Marianna’s Secrets

Marianna’s Secrets

By:  Vicky Lynn  Ongoing
Language: English
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Marianna tries to run from her past to start over but surprises along the way force her to confront her demons.

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18 Chapters
Chapter 1
As I laid on my bed I contemplated skipping work today and going back to sleep. I rolled over to look at the time and thought 'I guess I need my job'. I stretched and got out of bed and went to start my coffee machine.I let my night gown slip off of my body and land on the floor, started the shower, which was my favorite place to be in. As I let the hot water roll down my back I began to wash my body with my vanilla body wash. I got lost in my thoughts of missing my home in Italy, I missed my family and friends, I missed the food and culture. It's been 2 years since I last saw my family...As I traced over the scar above my left breast I began to have flashbacks and heard the voice I would never forget.'Ti faro mio in un modo o nell'alto' (I'll make you mine, one way or another)I was quickly jolted back to reality as my alarm had gone off to warn me I had 30 minutes left till I had to leave for work. While rushing to turn off my alarm I cu
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Chapter 2
    As I walked up the steps, an uneasy feeling continued to overwhelm me. I approached Jacob and instantly got hit in the face with the alcohol smell radiating off of him. I have never seen him like this before, I honestly didn't even knew he drank.    "Hi Jacob, are you ok?" I asked while trying to control my uneasy voice.      Jacob turned to me, barely able to hold himself steady, "who the hell is this?" Jacob said while pointing at Emmanuel     Instantly I felt my face burn with embarrassment, as I lowered my head so Emmanuel wouldn't see me I replied "Jacob this is my boss, Mr. Jennings, Mr. Jennings this is my neighbor Jacob".     The look of horror consumed my face as Jacob deadpan said "oh, so this is Mr. Serious, I thought you said you hated him, and here he is taking you to your room?"      I couldn't wrap my head around what was happening, 'th
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Chapter 3
*Trigger warning* *abuse content, sexual content, mature content*     Emmanuel grabbed me by my hips and began to kiss my lips feverishly as if there were no tomorrow. He began to descend from my lips to my neck leaving no skin untouched. His lips felt warm and soft, I felt myself drowning with lust for him. He kissed me like a mad man, needing to feel my body. My body responded in a way that would make any woman feel loved and needed, I felt my intimate area getting warmer and wet by the second. I felt like nothing else mattered but Manny and I, "Marianna, I love you, please let me have you right here right now" he pleaded against my shoulder.      My next words sent him into a lust filled frenzy, "I'm yours" I told him. One of his hands made its way to my breast while his other hand to my thigh. His body was responding to mine in ways he hasn't felt in years. He managed to position himself in between my thighs, my clit could
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Chapter 4
*Trigger warning* *physical abuse, Adult content*   "Why do you continue to challenge me Marianna!!? When will you learn that you belong to me and no one else! And you never will belong to anyone else!" He began to yell as he slapped me across the face, all I saw were stars, suddenly darkness began to fall over me as I fell to the floor. The world began to spin, as I tried to sit back up, all I could do was feel the floor as my head fell forward. I was praying I would just fall into unconsciousness, just so that I couldn't feel anymore...   All I could do was scream for help, but no one ever came, he punched me in the face 1.. 2.. 3.. as each blow landed my voice got more and more quiet. I layed on the floor bleeding from my face, all I could do was cry in the dark alley of Italy.    "Pierre please, I promise you I didn't give that man any attention, all he did was ask me if I wanted some more wine, that is it, I promise!! P
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Chapter 5
*trigger warning* verbal abuse, adult content*   As we walked up the stairs Manny placed one hand on my back to lead me up the steps. We reached the same security guard that sent me away only a few minutes ago, I tried not to make eye contact with him. Just then Manny told him "next time you feel the need to send someone away please check with me or my father, this happens to be my date" his voice sounded firm filled with authority, he continued to glare at him as I stiffened my body at the word he just said, 'date! He said date?!? Why did he say date?!? Oh God I can feel my face getting hot!'"I am so sorry, this will not happen again sir, ma'am I am dreadfully sorry for this miscommunication!" The security guard basically blurted out. We continued to walk passed him and suddenly cameras were flashing on all sides of us, I began to feel very uncomfortable, I tried to bury myself into the back of Manny's arm. He quickly sensed my discomfort and asked a
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Chapter 6
I stood there for about 3 minutes with no answer, I had already knocked 3 different times, I was about to walk away when I heard the door unlocking. My heart felt like it had stopped when Marianna appeared in my line of vision. She looked horrible, but yet so beautiful, her hair was a mess, her eyes were red, and still I  couldn't help but to notice the butterflies in my stomach at the sight of her enchanting face."What are you doing here?" I heard her say, her voice was hoarse barely even audible. "I was checking in to make sure you were alright Marianna, you've never missed before, and you weren't answering any of my calls." measuring my words carefully so she wouldn't run from me again. "I apologize sir, I'm pretty sure I have the flu, running in the rain did me no favors, and I know you don't like your employees at work sick." She mutteredShe looked so vulnerable, my heart couldn't handle it "do you need anything while I'm here? Medicine? Soup? Any
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Chapter 7
*Warning Sexual and Mature content*I watched Manny in awe at how handsome he looked sleeping. Although I was drained and sleeping most of the time I knew he stayed to watch over me and help me. 'I just don't know why he does it though, what does he see in me?' I thought. It almost felt like a sin waking him up, but I did."Good Morning Manny" hearing how horrible my voice sounded was just as bad as how much my throat actually hurt. "How are you feeling?" He said as he stood up and felt my forehead. I was surprised at the fact that I didn't move away from his touch, I was happy to feel his skin on mine."I'm fine" I giggled "you don't have to worry, how are you? I didn't get you sick right?" I shyly asked hoping he wasn't sick as well, I would feel even more awful if he was, here he was taking care of me only to get this horrible bug, I felt a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach, almost like pain at the thought of Manny feeling as horrible as me. 
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Chapter 8
*warning sexual/adult content * I was drowning in his kisses, every inch of my being needed him. He was worshipping every part of me, he put lips close to my ear and whispered "you're a Goddess Marianna," as he continued kissing my neck, leaving little nibbles along the way. My arousal was soaring at this point, my back was giving slight arches as he continued to kiss my neck. I felt his knee seperate my legs, his hand found my clit, while giving it gentle circles, his lips came crashing into mine giving me a passionate kiss. His finger entered me ever so softly, he was taking his time, while I was coming undone rapidly. He buried his face into my neck, lifting my head, my lips found his neck, I began to shower his neck with kisses. His fingers began to pump into me faster. Sending my body into bliss, while sucking on his neck, he let out a moan, "mmmm Marianna".Without warning I felt his hard member enter me, I closed my eyes and let out a whimper
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Chapter 9
*Trigger warning, adult content*I walked into the kitchen, "Manny are you ok?" "Yes I'm ok, I accidently dropped one of your mugs" he said as he was picking up the pieces of glass"Jesus, you scared me, I asked if you were ok earlier and you didn't answer" I sighed, relief washing over meJust as I was about to help him pick up the glass I noticed blood, I froze for what felt like hours. Nightmares flooded my mind once again..."I swear I didn't do it, please stop, you're hurting me" left my lips in a whisper, the smell of sweat and cologne flooded my nose, I wrapped my arms around myself, I hadn't noticed that I was taking a few steps backwards."Marianna, Marianna??!" I heard my name being called out to me but it sounded far away, I was about to run when I felt a gentle hand touch my arm, instinctively I pulled away. I saw two stunning blue eyes looking at me, they looked frantic, as if looking for answers but also held
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Chapter 10
*trigger warning adult content* Images of my family came to my mind, I just couldn't bring myself to hurt them this way. It wasn't their fault with what was going on in my mind. I placed the blade down, curled my knees to my chest and just sobbed for hours. All I wanted was for the pain to go away, I wanted to forget about everything. I found what little strength I had left and pulled myself out of the cold water, I felt dead inside, nothing mattered, I didn't care about the cold air hitting my skin. I grabbed the towel and only dried my hair. I crawled into bed, and I was out...I woke up the next day with a major headache, my eyes were swollen from all the crying. Yet, I still didn't care. I got to the kitchen made my tea and took some advil.I grabbed my phone, walked over to the couch and wrapped my body in my throw blanket. Just then it hit me, I brought the blanket to my nose and smelled his cologne, it still smelled
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