A Son For A Billionaire

A Son For A Billionaire

By:  Ebunoluwa Ademide  Completed
Language: English
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Ivy Rivera, eighteen years old was known to be the girl from the wrong side of the river. Everyone in Winslow, Arizona, a small town where she grew up looked down on her and she was labeled a jinx. Ivy Rivera life changed after spending a whole night with a stranger who showed her love and attention she had never received even from her parents. Soon Ivy found out that she was pregnant, and to avoid being mocked by people, she left the small town to start a new life in Los Angeles. Ivy Rivera locked up her past life to focus on her career as a photographer. Her top priority was to give her child the life he deserved and the love she never received as a child from her parents. One day, Ivy found the the stranger she had a night with ten years ago. Feelings would stir up but would Ivy be willing to let the stranger near her son? Would she set things aside and let love overpower the doubt and fear she has been keeping for years? An eye-opening love story and family drama.

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    Mother and Son
    A SON FOR A BILLIONAIRE (A night with the stranger)EPISODE ONETheme: Mother and Son                IVY’S APARTMENT Leroy was playing a video game in his room when he remembered that his mom had promised to get him a super hero comic book this weekend. He didn’t want to lose the game to the robot playing with him but then the super hero comic book was more important. Then Leroy jumped nimbly to his feet, ran out of his bedroom and motioned towards the kitchen to talk to his mom. “Mom! Mom! Mom!” Leroy screamed as he entered the kitchen where his mom was preparing dinner. Ivy jumped in fear thinking something bad has happened to her soon. “Leroy! Are you alright?” She asked in a worried tone with her eyes checking out to see if he has gotten hurt anywhere.&
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    I don’t want to get married
    A SON FOR A BILLIONAIRE(A night with the stranger)EPISODE TWOTheme: I don’t want to get married.               ACE CLARK FAMILY MANSION Thirty two years old Ace Clark was the Vice President of his family multi billionaire company.  Clark corporation was a multi billionaire dollar companies that dabbled in everything in New York, from canning food products to fancy restaurants and small cafes and the others. Clark corporation was rated as one of the most influential businesses while Ace Clark was listed among top 30 CEOS on Forbes. He sat at the bar with his maternal cousin, Arthur Young who owns an entertainment agency. Arthur listened to Ace as he rattled on about his new business plans. “Once I get the Vice President of Huncho company to sign the contract then the deal is done.” Ace
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    A call from a boss
    A SON FOR A BILLIONAIRE (A night with the stranger)EPISODE THREETheme: A call from a boss Leroy was all cuddle up in his mom’s arm on the couch and she toyed with his curly hair. “So mom, when is aunt Emily moving in with us?” He asked. “Your aunt hasn’t given a call yet but let us just hope by next week.” Ivy answered. Leroy screwed up his face. “But mom why don't you give her a call instead?” Leroy suggested. “You see son, I don’t want your aunt to feel pressured about moving in with us.” Ivy stated clearly. “You are right mom but I hope she calls soon. I am so excited about meeting her now that I know that I have an aunt. It will be so much fun to finally meet someone from our family.” Leroy said with excitement in his tone. Read more
    The Meet Again
    A SON FOR A BILLIONAIRE (A night with the stranger)    EPISODE FOURTheme: The Meet Again NEXT MORNING     PHOTO STUDIO Arthur Young already set the studio with the other workers as they all waited for Ivy to come and work her wonders.  “Are you ready Camilla because everything is set and we are just waiting for my girl to come around.” Arthur Young said with his hands on his waist. “And why is the photographer not here yet?” Camilla asked. “Don’t worry too much Camilla, she is on her way.” Arthur Young answered. “Arthur, are you sure about this photographer you have put up for this shoot?” Mrs Clark asked with a raised eyebrows. “Yes momma. She -“ He was interrupted by the sound o
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    An Invite
    A SON FOR A BILLIONAIRE (A night with the stranger)  EPISODE FIVE Theme: An Invite              PHOTO STUDIO  Camilla stood with Ivy, checking out the pictures they have taken for the engagement shoot. And Ivy did her best at avoiding every chance to look into Ace eyes. Camilla was too excited about it. “Thank you so much, Ivy. These pictures are awesome!” She exclaimed. Ivy flashed her a small smile. “I am just doing my job and don’t worry..it will look much better than this after some editing.” Ivy said. “I told you she is good.” Arthur said.  “I guess you are right. So Camilla we need to go, the store called me not to long that they already ordered new wedding dresses.”
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    She has a son
    A SON FOR A BILLIONAIRE (A night with the stranger)   EPISODE SIXTheme: She has a son Arthur and Ace watched Ivy as she walked out of the studio. “I got rejected again!” Arthur sighed. “What do you mean by that?” Ace asked. “Stop acting like you know about my rejection. I just asked her to come with me to your engagement party but she turned me down.” Arthur answered. “No she just said she would give you a call if she can make it to the party.” Ace said. “And so what do you call that? That is indirectly a rejection, what if she doesn’t call me? What do I Ace? I am deeply in love with Ivy but I know she doesn't like me. Every time I ask her out to dinner  or anywhere with me she always turns me down by giving me flimsy excuses.” Arthur rubbed his temples as he stared
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    I think you are mistaken
     A SON FOR A BILLIONAIRE (A night with the stranger)   EPISODE SEVENTheme: I think you are mistaken.              OUTSIDE THE STUDIO Ace Clark stepped out of the studio, his eyes surveyed the environment trying to see if Ivy was nearby but he found nothing. He started the walk down the block with the hope of finding her around but he got nothing. Ace went around to make a turn at the end of the block and continued to walked down the silent street. Then he saw her few miles away just right in front of a laundry house. Ivy’s back view was against him as a he was talking to an old lady and a tiny hands was wrapped around her waist. Ace began to walk toward her in a haste, deciding to clear up his curiosity and promising himself that if Ivy truly wasn't Bethany then he would forget everythin
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    Is he my dad?
    A SON FOR A BILLIONAIRE   (A night with the stranger) EPISODE EIGHT Theme: Is he my dad?  Ivy could barely control the fury as she headed toward her car at the garage were she had packed it. How dare he try to embarrass her in the public? How dare he accuse her when he had disappeared the next morning they had spent the whole night together? She had tried all her best to find him that morning, and even waited for him to return and even after she had found out she was pregnant. If she had ever needed more proof of what type of father Ace Clark could make, she had gotten it. He hadn't cared about her feelings, hadn't cared about anything only himself and all he did was used her. The next time he come around..Ivy promised that she would hit him with her car if she had to, Clark Corporation Vice President or not. There was no way she would let him get close to her son. Read more
    Dating the playboy
    A SON FOR A BILLIONAIRE (A night with the stranger)  EPISODE NINETheme: Dating the playboy            FLASHBACK TO TEN YEARS AGO                                LOS ANGELES                   JENNY'S APARTMENT  Ace Clark pressed down on the doorbell attached to Jenny’s apartment. Jenny came right out from the kitchen to the living room, she peered through the space on the door then she saw Ace Clark. She thought of ignoring him but she knew Ace wouldn’t leave until she opened up the door. Jenny unlocked the door, held the knob and twiste
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    The life of Ivy Rivera
    A SON FOR A BILLIONAIRE (A night with the stranger)   EPISODE TENTheme: The life of Ivy Rivera                    FLASHBACK TO TEN YEARS AGO        WINSLOW, ARIZONA. “Emily did your sister tell you where she was going when she left the house early in the morning?” Mrs Rivera asked. “No mom, she didn’t say anything to me.” Emily replied. “I guess she is off to throwing herself at the new boys in our town.” Mrs Rivera scoffed. “Mom that is not true.” Emily countered. “So what is true?” Mrs Rivera asked with a raised eyebrow. “What is true is that I saw a paper where Ivy wrote he
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