The CEO - my billionaire husband

The CEO - my billionaire husband

By:  Seerat Kaur  Completed
Language: English
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Agat, The new CEO, he can have anything and anyone he wants in his life. He is supposed to attend the party with his future wife. That party brings him face to face with a beautiful, honest girl, Alyssum. He is fascinated by her at first sight. Sometimes, he visited his brother's office only to have a glimpse of her. He knows, he has to have her, he knows it's love. He offers her money to be his date as he supposed to be with his future-wife in this party. She wasn't working according to his terms. So he walks in the party alone. To read more, continue reading…..!!

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57 Chapters
              Agat Rayden scowled and muttered some Italian words under his breath as his fake date abandoned him. He didn't even remember her name. She wanted to be his real date. He was ready to pay a huge amount for being his fake date. He'd never actually date when he didn't feel for her.     He was desperate to have a date tonight, so he could introduce her to his parents as his future wife. It wasn't like his CEO post was in danger. But it could be if he couldn't fulfil the wish of his father. His father's condition was driving him crazy. He would marry only when he'd feel for her, his heart should beat for her, not because his father's testament was demanding it.      He was already running late for the party. His father would declare his retirement after it, only if he introduced them to his future wife. He had worked hard a lot to gain his positi
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        I was standing alone in the crowded hall. The entire Rayden family was supposed to attend this party. I was feeling alone as my friend, Becca was suffering from fever. I slanted my gaze around and it rested on him. Chris Rayden is the most handsome guy in the party right now and a playboy too.            Rich boy with bad habits and spoiled kid of his parents. He is an apple in every girls' eyes tonight.'            It was his another grand party to celebrate his taking one step ahead at the success. All businessmen were presented at this high profile party. Chris' eyes met mine. A woman in a red hot dress was standing so close to him that her chest was brushing his arm.             ' I don't know, he loves his parties like this or he can't help himself. I'm a shy girl. I don't know how to
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                Incoherently, I felt a strong grip on my upper arm which started to drag me with it. When I lifted my eyes, it was Chris, " What are you doing, sir? " I protested but in a low voice. I didn't want to create a scene.       I am Agat's partner and that scandal was enough for tonight.       Chris didn't stop dragging me with him. He didn't look back at me once that it was hurting me. He was pathetic. He walked into the ladies room, " Out! " He yelled at all.       I flinched with his cold tone. All ladies immediately rushed out of the washroom with shocked expressions. They stared at me before leaving. Now it was only we two. I swallowed hard.       What is wrong with him? Why did he drag me like this as I am some sort of criminal?         He turned me and conquered my back w
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     We were in the elevator. His hand was wrapped around me still, " I'll manage, Sir. You haven't any need to waste your time. " I told him as I was still in his office.      " Agat, you'll never use Sir for me. " he wryly looked at me. I glanced back. He was looking damn serious about it. It was shocking, " Absolutely, I'm not wasting my time. I'm investing. " he said.       Investing in me?  I raised my eyebrows, " We are not ending up on the same mattress. " I coyly told him.       He spun me to face him. His attention on me, " You are special. You're not like them all at the party. " He said.      He wasn't touching much but his hand on my waist was doing strange things to me. The elevator dinged open, I immediately broke my gaze from him and turned to rush out. But I stopped as I spotted the media standing there with their cameras. " Oh
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        I locked the door and put my clutch and file on the table. The walls were brighter red than outer and one wall was carrying a different shade of light yellow colour and golden clouds on it. Expensive paintings were hanging on the wall. On my right side, there was a big dark screen mounted over the wall. There was a queen-size bed with a white cover and cushions. I plopped on the brown couch and stared at the dark screen.               ' Two million! I can't earn it with my current job. Okay, I don't have a job. I'm not qualified for a higher post. I passed all the files here and there and worked on the computer. I don't wanna work in any night or a strip club. That will be horrible. I couldn't complete my study. My mother and stepfather died in a car accident. My brother is my family. '          I picked up the fil
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       I was trapping myself in his net. I should deny it but all the time I agreed with him. I wiped the tears, " Take it as a business deal. " I told myself.        I sat on the couch and grabbed the remote control from the glass table. I switched on the television. I muted its voice. I didn't want him to come downstairs and tell me to switch it off. I was just his normal employee, with a very special rank, His future wife.       I was hoping in the morning when I would open my eyes. I wanted to wake up in my room. I was shuffling the channel. I stuck with a familiar face, Agat. I stopped my finger from moving the channel with a smile, although there was no reason to show my teeth. But it didn't last long. My mouth hung open in disbelief.           ' Mystery girl is going to be the queen of eligible billionaires, the new CEO!'
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         'This pathetic man has mood swings.'     I pursed my lips and walked to the door. Which was looking at me the path to hell now.         He's pathetic! He set rules for me and for himself, he didn't like to do the same to him.            I recognized his lawyer immediately as I had seen him in newspapers, sometimes standing behind him and along, depending on the situation. He was in his advocate attire. There was one more guy, He was in a black suit. They were discussing perhaps the contract, " Agat, " I whispered. But it echoed in the empty hall.         He raked his eyes on me, taking his time. I couldn't trust him as he didn't set any rule for him. But right now! I was nervous about my look in his eyes?       ' I know abo
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  After breakfast, he asked me to wait in the hall room. I could not sit on the couch. I was pacing froth and back. The thing was, I could not get him out of my mind. According to him, we had signed the marriage paper. I avoided reading it as I had already read it last night. I was repenting now that I should read it. There was possibly he could merge more paragraphs in it.         ' He's effortlessly charming. I'm his wife. Tension is gonna make me sick. He has a killer smile. I wanna run away from him. I can do something stupid.'      " Ready? " He asked, coming into the hall.       I turned on my heels to see him. He was buttoning his dark grey coat. I grabbed my clutch and slightly nodded my head, " I need to collect my things. If you'll give me an hour. " I told him.        He snorted and slipped his hands in his pocket, " Forg
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   Instead of tied with the seatbelt, I woke up on a soft mattress, in a different environment. I was thinking. Where was I? I was on the plane. I quickly put my feet down and rushed at the door. When I opened he was already standing on the other side of it.        " Plane is going to land, come. " He said and held my hand.       My sleepy head was muted, lost in its slumber. I didn't try to stop him when he pushed my shoulder down, making me sit on the seat. I blinked as he bent down and worked his hands on my waist, marking me safe with a seat belt.       He did not raise his eyes at me. He sat in the next seat and stapled himself.       I glanced out of the window, " You sleep well? " He asked.       I jerked my neck as my eyes met his. I nodded my head. He narrowed his eyes on me, " Yes, " I whispered slowly and turned back at
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       I blinked at myself in the mirror. I was looking like an updated version of mine as he demanded. The best! My dress was strapless and clung to my curves, red soft lips, wings eyes and straight hair. My look was nothing less than any top actress. He wanted me to match his standards. I had no idea how I was going to survive in his polished, high-class world with his attitude and bossy nature?       The air beside my ear stirred the hair then I realized. I wasn't completely alone in the room while I was staring at myself and also I lost in praising my new look. I didn't notice him before as I could not remove my eyes from his handsome chiselled face, " You were in a blue suit. " I whispered.       He was in a dark red suit almost matching with my gown now, " We'll look good together. " He looked at me with intense eyes.     " Without your no smiling face, I doubt." I stepped away f
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