If The Crown Fits

If The Crown Fits

By:  Kiraran  Completed
Language: English
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Second Book of "5 Princes and I" Rosalie Amber Stan's world is now upside down. Not only is she a suppose to learn about her dead kingdom but she actually has to learn how to use her powers along side her familiar, Custard. Adding to her list of problems; the rogue king, King Ferius, won't stop at nothing until he gets a hold of Rose's blood. So it is now up to the princes to protect her until she learns how to protect herself. Which could take a while with her refusal to cooperate with them. Will Rose be able to master her powers and learn how to defend herself? Will she be able to learn more about her heritage and revive her dead kingdom?

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113 Chapters
A dark brooding figure sat at the chair of the throne room. He was a massive and bulky man with a long black beard and shaggy hair. His face covered in scar and a stitch running for his left ear to his neck. His eyes blazed with pure hatred from the world. His black fur coat is so long that it looked like a black pool of blood.The door to the throne room suddenly opened and in came a couple of beaten up rogues. "Your majesty!"Upon seeing his men beaten up he raised a questioning eyebrow at them. "Care to explain?"Hearing the king's voice they suddenly hesitated to answer, but knowing his majesty a lack of answer meant sudden doom. "W-We were under attack.....by the candidate princes from Thalia, your majesty."The king slowly drummed his fingers on his arm rest. "How
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Chapter 1 Trouble in a Bottle
I laid down on my bed and stared at the ceiling. I have just woken up and badly wanted to go back to sleep again, but couldn't. Somehow I don't even know how to go back when I think about the reality that was brought to me the other day. I guess I finally got some powers, but at the cost of being a princess.A real princess with actual royal blood.Suddenly my stomach growled.I'm hungry. Now that is definitely a good wake up call.I hurried up and changed. As I did I stepped on something and heard a light yelp. It was Custard and I accidentally stepped on his tail. Custard is a little brown baby wolf. He looks as harmless as a puppy in this form, but when he is in his beast mode he becomes this big bad white demon wolf(as the twins like to call him). Also, he is my fami
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Chapter 2 Define Babysitting
"Can you please bring me five pairs of trousers, t-shirts and shoes fit for um.....say 5 year old kids?" I was in my room talking to a maid just outside my room. I left the door slightly open so I could talk to her without showcasing my room."Yes, princess..." The maid wore a strange look on her face at my request. In which I felt the urge to throw in some sort of excuse."I-It's my hobby! I....want to um.....dress my pillows and pretend that they are kids. You know. Practice for parenthood. Ahe he....." Now I want to slap myself and wish that I kept my mouth shut.Fortunately, the maid didn't say anything more as she left to get me what I asked for. As soon as she was gone did I let out a sigh of relief and locked the door behind me.After the princes became babies I i
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Chapter 3 What Party?
"Based on our research Tamers use their blood to transform their beast. Why don't you try it, Rose?" Nate suggested as he led us to the training room for our breakfast. Since I am on Princess training again I have to spend every morning with Nate to perfect my table manners."Nah. That is fake. Tried it yesterday and it did not work." I say recalling how I gave Custard a bit of my blood to transform him into killer mode. Nothing happened that day."Well....maybe something is wrong with your blood?" Nate said as he opened the door for me."Or something is wrong with Custard. Am I right, boy?" I said and cooed at Custard who was walking by my side this whole time. His response was a low growl. "Maybe it's your attitude." I said to t
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Chapter 4 Escort
It seems to me that everyone was avoiding me as I marched my way to the queen's study or whatever you call it. The princes were nowhere to be found - probably hiding from me as I stormed off. Once I reached the queen's study, I did not bother to knock. Instead I kicked the door open yelling, "WHAT PARTY!?" It was loud enough that Dan jumped off the couch and spilled his tea on Ren's lap. Ren let out a girly screech at that. Nate quickly hid behind the curtains while Ace casually turned his back to me. So this is where they ran off to. Drinking TEA! "Dear, we do have that round thing on doors called a door knob you know. The one you just broke." The queen says sipping her tea. "WHAT PARTY!?" I demanded and I could not help but notice the princes flinching.Read more
Chapter 5 It's PRINCESS Rose
 "No. Absolutely not!" PRINCE Ace protested the moment I announced to the queen my conditions to continue the ball. One thing is for sure, he was not happy at all.I, on the other hand, was sitting cross legs as I enjoyed watching his troubled face. I was beaming brightly at the queen. "Hey you want a ball? You got one. As long as PRINCE Ace is my escort." I said and gave Ace a smug look and wiggled my eyebrows. Then I turned to look at the maid and called her over. "Tea please.""What kind of tea, princess?""One that tastes like victory. Darjeeling." The maid bowed and disappeared to fetch me my tea.If Ace could kill me right now then he would, judging from the murderous looks that he is giving me. "You and I both know what you are up to." He says.
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Chapter 6 Belle of the Ball
 Days and weeks of training have passed leaving me exhausted and temperamental. It's horrible really. Preparing for the ball last time was not that stressful compared to this. Even Nate and the twins are getting serious during our training. The only one who was a little laid back was Dan. The guy would crack up jokes here and there and would pull pranks on his brother.The other PRINCE hates my guts so much that he would not allow me to doze off even for a second. He would continue to drill information into my brain even though I was tired, which always resulted in us bickering and me leaving through the window - once. It didn't happen again since he basically put some sort of magic barriers on the window. Trust me I dislocated my elbow trying to break it.Yes I am desperate to get away from him and our training. Read more
Chapter 7 Party Crasher
 The crowd was still watching us and I just realized something very important. The speech. "U-uh I-I am Princess Rosalie. 19 years old and single. My dog just ran away upstairs." I gestured behind me. Silence."While I was...uh.....making my traditional Earthling greeting and such. He did not abandon me. You see I am a tamer." I laughed nervously. "I honestly know what I am doing with my spirit and he respects me for that. I purposely told him to go back to our room." Again I laughed nervously and saw the princes doing subtle face slaps and hiding their faces in embarrassment. "And uh....this here is my slav - I mean escort - PRINCE Ace. He is a nice dance partner and nice person in an alternate universe." I took a glance at Ace and saw him breathing deeply. Well it's not my fault that I delivered a speech unprepared. Serves him right. <
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Chapter 8 Wrecked
 The party was a disaster. Everyone was in panic as security measures were being held. I couldn't even move. I wouldn't, because I was already overwhelmed with fear. Someone did this to get to me. What did I do to deserve this?"Come on, Rose." Ren squeezed my hand and that brought me back to my senses."Get her to my office. It has wards and only those who do not have an urge to kill can enter." The queen was suddenly at my side and placed a hand on my tear ridden cheeks. "You will be safe there. I will meet you once this is settled." She smiled weakly.I don't know what she's planning to do by staying here. Why doesn't she come along? What is she going to do? Murder the culprit?"You heard the queen. Let's go." Nate gently pushed my back and urged me to fo
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Chapter 9 Story Time in The Cell
 By the time I woke up, I was in my room. Locked up with Custard. I couldn't get out and walk around in the castle. Nope. I was a prisoner. Sort of. But every now and then I get visitors. Servants bring me food, clothes, then clean the room. The princes would visit me too, but I refused to talk to them. I wouldn't even look at them. They would just sit somewhere in my room and talk about how they are helping the queen figure this all out without risking my life. But every time they come I know that they have no luck cracking the captured rogue. I know that they are just worried for me, but how can they do that when they don't even know what the enemy plans to do to me. Or why they want me dead.Three days passed and all I did was read and play with Custard. I also figured out that Custard liked ear scratches. Not to mention that I discovered that we have a physic link. I discovered this when I
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