Death Contract

Death Contract

By:  Im_Vena  Completed
Language: English
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After the death of Mary's dad, her life becomes a mess. Mary couldn't accept that she doesn't see the death reaper will come to fetch her father nor realize it sooner. That is when Mary thought being able to see Grim Reaper and how the people around her die was useless. To ended it all, she decided to commit suicide only to find out that she will be wake up in others' bodies. But when the Grim Reaper named Saint came to her. Not to fetch her soul but to offer her a contract to be a living Grim Reaper, everything change. However, what would she do if along the way she fell in love with the grim reaper? Would she choose to stay alive or to die peacefully?

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64 chapters
First: This should be a secret. No human would be allowed to know about you—being a living grim reaper and of course, your true identity as Mary Sean Ivanovich should remain a secret too. Second: You should do your responsibility as a living reaper. Like hunting lost souls and fetching death souls. That includes submitting weekly reports, death notes and other important information. Third: Cooperate with your partner. Don't nag, don't argue and don't demand. Just listen and so be it. 

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Chapter 5“I am Saint and I'm here to hunt you down, but then because I am sure that you can't get off to that body. Death ministry assigns you to be a living reaper, no buts or anything you suicidal. You want your death, right? So then, accept our offer. For you to die peacefully, Mary Sean Ivanovich. Did I answer your question?” With what he said, I gradually loosened my grip on the bedsheet until I finally let go.At that point, I suddenly remembered the children's book I had just read last night. It was entitled, The Fox and the Princess.“W-what are you saying? You're a Grim Reaper, aren't you? If you want to take me, take me now too. Don't prolong it! I don't want to live anymore and why am I here in this body? I'm dead, right? Mary Sean
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Chapter 6So, just like the Princess in the story, I answered him.“I accept it.” The thought that I would never see my father again scared me the most. Death is the only way for me to see him again. I will endure no matter how long I stay in this world as long as it pays for my death. There, when I saw the Grim Reaper named Saint sudden grin. And that gave horror to me.Unbeknownst to the princess, the fox is currently planning how he will eat the princess.“Then it's a deal.” I was surprised when he suddenly walked towards me. His footsteps could be heard throughout the room. I can also feel the
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Chapter 8From here I heard the car re-run outside. I sighed, I think the Grim Reaper had already left.There I lay down on the queen size bed with the book I was still holding in my left hand.This was so tiring day. I am so thankful that that evil spirit has also left my sight. That one is annoying, he was constantly harassing me.Ever since the plane landed in Plamour Airport, he has done nothing but reminds me that I am no longer a normal human, and we have a mission to do.At first, the little girl gladly used it. She dances and dances with all her heart. A week passed the little girl didn't notice that she slowly forget how to take the glass shoes out.I close my eyes and sighed again."Seems like your irritated with my presence babe?" I almost jumped at what I heard when I opened my eyes and a man
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