Dragon Eclipse

Dragon Eclipse

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*sequel coming soon* In this modern fantasy tale, a nonhuman named Nathan is trying to diversify the drowning company. While having a hard time being his assistant, Genevieve was caught in the chaotic of nonhuman exposure to the wolf race. Bottom line: fantasy creatures and wolves don't mix well...or so engraved in the ancient books. Genevieve must find a way to survive in this changing world, all while she tries to follow her own path toward saving her unborn child. During that journey, she must learn to accept who and why she should trust or else be stuck in a deadly cycle of fear and hate. 

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87 Chapters
"I want all of them dead! Kill them all!" The man snarled viciously. The people near him flinched at the rage at his voice."Yes, your highness,"  a man dressed in a business suit uttered,bowing before scurrying away, his voice quivering with fear.All of the people in the room cowered at the men's anger. He was their Prince, the last of The Dragon race, the prince’s authority over his subjects was unquestionable.His fate seem glittered with honour and conquest, his domain would go onto spread like wildfire, he was bound to be remembered for centuries, as it led to the end of the Fire Dragons, or so everyone thought. 
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Chapter 1: Welcome To Hell.
"Is everything ready?" the man dressed in a business suit had a pale face when he asked the workers.It was the time for the arrival of the boss and everything must be well prepared before he reaches. Jonathan's Corporations was going on severe loss for the last six months and the owner was fed up due to the unprofessional behaviour of his workers.  A new businessman came across to pay for his perishing company and now it's known as NBM Corporations.  A man asked the workers to make a queue to explain a few things to everyone there before the boss arrives. "My name is Crawford and I am the right-hand man of our boss...there are a
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Chapter 2: Sarcastic Enough?
"I don't care about this at all, Abbey," Genevieve sipped the coffee, sitting on a leather sofa she was venting while her best friend was going through some dresses. Both Genevieve and Abbey were in the outlet, shopping for some professional dresses for her to wear. "Gen, your boss has hired you just because he liked your way of dressing. Do you know what that means?" Abbey asked busily, her focus fixed on the dresses. "He is the Lord...and no, Abbey. I don't know what that means...if you please tell me…" she gave a boring answer. Clicking her tongue Abbey exclaimed, "Girl, as you said...he wasn't interested in the girls dressed as the sluts and he took one look at you and hired you." "You lucky brat
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Chapter 3: Just A Glimpse.
Genevieve and Lucy were preparing for the board meeting as per Nathan's orders. He wants to make a speech to all of his workers...his new workers. Fifteen minutes had passed by and all the workers were present there, in the boardroom… They all were waiting for Nathan Blackmark, just then the hoofing of his branded shoes made the people present in the room standstill. "Good morning, everyone…" he spoke in his usual magnificent voice. She had a few moments to admire his back round backside, perfectly encased in tailored charcoal grey trousers.  "Ms Harper?" he cleared his throat and she came back from the moment of her fantasy and looked around dumbfounded. Read more
Chapter 4: Her Bold Side.
"My Lord, I need to use the restroom. Now if you please.. "  Hearing this, he immediately let go of her hand and she excused herself making her way to the bathroom. A few minutes later, Mr Lopez got an important call for which he excused his way out. Genevieve washed her face. The things on the lunch table were getting intense between Mr Lopez and Nathan. He wasn't saying anything but he was infuriated. Mr Lopez, on the other hand, was way too sweet. Walking out she bumped into Mr Lopez and he asked, "Oh, Genevieve. May I escort you back in again?"  Both of them walked back into the business lunch,
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Chapter 5: She Did What?
"Where were you all night, Crawford?" Nathan sank back on his sofa chair, lifting his legs to the table.In front of him was a bottle of champagne remaining so little and his eyes were slightly red.Read more
Chapter 6: Haunting Moments.
"Yes, it was me, Abbey. But nobody can see my face in the news…" Genevieve spoke on her phone, applying the light coloured lipstick on her pouty lips. The news of Nathan Blackmark carrying a girl was in the news but the face of the woman was hiding behind his tailored suit. Read more
Chapter 7: Isn't It So Easy To Let Go?
"Ms Harper!" Nathan crouched down on the floor, tucking the terrified girl who was nearly passed out in his arms.Her forehead filled with sweat and her breaths high, she was trying to say something but couldn't speak properly.Read more
Chapter 8: Down The Memory Lane.
"Tell me, Griffin. Now, what is in her mind?" Nathan was leaning back on the wall, his arms crossed onto his chest, his facial expressions calm and collected."My Lord. There's too much…" a woman named Griffin had her eyes closed and the two fingers of her right hand were placed on Genevieve's head.

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Chapter 9: Heavy Is The Crown.
"Dad…" Genevieve stood up terrified, her mother had this surprised look on her face."David…" Miranda uttered in a bleak.Read more
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