Broken Mate

Broken Mate

By:  Jessica Jones  Completed
Language: English
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***Completed just editing***She is not what anyone expected. She lived in fear for so long it ruled her. She was strong and hated to be judged. She finds herself and her destiny. She will not let anyone bring her down not her past and not her mate. She is Ireland Barton.He thought what was important was to be the strong Alpha his pack needed. He did not like people to see weakness in him. He judged to quickly and it could cost him everything. Will he make the right decision or will it be too late? By the time he realizes what real strength is will he have lost it all? He is Young Alpha Oliver Silver.***This book will not be a classic love story. This will not be a story where the mate bond draws them together well maybe not at first. There will be triggers for sexual, physical, and emotional abuse through out this book. You may at times even hate the main characters. ***

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65 chapters
Chapter 1- The Meeting
Chapter One Let me take a second to introduce myself. Hi I’m Ireland, yes like the Country. I am fairly tall for a girl about 5’7'' and about 140 lbs. I have light brown hair and eyes, nothing special. I was not abused by my parents or pack, spoiled, popular or bullied growing up. I was just me. I am very independent and very stubborn. I turned 21 today, yay me. Also I am a werewolf, a very strong one really but I choose to live human. It’s just safer for me that way. I have werewolf friends but other than the Alpha, Luna and pack doctor only 5 more people know I am a wolf. I do not live on pack lands but I work at a bar owned by the Alpha, The Howler. I know how original. Well that's it for now. The smell of alcohol and sweat wafts through the bar burning my nostrils. I will be glad when 11 pm rolls around I will be off work and can drink legally.  Howe
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Chapter 2- The Weak Human?
“Goddess why is it so bright?” I moan as my eyelids crack open. I drank way too much last night and it takes a lot to get a werewolf drunk. I see that I must have slept over at Jason’s after since I am on his couch.“What an epic night!” Jason approaches me with a coffee cup extended out to me offering me the liquid heaven. “Erik is still passed out in the back seat of my car after the drinking he did after work.”“Crap what time is it? I was supposed to meet Zander at 11am at the pack house to get my check.”“Its 10:15am, you can shower here and wear a pair of my sweats and a T-shirt. Why the pack house that's new, he usually brings it to the bar right?”“Yea I don’t know he was insistent thou
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Chapter 3- The Tense Lunch
Chapter Three She pushed me away again and punched me in the face. She actually hit me again and it actually hurt a bit. With that she entered her room and slammed the door, locking it. I went in my room to freshen up from my training and head down to lunch as requested by my mother. After a quick shower, having been so close to my mate in the hallway had made my dick hard even more so when she hit me. I had to relieve myself in the shower and all that came to my mind was her.   As got changed my mind  was reeling about my encounter with my mate. Goddess she was strong for a human. I actually had a bruise on my cheek. I stepped into the hallway to head to lunch when her door opened and she came out laughing with 2 other males, both I recognized from the bar but by the smell of the one guy he did not belong to my pack. I went to go attack him wanting to know why he was on my land whe
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Chapter 4- Tag Your It!
Chapter Four The tour was whether boring to be honest. I had seen most of it before at different times so I was curious why Lilly had suggested it. Oliver kept his distance not wanted to get to close to me, my human might wear off. He rolled his eyes at my enthusiasm over the training grounds and the gym. Every thing he pointed out he did it clipped as not wanting to talk. I couldn’t help but think that after being gone for 4 years he was not the best person to give this tour and that is why his answers were short he was reacquainting himself too. Pride shown bright in he eyes and not the ugly pride he has when he looks down on me but pride of his packs accomplishments. I stopped walking looking at the back yard of the pack house watching the pups run around playing tag, laughing and having fun. Goddess it must be awesome to be so carefree. Read more
Chapter 5- Not In My House Not in My Shower
Chapter FiveErik sat me down on the forest ground, slipped on a pair of basketball shorts then helped me into a pair of basketball shorts and a large t-shirt and by the smell of them they belonged to Jason. Erik picks me up again and we begin again through the forest. I wrap my arms around his neck and lay my head on his shoulder, I must doze off because next thing I know I am sitting on edge of the bathtub in my room in the pack house and there is a loud growl.Oliver’s POVMy father had returned with my mother from the woods late for dinner looking on edge. I asked them what was wrong but they would not reply. Dinner was peaceful, well sort of peaceful I was a lil restless as Miss Loud Mouth didn’t bother to show up. She really has no respect that my family is allowing her to stay here or for our ways
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Chapter 6- Eyes Off My Luna!
Chapter SixOliver POVI cannot believe my restraint slipped. Luckily Ireland has kept her distance, I often grab my meals to go stating that I am working on the Rogue problem. The few encounters we have had with each other have been brief and from a distance. I couldn’t help but be annoyed that the few times I had seen her she was with Jason, who I have since learned is one of our top warriors in my pack and that mutt Erik. One time I was going to training and saw her and the Mutt training alone. I was surprised how she dodged his punches and landed some of her own. I could not help to shake my head and scoff when I heard her tell Erik next they will practice shifted. I mean is she really that full of herself she feels she can fight a wolf. Today is the day of the BBQ to welcome everyone back on pack lands. The BBQ begins at 5pm and it is 3pm so I am loo
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Chapter 7- Gonna Help a Girl Out?
Chapter 7I take a quick shower and change into a thin white spaghetti strap top without a bra so my nipples could be seen through and a lace thong. I crawl in bed over the covers and begin my revenge.I close my eyes and begin to let my hands wander my body. I think of a pair of masculine hands touching me groping my breasts and sliding his hands lower. It doesn’t take much for my wolf to willingly project these images into our mates mind. Within two minutes I hear footsteps rushing up the stairs, his door open, and him enter the bathroom. I left my side of the bathroom door open just enough, I expected him to come. I don’t stop or even give a hint that I know he is there. My right hand moves my panties to the side. I run my finger along my wet slit. My left hand having pulled up my shirt and pitching my nipple. I moan and breathe heavily. I can fe
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Chapter 8- Partial Truths
Chapter 8Oliver’s POV I wake up in the morning early to train. I can’t help the smile on my face. I can’t wait to come up with a way to meet up and have some adventures with my mate of the dirty variety. I like to be the first one at the training grounds but luckily for me there is no training on Sunday’s so it will be just me and my buddies whenever they arrive. I am on the way to the training grounds when I catch sight of my mate running into the woods with that mutt of hers and their naked and laughing. What the actual fuck, she must really be the whore I thought she was. After several hours of beating the hell out of a bag and sparring with my buddies. I am fuming about someone else seeing my mate naked. We head back to the packhouse for breakfast. I take a quick show
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Chapter 9- Just Look At Her
Chapter NineIreland's POVWe head back to the pack house as it is getting late and I want to shower prior to dinner. I go straight to my room. I go to my closet and pick a mauve dress that falls just at my knees and has sleeves that go to my elbows. I don’t want to answer questions about the almost fully healed wounds right now. I strip off my clothes in the closet and walk out to my room. That’s when I see him lounging on my bed looking at me with a scowl. He looks so hot laying there in his jeans and shirt. His sleeves are snug on his biceps.  “You're in the wrong room Oliver.” I state while tightening the robe around myself and making my way to the bathroom. I enter and turn on the shower about to take off my robe and step in. When all the sudden I am pulled tight to his chest. He buries his head in my neck and removes my robe. His hands resting on the small of my na
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Chapter 10- Two Wolves Meet
Chapter Ten Ireland POV   I am trying to avoid Oliver for the last 3 days since the bonfire and I caught him looking at me. It was like he was seeing me for the first time, it was kinda unsettling. He hasn’t been actively trying to talk to me either but I have caught him watching me from time to time. His interest in making me jealous with Emilia seems to be thinning as well though not for her lack of trying. The few private encounters I have had with him have ended with some very passionate kissing and touching. I wish I could say that his snarky comments about me being a weak human have stopped but of course they haven’t. As far as I know he still has the meeting with the elders scheduled so not much has really changed. I decide after a very tense dinner with Emilia trying to get Oliver’s attention
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