My Ruthless General

My Ruthless General

By:  Gracie Suzara  Completed
Language: English
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Savannah is an independent woman, determined and courageous. She did not remarry after her divorce. She has three children, 2 biological and 1 adopted. She works as a freelance bookkeeper and a part-time payroll assistant. Ari is a 5 Star General in the military, widowed for years. He is the commanding officer in the CN province. Known to be ruthless, merciless, and cruel to the enemies of the government, the media gave him a title: Tiger of Asia. A focused officer, his priority is his military career. He told his nephew decades ago, "I killed my heart, Adam." At the Happy Hearts Military Ball... Do you believe in fate? Ari asks Savannah. No, I'm not familiar with it...Is it fate that we met at a time when I was ready to commit to a long-term relationship? Savannah was taken aback. Ari replied, "Perhaps in your book, but not in mine."I like you a lot. Ari is full of himself and arrogant. Savannah is feisty but an amazing person. Can they love completely without understanding the imperfections of each other? Will this relationship move forward to be the greatest love story of all time.

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105 Chapters
Chapter 1. Leaving San Francisco, California
As Boeing 747 joined the friendly skies of San Francisco, California en route to Manila, Savannah was seated beside the window admiring the view inside the aircraft. With a book on her lap, she intends to enjoy the 14-hour non-stop trip. She is going to see her friends from high school, finalize the transfer of her parents' landholdings to her nephews and nieces, and tie some loose ends from her first relationship.  Earlier this year, she learned that her ex-boyfriend from many years ago was still hurting and blaming her for his behaviour... He was always on the lookout for a relationship, he never stopped, while he was married for many many years. Savannah thought that she had this huge responsibility to fix it. She didn’t know-how. She decided to have a long talk with Eli. Maybe, just maybe, he would listen to her. She was in deep thoughts, not noticing a guy sitting on the aisle seat.
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Chapter 2. I would like to sit beside you.
The aircraft has 3 4 3 seating, and they are seated in 3, so Adam is sitting on 34A, 34B is vacant, and 34C is Savannah. It's okay to move to the vacant seat to whisper and not disturb others, hahaha. Adam moved to the 34B seat. Adam was rejoicing; he felt that his heart would like to get out of his chest. Savannah sounded so relaxed now. I hope we can be friends before the end of this trip. Why not? So what brings you to Manila? I am relocating to Tarlac to help my sister run the sugar plantation. I just retired, you know, so early retirement hahaha.......nothing else to do. I might as well be productive and enjoy the remaining days of my life. And maybe, I can find my soul mate. Permanently? So, you're looking for
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Chapter 3. My past mistakes
Why you're interested in my life story?  Savannah asks Adam I would like to get to know you!  Adam said Why? Adam chuckles...I told you mine so I was hoping you tell me yours! Fair enough...okay, let me give you some snippets... When I was 18 years old, I had my first boyfriend. He is older than me, around 5 years gap. We had been boyfriend/girlfriend for 5 years until I called it off. I was immature at that time. I was jealous and insecure, still a student. He hold a very important position in the bank. He traveled and brought her secretary cum teller. Words reached me that they are having a relationship, though he did not confirm that. I was mad as hell. I break off with him. I got married but not to him. He was devastated.  His family hates me. After 20 years of marriage, my husband left us for another younger woman. Take note..younger woman. I left with my children and immigrated to California. Got a working visa and
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Chapter 4. I will cherish this moment.
Adam and Savannah enjoyed each other's company. They laughed, they ate, drank, then laughed again.  You’re a good listener Adam and easy to talk with.... I am sure you could be a great boyfriend or even a husband. Don’t forget to send me an email when you’re getting married. She will be so lucky to have you. Thank you Savannah, appreciate that coming from you! Remember Adam, communication is very important in any relationship. You can communicate well, coming from your heart. I can feel your sincerity. I will pray that you can meet someone that you deserve. You’re a good person. Sav, your patronizing me huh! No, Adam.... I am expressing my opinion and thoughts about you.  This is very memorable for me Sav... I will always cherish the moments of our 14-hour trip. Same here Adam... I will not forget you! You made my trip so easy and comfortable. The real truth about why I don’t go home very often is because the 14 hour
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Chapter 5. Welcome home Savannah
Savannah’s trip to CN province is another hour on the plane. Excitement and mixed emotions are setting in. Will they be able to recognize me or will I may be able to recognize them? It was sunny but a little bit windy in CN province when Savannah arrived. She was met by her friends, had the prelim lunch, said hello to one another. It was a sumptuous lunch, happy moments, and picture taking.   They agreed to meet again at dinner time.  Meantime, Savannah checked in at Bella’s bed and breakfast for 20 days. Her plan is to walk on the beach every morning, do some writing, take pictures and will visit the famous butterfly farm in the area. CN province was an old community even before the discovery of the Philippines by Magellan in 1521. The early settlers were believed to be direct descendants of the group of datus who escaped from the court of Brunei (Borneo) to evade the enmity of a ruling rajah. In 1571, Juan de Salcedo a
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Chapter 6. Walking on the beachfront and Military Ball
Early morning before the sunrise, Savannah was walking on the beachfront, enjoying the breeze and the walk. It was refreshing. Unbeknownst to her, a tall guy wearing a ray ban was watching her.  After an hour, she received a text message that her friend Allan was running late. Then, she was approached by an unknown guy. Good Morning Mam, We would like to invite you for a cup of coffee in our tent. Thank you but no thanks! I am waiting for my friend to pick me up to have breakfast. Maybe, while waiting, my boss can share coffee with you. He is the commander in chief of this province and a 5-star general.  Savannah was irritated..... Tell your boss, even if he is a 10-star general, I will not have coffee with him. We are being hospitable to you Mam. Please don't shut us up! The tall guy wearing a Ray Ban was approaching them. What is going on here? I am inviting her for a coffee, Sir! I overheard
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Chapter 7. Adam is your nephew?
While Ari and Savannah were in the middle of the ballroom, a tall guy from the entrance of the ballroom was watching them dance. He felt a dagger was thrown into his heart. It was hard to watch them dance the way Ari held Savannah in an intimate position. He had difficulty breathing. He went out for a while and breathed, then after 20 minutes he went back and whispered something to the person guarding the entrance of the hall. The guard went to Ari and whispered something. That time, Ari and Savannah were now seated at the table. Let him in and join us here at our table. Ben, please add another chair beside me. My nephew is here.A tall guy is walking to the table with a wide smile and hugs Ari. Hi Uncle Ari, It's been a while.Yes, it's been a while...good to see you, Adam.Hey, Adam, it's you! Why are you here?Yes Sav, it's me! How are you?I am fine Adam... Thank you!Did you know each other? Ari was surprised.<
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Chapter 8. Letting go.
Meanwhile, a military officer was watching from a distance and recognized Savannah. He waited until the General and Savannah were back, seated on the table, then he approached Sav.Hi Ms. Sav, I hoped you would remember me. We are neighbors. You’re my sister Ann’s friend.Ohh Yes, I remember you Cris, my neighbor? And we are friends on Facebook, right! Savannah said.Who can forget a childhood neighbor who stole my brother’s heart? Cris jokingly said.You’re funny! Edna here?No, unfortunately, she missed seeing you. Her mother is in the hospital. She needs to attend to her.Sorry to hear that. What happened?She slipped into the bathroom, her hips were dislocated. Is she okay now? Savannah askedShe will be. Let’s have a chat later to catch up. Cris said.Why not now Cris? Sav responded.May I be excused for a while. I need to talk to Cris alone.Ari said, Sure.... Cris,
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Chapter 9. Tell me something about her.
You told me, Allan, she’s a childhood friend. Tell me something about her, Ari asked.Sav belongs to a big family. Her father has 10 siblings and 8 of them migrated to the US. When we were in high school, she was one of the beauties we had. She's always wearing stateside tops and shoes. Tall, beautiful, and smart. She was one of the most active students in extracurricular activities in our class. Though she was shy at that time, she gained a lot of friends. Her family was very protective of her. She can't attend parties, no weekend movies except she goes with her family. I don’t know if it's tough for her, but it seems that she’s good at coping with her father’s strict guidelines. She turned out to be okay. She is a good person, decent, and focuses on what she does. She doesn’t play around. While Allan and Ari are whispering, Savannah is brought back by Cris.General... As promised, I am returning Sav to you, without any scrat
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Chapter 10. I am going to marry her.
Yes Cris! I have been waiting for her to come home. Now she's back! This is my only chance to marry my true love.Cris was so stunned but he did not show it to General Ari. He was so worried now about Sav.Let’s go back. Dinner will be served in a minute. This is confidential, Cris. Sure, General, you can count on me.As soon as they get back to their individual table, dinner is served.When the plates were served, Ari was so attentive to Savannah’s plate, he cut the steak into little pieces then turned to her, now eat, it's ready. You have to drink coffee, not wine, since you have a low tolerance to alcohol.Thank you, Ari. I can do that you know. And I can handle at least 2 shots of red or white wine, so I can take care of my heart, Savannah said.No, avoid alcohol, please. There’s more options to take care of your heart. Just accept me and I will take care of you, not only your heart!Everyone was stu
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