The Phoenix of Winter.

The Phoenix of Winter.

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Jake Norman, a free life teenager is a very handsome guy who always attracts girls wherever he is or goes even if it is in school or outside school. He goes to parties and does whatever he likes, not even minding his own future. When he comes back from a party and suddenly found a very beautiful girl lying close to the city's christmas tree being that it was the season of Christmas. He was so struck by her beauty that he carried her to his home and took care of her till she had nursed back to health. She disappeared as soon as she awakes and Jake thought she had run away. But each night she visits, keeping him company every night and never leaving his side till it is morning. He suddenly falls in love with her without knowing and his life to him seems a lot beautiful with her. But on the night before Christmas she never came but instead, a floating box comes to his room. He opens it and this brings him to another world. And there he learns the truth about her, who she was and why she felt so mysterious to him, but she needed to be saved from her uncle who imprisoned her. Will he save her? Will he change his mind of saving her after learning the truth about her? Will he leave her to die? Will he ever see her again?

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9 chapters
🎄As the long summer days linger in our memories, nature rests her rainbow palette. In their place she brings out the colours of beach and woodland, soothing us into a quiet reflection. We walk through pictures shown so beautifully by the winter sun; each as bathed in love as the one before. Be it the blue of sea or sky, or every shade of brown from almost white to almost black, it brings a peaceful harmony. Yet in this choir of colours, mother nature keeps by a little green, a little red, for the holly tree, the evergreens and robins. And after this rest, this deep breath of cool fresh air, we are ready for the sweet mischief of spring.Under a dove grey sky the colours of world don Jake's winter coats, each hue darker and richer than before as he looked on the path which sparkles and crunches, like sugar underfoot, and the coolness brings him right into the now, into the moment of life. Though the flowers sleep and the trees show their lofty arms
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"There is a place beyond your imagination which you never thought will exists. A place built on magic and where magical creatures you could ever think of live and never die. There is a place filled with friendly faces and happy greetings. They never at all contest with each other for whom was more powerful than the other, nor  do they oppose or critical their ruler. The atmosphere is always  electrified with a very pleasant and radiating energy""Where is this place Mama? It seems so real with your description. I want to go there? Can you take me?” Little Jake asked, making his mother stop the story."If you really wish for it one day you can go there. But you can only find that place in your heart. If you truly believe it exists then you can visit there one day. Can i continue now my dear?" She asked."Yes mother, go on" "Now the king was a very good man. He always weighed with the responsibilit
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TEN YEARS AGO,"Now Jake, i will tell you a story of a very special girl with supernatural powers" His mother said as she sat down with him on the bed."Is it a super hero story?" Curious little Jake asked as he looked more anxious to hear the story out."It is more than that my son. It is a story of a courageous, fearless and a dauntless protector" She said as she smiled."Go on mother, i am quite interested in hearing this story. It sounds so awesome" He smiled as he nestled into his mother's arms."A very long time ago, at the beginning of creation to be precise, Our Creator came to this planet to see what can be done to make it more useful. He thus created everything you see around us, the land, water, trees, animals, every thing natural he had made. He named it earth. He went back to his home and as powerful as he is made seven Protectors whom would watch over the planet and make sure it is saf
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Jake The knock came quietly first and then there was silence. He quickly rushed downstairs as he knew who it was. The knock was louder and faster this time, but still he could not open because of fear. His hands suddenly start to tremble and his eyes water as he reached his hand towards the door knob. The man on the other side was furious now since he took so long in opening the door and hit the wall with all his strength making Jake flinch.His body suddenly felt hot and sweat started trickling down his neck. He gripped the door knocked tightly and twist it. With every move he made, he got more and more terrified.Why? He didn't know. His breath quickens as he heard the creaking of the door. Suddenly everything is silent and behind the door is whom he had expected. The man he had feared since his mother's demise.His father.He let out
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Sam GunnighamSummoning up courage, he walked towards the door into the haunted-looking house. The overgrown branches covered the door as if it was warning him off, but he had to follow the woman, so he pulled away the branches without a sweat and opened the door. It made a creaking noise like every abandoned house did and then slammed shut behind him. 'It's just the wind' He tried to convince himself. The house had that spooky charm, it was dull and quiet, cobwebs everywhere, chandeliers suspended from the ceiling and that odd knock no one could seem to explain.A foul stench invaded his nostrils, he looked around to see where the smell was coming from and nearly vomited at the sight, it was a body, a bit of flesh was still there being eaten by the millions of grey rats, or maybe the witch herself. This made him to shiver and shake. What if that was his fate?The musty smell of a house that had been long aban
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The early morning comes as an invitation to become the agents of a new dreamland reality - one we can make each day with careful loving actions, the hues of the world bloom anew is if each were a tiny flower reborn. There is an awakening magic each day in the early morning, a sense of an old earth-spirit rekindled that seeks to knit together all that is good. Amelia awakes to soft sheets, and the morning light trickled in through the blinds. Shedding herself of the remaining glimpses of a dream, her eyes are still shut as she soaked in the warmth of the strong arms that are firmly wrapped around her before letting her blue eyes see the sun's rays.She blinks, close her eyes, and blink again. Streaks of sunlight penetrate the window and blind her. She cleans her eyes as she tries to get up, but she couldn't ask she felt a strong hold on her. Looking up, she meets the peaceful face of Jake. And that was when she realized!Sh
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Jake"Your...your eyes are white"  He said as he seemed to walk further away from him. Jake stepped back, touching his eyes. His eyes always turns from grey to white whenever he is angry. This is the reason why he does not want to associate with anyone. Now look at what has happened? How is he going to explain this to this stranger?He closed his eyes, taking in some fresh air, and then he opened them again. His eyes were back to grey."What are you?" The stranger asked as he looked at him, as if he was trying to find out something about him."It is none of your business stranger. I have to get going" He says as he walked away."The name is Sam. Hope we meet again" He said, making Jake stop instantly. When he looked back, there was nothing to see as the stranger had disappeared.Amelia's pov.Amelia watched from the shadows as he walked. She had been so scared
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Jake It is his tears that keep his soul alive in the furnace of this pain. They cannot extinguish what has been, yet only carry him forward until a time comes when that searing pain is distant enough to forget more than remember, and maybe one day erase itself from his brain. So perhaps it may be an oddity to thank his tears and be proud to cry, yet if that's what saves him from becoming a monster, a person indifferent to suffering and sorrow, then crying is the smartest thing he could do.They say sadness is behind anger, yet anger never comes unless in direct self defence, and so perhaps he could credit this natural passivity with his willingness to cry and feel pain, to let the sorrow teach him more about his true nature.With pain, he got up from the floor and staggered. In his eyes there were unshed tears,tears that he felt would never come to an end. His tears fell from his face as crystals, shining more than
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"Asteria?" Amelia asked, getting up from where she had sat. It was quite clear that she was utterly confused. Why would he call her Asteria?"Who are you?" She asked again, looking at this man, trying to figure out who he was or where she had seen him. He had this powerful aura around him, his head held high up and his hands folded at the back. He was arrested with a beautiful Grey garment, crystals quite noticeable on the sleeves and hem of his attire. He had gun mental grey eyes and thick eyebrows. Although his body was entirely covered by his garment, it was quite evident that he had smooth cinnamon skin. His sculpted soft oval face with pointer chin and pointed nose was hard to ignore. He had a midnight colored hair which flowers down his shoulders.He was handsome and Amelia could not deny that fact."I am Kendrix. We finally meet again after so many years" He said, a sly grin on his face."I do not know you and what do you want to do with me? How do you
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