Abused Yet Indestructible Princess

Abused Yet Indestructible Princess

By:  Mayemura Special  Completed
Language: English
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All her life Summer wished to get her wolf and exact revenge on all those who wronged her. But upon meeting Sunny her wolf everything changed. A great responsibility to save her kind and humanity is thrust upon her. To accomplish this, she has to embrace empathy, compassion, virtuousness as well as forgiveness. Journey with Summer as she overcomes all negativity through love and forgiveness.

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177 chapters
A Glimpse Of My Life And Unanswered Questions
Summer POV SUMMER!" "Get your lazy, ugly, good for nothing ass down here right now!" I woke up with a start. I know that voice. And I know that only spells trouble. However, it's nothing new because this is like the daily bread that I feast on since I remember. Oh! Point of correction, only when dad is not around. Mother always has to wake me up around four every morning so I clean up and cook for everyone. Iron again my siblings' clothes and hers for work. Note, iron again. Irrespective of the fact that I would have laundered and ironed them before. I still have to do it again. And if I dare wake up not on the appointed time, I get a thorough whooping on my bum. Her reason being no one would see it.Anyway, today is one of those days. Dad has been called by the werewolf king to assist with rogue attacks in the kingdom. Since he is an awesome mighty warrior, he's always been sought after by almost every pack in the world. Which leaves me alone with my monster mom and straight o
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Embrace It Or Erase It
Tina POVI woke up this morning and I couldn't believe what was happening. The strong scent of the Ocean and mixed berries was nearly choking me. Is that woman here? How when am so sure I put her to sleep for good. What's happening.? Who is the intruder? This scent is more pronounced. In fact, it's totally engulfed me. I summon my power. Just a fraction of it to ensure that I don't reveal who I really am. When I get out of my bedroom, I'm shocked to note that the scent is coming from Summer's room."SUMMER!!!" "Get your lazy, ugly, good for nothing ass down here right now!!!!" I literally scream the whole place down. She must have woken up with a start and I see her coming down in a t-shirt and jogger pants. The moment she reaches the kitchen, forgetting that I'd activated a part of my strength, I hit her straight into the gut. The impact caused her to fall. She hits her head on the counter and I can smell blood."Tell me right now, why the hell you'd conceal something like that y
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An Overwhelming Protective Feeling
Luke POVI woke up today with a certain restlessness that I couldn't quite figure out the cause. I felt my wolf pacing up and down as well. We are both unsettled but can't precisely pinpoint the reason. I sigh. I try again to ask Luca my wolf if he has any idea, but he tells me he is equally as clueless as I am. Exasperated, I start pacing up and down my office. Suddenly I am engulfed by this strong desire to go and see Summer my niece. The feeling is indescribable. It is like an overwhelming need to protect her. I am baffled. What is going on? Even for my twins, I have not felt this overprotective. "Just get up and go see her already!" Luca snarls at me. To say I am baffled is not even appropriate. I am literally paralysed in shock. He has never once used that kind of tone with me. Just as I was about to go out, Hannah the omega who is mute brings me coffee. "Do not drink it Luke!!" Again
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Finally Free
Sunny POVI am finally free. Am not sure how we did it but The barrier broke loose. I've tried to break through the mental barrier that she'd built up over the years but couldn't. It was the spells from Tina, the wolfsbane she'd always put in Summer's food coupled with her own defensive barrier she put up. I have been trying to reach to my human but couldn't. As I am a special wolf both strong and rare, I could not force her. She had to embrace me. So I guess the knock to her head did the trick for me. By falling unconscious, she let down her guard and I managed to reach out to her. I am so ecstatic that we are finally one now. Though we will not shift for a while, we can use our power. I have to help her group up her allies. So when Luke entered, I immediately drew him into the magical world we are currently residing in. He had to know. He has to see. But I can't show him everything yet. It's just to cause a little stirring.  Enough to coz
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Dr Boyce POVIt's been two days since Tina rushed here to the pack hospital with an unconscious Summer in her hands. It was a very peaceful morning and I was just sitting in my office admiring the lush green scenery of the forest behind the hospital. It soothes me. It gives me a certain unexplainable peace and tranquility. It was then that Tina rushed in. I quickly switched to my doctor mode. As werewolves our job is not difficult. Usually we heal easily. It's in very extreme cases where we really need the intervention of a doctor. Only if it's damage inflicted by silver, wolfsbane or a spell from the dark witches. Of which the latter is not even possible since all the witches were completely wiped out into extinction in the last great war. We only know of witches, wizards and warlocks from the folklores. We don't know whether it's even true. Anyway, I checked on warrior Levi's daughter and I must say I was a little taken ab
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Mixed Emotions
Levi's POVI was in the middle of a vicious fight with the king of the rogues in the Northern kingdom when I felt it.It was a wave of some unexplainable emotional outburst. I almost got killed by Darius the rogue king. Luckily, it was momentary and I regained my composure and focused on the task at hand. Quickly, I dodged Darius's attack and grabbed him by the throat. I hurled him far to the big mahogany tree and he hit the trunk and fell down. That's all I needed. That momentary dizziness. I phased into my human form and used my super human speed to reach him. Because of the  pain caused by the impact of my throw, he was also now in human form. I quickly injected him with wolfsbane as I did not want to kill him. I needed him alive to extract all the information regarding the rogue attacks all around the world.  So the wolfsbane would not kill him but it would incapacitate his wolf for a few hours. That would be enough to r
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Levi's POVAs soon as I get home with Tina she was ready to jump me. Ok that's fine we are mates after all. But what's queer is our daughter is lying unconscious in the hospital and for me it's rather odd. When Carla was sick a year ago, she couldn't even bear a pat on the back from me. Let alone a hug just to comfort her. I brush it off and convince her as  Lee had requested. "Honey, Dr Boyce has told me that you hardly left the hospital for the past two days. I want you to go out with the girls and check if Luna Ella can accompany you as well. I'll just freshen up then go meet with Luke and update him on my journey. Then I'll pass through the hospital and check on Summer. "  She smiled and complied. I on the other hand  mentally released a sigh of relief. I didn't think she'd be that easy to convince. Hastily, I run upstairs to take a quick shower. Whilst getting dressed I try to communicate with my wolf. " He
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Reliving The Torture(Flashback)
Summer POVOh dear I don't even know where to start. Am thrilled to have finally met my wolf. She's sassy yet adorable. She's dominant yet very compassionate. She oozes wisdom and confidence as well as love, care and compassion. I Know that I actually sound funny. But it's true. So currently we are in a world of our own. At first I could not even recall anything else except my name. Sunny, my wolf's name by the way. So Sunny here has been talking in riddles honestly. Then she's got this adorable thick accent. What I don't get though is why she speaks Spanish. I am a thousand percent sure that no one from my lineage is Spanish. Well, those that I know of. On either maternal or paternal side. So I've been going through a routine with madam Sunny. She says am too scrawny. Can y'all believe that.? So since she's got magic, (oops I didn't tell you now did I?) she's been treating me to five star meals every time. Right now we are
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Reliving The Torture Part 2
Summer's POVWhen they go out I lie there motionless. The pain is excruciatingly unbearable. I don't even know how I could survive this. I cry on the inside but it's like my tear ducts just dried up. A big part of me is in denial. I am so convinced that Sunny played one of her magic tricks on me just so I hate my family. But why? Why would she do that? I decide not to be biased and look back. I remember that every time my dad was not there mom has always treated me differently. Sometimes even when dad was there. If ever he asked she'd reprimand him saying I'm the first born and has to be taught to be responsible. In my heart of hearts, I've been really waiting for my wolf so I could leave home. Seeing as I am pretty intelligent and was ahead of my age mates, that wasn't gonna be difficult. I figured that a part of me has always felt unwanted. The big question now is, how come I'd forgotten about all these horrible experiences? 
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Reliving The Torture Part 3
Summer's POVI woke up after a while. Pain radiates through out my whole body. It's unbearable. My throat is burning and it's literally parched. It takes me only a few seconds to recollect everything.  I've been sent back to my life two years back. From what it seems That's how all this really started. I recall my wolf's words. If I want this to be over I have to embrace everything. I try as much as I can to discern the whole situation. I have to understand why and know the motive behind everything. Sunny can only do so much for me but I have to gather enough strength to overcome my fears.  I've understood why I could forget all these horrible experiences. Mama used to wipe off my memory every time it was done. It's my theory but I'm sure Sunny could have blocked it off but she let it be to protect me. I can't imagine how I could have survived this if it wasn't for Sunny.  And my dad? He's completel
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