My Death Contract

My Death Contract

By:  Adrienne Peterson  Ongoing
Language: English
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Meredith has been heart broken for nearly two years avoiding dating when she suddenly finds herself alone with the CEO's son on an elevator. He offers her a contract that changes her life til death do they part.

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214 chapters
Chapter 1: Meredith is Late
It was a normal day, as normal as any day at least, and Meredith was running late for work again. She had gotten a job in one of the top marketing companies right out of college and had been working there for nearly a year now with no promise of advancing. She didn’t mind too much. She didn’t think she needed to go too far to the top. She just wanted to enjoy creating with the graphic design team at Maxwell Sharpe Marketing Inc. and live a peaceful life with her cat Dino. She had tripped coming out the subway steps and her leftover bag of popcorn from two nights ago spilled all over the sidewalk attracting a flock of crazed pigeons. She was afraid of stepping on one’s feathers and getting revenge poo all over her before work so she hopped carefully back and forth around them like she was in some strange frogger game only instead of cars she was dodging pigeons.Read more
Chapter 2: Lunch with Taylor
Meredith stepped off the elevator and was met with a frown a red head against a wall to the side. “You’re late.” Taylor told her as she pulled her along and out the front doors. Taylor was what Meredith described as cute as a button. They had met in film appreciation class in college and became fast friends. Taylor was five-feet-one and weighed practically nothing. She loved kickboxing and anything with pumpkins. She had short naturally red hair that fell just to the top of her shoulders. She wasn’t too curvy but just enough to say: “Yes, I am a woman.”Taylor always wore heels to make up for being so short and always had on cherry red lipstick which only added to the allure of her red hair. She had far too much energy and drank far too much coffee. She rushed her friend Meredith down the street and around the corner to
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Chapter 3: Meredith is Asked to Dinner
Taylor was in a great mood as the walked back to the office building. She was excitedly thinking about all the ways she could make Meredith sexy without going too over the top into the slutty zone for her meeting. She would have two weeks to try out different outfits so she could come up with the best one. The biggest question was how to teach her to put it all together right in such little time. She couldn’t use up all of Meredith’s time because she needed to work on the actual project. If it wasn’t good enough Edward wouldn’t even attend the meeting.“Sleepover.” Taylor mumbled as they continued to walk.“Huh? Did you say sleepover?” Meredith asked. Taylor had been off in her own little world randomly mumbling things since htey had left the cafe.
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Chapter 4: Meredith has a Meeting
Meredith got back to her desk and began to gather her things for the meeting. While Taylor was making this project a big deal for the completely wrong reasons, it actually was a big deal. If they could win the favor of Edward Maxwell and get an increase in budget it would mean departmental upgrades on software and possibly even computers. But most importantly it would increase the allowed amount Mr. Hubert could spend on raises.Meredith turned the corner as she thought of the possibilities. She could maybe actually go shopping for some new work clothes somewhere with more than one dollar sign on Yelp. Karen and Greg were already in the meeting room with notebooks ready to hear what it was Meredith had for them to do.“Hi guys.” Meredith said as she unloaded her packets on the desk and asked Greg to close the door. “So Mr. Hubert has asked me
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Chapter 5: Popcorn with Dino
Meredith headed home, having gathered up some relevant material to continue to sketch into the night. She usually didn’t bring work home for several reasons. Firstly she wanted to have a work free environment, at least that’s what she told herself. Really she just wanted to resist overworking herself, which would be very easy to do considering her Hermit lifestyle. Secondly she was afraid of losing something and having to come up with a lame my-dog-ate-my-project excuse. Or in her case her cat. And speaking of her cat, thirdly, she didn’t want her cat to interrupt and felt it was rude to not give him some much needed attention after having been at work all day.This was a different situation and she had promised herself as she walked down the subway stairs towards her L train that she w
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Chapter 6: Half Day Friday
Taylor had been true to her word of keeping distractions away from Meredith so she could focus on her project. That being said she did send a picture of Edward Maxwell to Meredith when she woke up along with heart emojis and a text that said “For motivation purposes. GL on your presentation.” Edward had piercing green eyes and dark brown hair with a perfectly groomed matching dark brown beard. His nose was angled just right so as to not be overpowering but not hidden behind such a majestic beard. He was wearing a pinstriped suit with brown derby shoes and his tie and top three buttons were undone exposing his a little chest hair that had peeked up from beneath his shirt. He was built but not popping out of his suit built. He wasn’t as muscular as Ben the guard but he definitely worked out. Meredith could see why Taylor called him one of The Davids It was Friday and Meredith, Karen, and Greg weren’t actual
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Chapter 7: T.G.I.F.
Meredith had gotten an email from Edward Maxwell’s assistant, Henry saying everything looked good but the font looked old. What did he not understand about classic? That was okay because she had anticipated as much and in fact held back so as to truly wow them next Friday. She still had two fonts that she had created and she knew just which one she was going to use. She talked to Karen before heading out and called it a day. She still had to get ready for this mixer that Taylor was taking her to.Meredith arrived home and had racked her brain the whole way from the office building to her apartment about what to wear tonight. She wasn’t even sure what a mixer was. Is it a date? Is it just a coed hang out of some sort. What was it? She decided to try google.A mixer is an informal social gathering where people interact with the purpose to get to know
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Chapter 8: Movie Saturday
Meredith woke up the next morning feeling good about herself. It wasn’t love at first sight. She didn’t believe in that. The guy wasn’t even Prince Charming even though the had a princely accent. She had finally stopped saying no and went out. Even if she hadn’t had a decent time with one of the guys there she had fun. She tried sushi for the first time. And although she wasn’t excited to go try it again she didn’t find it terrible, except that weird green paste. She did karaoke for the first time and actually really liked it. The whole event was pleasant. She didn’t have to date the guy she had been paired off with but he seemed like a nice enough person to hang out with again. He was funny, he had interesting hobbies, and he was smart.  She decided to text both Taylor and Jordan the same message:   Thanks for last night. I had a lot of fun
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Chapter 9: Sunday is Mom Day
Meredith avoided the pigeons and made sure she had no loose popcorn in her purse as she headed to the Metra the next day. She would take the train to Schaumburg where her mother lived. Meredith’s mother picked her up at the train station and the went to Yu’s Mandarin for lunch. Meredith really had been craving Chinese food since the sushi left her wanting a little more asian in her life. “So how have you been this week?” Meredith’s mother asked her after they ordered drinks. “I got a big project at work so I have been crazy busy. It’s due on Friday so I still have a lot of work to do.” Meredith looked around the restaurant. She felt uneasy as though someone were watching them somewhere. “Oh! Meri, that's wonderful.” Her mother had called her Meri since she could remember. “Will you get a promotion?” <
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Chapter 10: Working on Projects
Meredith spent all day Monday with Karen in the meeting room with their laptops going over the ad campaign and adjusting and perfecting their designs. Mr. Hubert kept walking up to the glass window and just watching them without coming in. They knew he was anxious when he kept pulling out his mustache comb and running it through his mustache over and over. It just added to the creepy effect he was creating, which wasn’t helpful to their concentration.“Even if they don’t see this as amazing I’m proud of what we have going here. It truly is amazing.” Karen told Meredith as they looked at the preview on the screen. “Choosing to go with the more risky font without a backup is a bit of a gamble but it allows us time to perfect it rather than split between two projects essentially.”“Exactly. Mr. Hubert wants us to wow
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