’t need a King’s protection and I didn’t want a chosen mate; I wanted the one the moon goddess had created just for me.            “Zane, make sure things are set for us to shift our business interests elsewhere.” I told my Beta. “I expect the King will hit us with an embargo and border closures.”      
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Chapter 4
Selene            I gently untangled myself from the arms of the man in my bed and rolled over to check my phone. I had a coded message from the guild. ‘Meeting scheduled for 3’, read the message on my screen. We had a new target. I had worked hard over the last five years, moving up in the ranks, making my way toward the position most coveted. A few more successful hits and I would be named guard to the Priestesses.I let my eyes wander over the man in my bed, debating if I had time for another romp or if I should send him home. I sighed as I thought back to the pleasure he had brought me during the night. He was a man who enjoyed taking his time, he would have to go rather than enjoy another round in the sack
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Chapter 5
I needed information and a way in. If the Alpha wasn’t staying in his own home, odds were he would be at the pack house. My best shot at getting to him was to find a warrior to take me home. I quickly searched through my toolkit for the truth serum we carried when we needed a subtle way to gain information. I tucked it into my handbag before securing a vial of pheromones that would send any unmated male panting after me into my bra. Satisfied the vials were secure, I slipped into my tightest little black dress and heels. A quick glance at myself in the mirror told me I looked like sex on legs.            I made my way downtown, looking for any bar that had the tale-tell signs of bei
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Chapter 6
I snuck into the Alpha’s house late afternoon, the day following my encounter with the pack warrior. I wasn’t certain of the hours he kept, but I suspected like other pack Alpha’s, he would work at the packhouse until at least dinner time. As the sun began to set, I realized I hadn’t been keeping track of the lunar cycles. It was the night of the full moon, that meant the haze would hit anytime after the moon rose. ‘No matter.’ Raina murmured in my mind. ‘Just means we can have a little tryst with the big bad Alpha before we complete our task.’            The sun had fully set by the time the Alpha arrived home. I pressed myself in the corner between his dresser and the wall when I heard the front door, knowing my scent would
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Chapter 7
LucasI woke up feeling as if my entire world had fallen into place. I had found my mate and we had completed the bond during the previous nights haze. I smiled, rolling over to pull her to my, only to find the bed empty where she had lain the night before. I sniffed the air, hoping her scent would lead me to her in another part of my house. Instead, it led me to the front door. She had slipped out before I had awoken.            ‘Why would our mate abandon us?’ My wolf, Hades whined in my mind.            ‘She’s not just a wolf, Hades, she’s a woman. She probably had shit to take care of’
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Chapter 8
SeleneI knew it had been stupid to leave my scent uncovered as I ran back across the border. It couldn’t be helped though. I had abandoned my kit in the motel and ran, my only objective was to get home and find answers. I needed to stop the hit on the Alpha until I could break our bond. I wasn’t crazy about the idea of dying because someone else took him out while we were still tied together. I stopped at the first guild safe house inside the border and snagged the keys to an unmarked car. I wasn’t sure where I needed to start looking for answers, but I hoped my father could help as I sped down the highway towards my childhood home.            “Daddy!” I squealed, throwing my arms around him as soon as he opened the door.

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Chapter 9
LucasI physically recoiled as my mate forced our link closed. Hades whimpered at the rejection. We had felt her wolf’s joy at hearing my voice, but we had also felt the anger coming from her human side. This was going to be trickier than I had anticipated. We knew very little about the assassin’s guild. They were rumored to reject their mates and live solitary lives, but a mate could only be rejected before the marking. It had given me hope that my mate would accept our bond and we could work out the nasty business of me having been a target. It didn’t make sense that the moon goddess would pair me with someone so unwilling to accept our bond.I had to fight the urge to check in with Zane to see how far he had gotten on my order to find me a way across the border undetected. I was going after my mate, whether she wanted me or not. I had fu
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Chapter 10
SeleneI was a little surprised as I made my way down the long gravel drive, arriving at a small cottage. I knew it made sense for the leader of the guild to maintain a non-descript home, being flashy would make him easier to find, but I wasn’t quite prepared for how small his home actually was. I parked in front of the tiny house and quickly made my way to the door. My senses had been in overdrive since the Alpha had contacted me through the bond at my parent’s home and I was ready to find answers so I could complete my assignment.            “Selene.” Called a man from the doorway of the home. “I’ve been expecting you. Your father called. My name is Alistair.”

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