Broken and Pregnant(Book 1)

Broken and Pregnant(Book 1)

By:  Kate Granada  Completed
Language: English
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*COMPLETED* Lucy Mason is a girl with a dark past to her relationship with Kent Oliver Stone. He was the man who broke her heart. Years passed and they met again but in an intimate situation. Both of them got drunk and even spent one night in her house. For Lucy, she thought everything happened for a reason but it's all just a dream. What if the man she still in love with after ten years was happily married to her best friend Eloisa? Will she still loves him and willing to be his mistress for the sake of her love for him? What if she was willing to let go but found out that she was pregnant with his child? Will she takes the risk? Is loving a married man sin or a curse?

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25 chapters
Chapter One: One Night Stand
Lucy PoV   By simply looking at the glass of whiskey on my table, made me forget everything about my disastrous teenage life.  My first love and boyfriend dumped me on our graduation day. He went to the states to study and didn't come back even until now.  My life is full of thorns and stains.  "Waiter, another glass, please!" I called for the third bucket of beer and one bottle of whiskey.  After ten years of waiting, my life is still the same. It's better to die drinking than living with regrets.  "Here ma'am," the waiter said after serving me.  My eyes were heavy and my body feels weary. I gaze tipsy and smile at him.  "Thank you" I mumbled. The karaoke bar was filled with loud people. You can find anything here. Minors, adults, married people, widows, the LGBT community, and even singles who were being cursed to be alone forever, and I was one of them. Read more
Chapter Two: No Last Goodbye
Ten years agoLucy POVI'm so excited to climb on stage to earn a diploma from our professors. It's graduation day and I can't believe that we are now graduates. I search Kent everywhere but I can't find him. We both dreamt to study business together at Oxford University after we finish high school. I'm super excited to be with him in the dorm. We can have all the time and love for each other and no one will dare to bully me anymore especially some rich students I know. The graduation ceremony is about to start but still no sign of Kent. I took my phone from my bag and dialed his number. I will call him if he was on his way. His phone keeps ringing but no one is answering. I started to think negative things. What if he got into a car accident and his parents didn't know it? I tried to calm down myself. Maybe he's inside the traffic jam. The ceremony is about to end and Kent is still nowhere. What took him so long? The Graduat
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Chapter Three: A Revelation
Lucy PovI think I was dreaming again. I tried to pull myself together by standing straight and biting my lips. Concentrate and act accordingly like a lady. That's the only thing I can do to calm myself. He keeps staring at me and I think I'm about to lose my mind again. To have sex with him last night isn't enough to put my sanity at a good pace. I tried not to meet his luscious lips and desirable eyes. I felt like he was tearing off my clothes the way his eyes studied my whole body. "Are you nervous Miss Mason? You can leave now and drop this job if you won't cooperate with me!" He behaves the same as Mr. Grey in the movie I recently in love with, Fifty Shades of Grey. He was so rude and frigid."No, sir. I need this job! I promise not to let you down!" I beg for him and he just laughed so hard. He stood up and walked around me. My legs are sweating I swear. What if he will suddenly kiss me again and, wait, what am I think
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Chapter Four: The Wedding
Ten years agoKent POVI'm still longing for Lucy even I'm already engaged to Eloisa. I can't believe that we both betrayed her. We both knew that she was Lucy's best friend but how can she so brazen towards me when I was her friend's boyfriend. I was having a coffee in the lounge of the hotel when I felt a hand wrapping around my neck. I looked back and it was Eloisa. " Good morning, babe. You didn't wake me. I'm disappointed." She mumbled after she made her way on her chair in front of me. I put down the coffee on the table and shifted my eyes on her. I smirk. "Really? You sleep like dead how can I wake you up?" I told her with sarcasm.  She rolled her eyes again at me which I didn't like. She acted like a brat every time we argued about something. She's nothing to Lucy because Lucy acts smart and mature. I wonder how is she doing right now after four years.&nbs
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Chapter Five: A Sinful Encounter
Kent POVEloisa keeps calling me in the middle of the night. I ignored her calls because I want to spend the night with Lucy. Even the alcohol take over my sanity, I still know what I am doing. I can't believe how she waited for me for that long year. Why I was so weak and selfish at that time? I feel guilty and sorry for her. Seeing her resting in my arms while she's beautifully asleep, I can't help but smile. She never changed a bit, still pretty and innocent. The only thing I can't forgive myself for is, I never know that she was still untouched. Yes, Lucy is chaste the first time I bed her. Oh, I forgot my company phone at the house. It's morning and I had to go to meet new applicants who passed in the interview especially my new secretary. I don't intend to wake her. Maybe a letter is nice to greet her when she got up. I am still hoping to meet her again someday. We had a good time together and that's all matters. 
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Chapter Six: Suspicion
Eloisa PoVIt's almost evening but Kent hasn't home yet. This is the first time he came home late in our ten years of marriage. I shook my head and think of our happy moments together. Maybe he had much paperwork to do since he's the one handling our firm. While thinking about my husband, the telephone rings. I took it and put it on my ears. " Hello, may I help you?" I asked the person who called me on the other line. "Madam, I hope you still remember me?" it's the same voice I last spoke before I and Kent went abroad. "Rey? Why you suddenly calling me now? I thought our transaction ends there! Don't call me again! Bye!" I said while keeping lips calm. His chuckles ring in my ears. "Are you crazy Madam Eloisa? You paid us half so I called you to get the other half!" he said. My mind is in chaos now. How did he find me and knew my telephone number? This person is a pain in my head. I had no choice
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Chapter 7: His Mistress
Kent Oliver made his way downstairs with his attache case. He called Ana to check his wife before he goes to work. Eloisa has been undergoing chemotherapy every once a week. To sure that her life is prolonged, this is the only way for her to survive. They went to the states for an advanced treatment but it's too late because the cancer cells have been taken over her normal cells on her body. It's hard to tell when she is going to die." Good morning, sir!" Ana greeted her when she saw him. She was on her way to his wife's room to check her condition. "Good morning too, Miss Ana. I'm going now so, please take care of my wife for me, okay?" He said as a good husband. Nurse Ana nods her head and goes on her way to Eloisa's room. Kent skips breakfast since he and Lucy will eat together inside the office. She called him in the early morning that she cooked food for them. Kent can't wait to taste the food of his past girlfriend which turned out to
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Chapter 8: The Broken Wife
Eloisa PoVI was left alone again. I wish this pain would just go away. I still wanted to explore the world with my husband. I'm afraid that I can't make him happy anymore. I don't know when was the last time we had sex. I wonder if it's okay with him to be like this or am I the one who missed something? I called Ana from the speaker. "Ana, can you please bring me the laundry clothes of my husband yesterday?" I ordered her. "Yes, ma'am. I'm on my way!" she replied. I waited and she came on time. She gave me the suit my husband wore yesterday. Since I'm bedridden now, I had no time to know where he went or whom he goes with. I don't want to think wrong ideas for him but I can't hide the fact that Kent is not a guy who would be head over heels to his partner. He betrayed me once and it's only one year ago. I need to follow in his footsteps to make sure that he is still loyal to me. I smelled his pants and long sleeves and,
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Chapter 9: His Birthday Present
Every day is a challenge for Lucy. To see the guy she loved for ten years in one place and to think that he's now married and living with his wife, made her feel broken and devastated. She made a foolish decision to be his mistress. Yes, for her, it's the only way so that Kent will not leave her again but for how long? Today is her birthday and Kent called her so early that he prepared his special gift for her. She was glad that he remembered it. It's a holiday and both of them were free to go somewhere. Kent knows how to deceive his wife. "Hello, babe, can I meet your wife?" Lucy didn't know why she wanted to see his wife. For ten years, she knew that she was the only girl whom he loves so bad so she's curious what kind of girl he chooses to settle with. "What? Are you insane! Of course no!" His voice sounded like thunder. She was surprised by his reaction. "I'm so sorry. I won't mention it again."
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Chapter 10: Another Revelation
Lucy POV I wanted to tell Kent about the real result from the clinic but I am afraid to tell him. Call me to fool and stupid but I can't help it. I love him. Maybe, after we left the villa, I will tell him that I am two weeks pregnant. I rolled my naked body to check on him beside me. He's still sleeping and even he's asleep, he still looks hot and manly. I took his arms and rest on them. I caress his face and stared at him for five seconds. I just want to remember his face because I don't know when we are going to hide this barred relationship of ours. I don't know if he will still love me once he finds out that he's going to have a baby with her. Kent was using a condom after our first night together. I can't believe that in that one night, a living will form. I startled when his phone rings. I tried to wake him but he's not moving. He's in his deep sleep so I decided to take a look at it. I check his pocket and I found i
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