The girl in red hood

The girl in red hood

By:  reenxii  Ongoing
Language: Filipino
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Michael Angelo Abaroa is already in his fourth year as a Respiratory Therapy student. His main goal is to pass the Internship and make it to medical school. But things turned upside down when he met Adaleyza Duran. Adaleyza Duran is one of the patients in St. Luke Medical City. Despite having Leukemia, her views in life are positive. She longs for someone who can stay with her despite her condition. Somehow, these two happened to cross their paths. It all started when Adaleyza has mistakenly crashed Michael’s car window. Just like Michael’s shattered car window, will he also let Adaleyza break his heart into shards? Or will he stop her and guard himself up? Will he take Adaleyza’s hand and invite her to the passenger seat as they take their journey together? Or will he drop her off and venture his life journey alone? Dream or Love? Which is which?

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3 chapters
Chapter 1
“That’ll be two hundred and fifty-six pesos, sir,” the woman from the counter said as she placed the last item on the plastic bag. I pulled out a 500 peso bill and handed it to her. Matapos kong makuha ang sukli, lumabas na ako ng convenience store. Bustling streets welcomed my sight. People walked past me. Others were busy strolling along the pavements of the shops. Cars and taxis were hooting. Tipikal na araw sa Avia City. Others might find it annoying, but for me who lives here all my life, the noise ironically calms my mind. I crossed over to the other side. I’m going to meet Addy today. Just the thought of her makes my heart pound so fast, ano pa kaya kung makikita ko na ulit siya? Laman ng plastic bag na ‘to ang mga paboritong snacks ni Addy. Sigurado akong matutuwa siya. I walked past the coffee shop and turned left. Sa bawat hakbang ko, gayundin ang paghina ng in
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Chapter 2
As I sensed the guy dragging his new girl inside the club, I quickly pulled away. The girl in front of me still had her eyes closed and her lips still half-open. I smirked. Looks like someone liked my kiss huh? I took it as a chance to stare at her. Her lashes were long and naturally curled. She had thick brows. Her nose was not that pointy, but it fits her. And her lips, it was soft. Her height is probably about five foot four or something. Kailangan ko pang yumuko para halikan siya. I wonder why that jerk cheated on her. Clearly, her face is not the reason at all. In fact, her face looks like a walking heart-breaker. “Bro, ba’t mo naman ako iniwan do’n?” Wayne entered the scene. The girl immediately opened her eyes. Her face flushed after realizing what just happened. Well, me too. What was I even thinking? Muli kaming nagkatinginan. Dude, I think the word beautiful will not
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Chapter 3
“Dude, did you see the nurse from the emergency room? She’s hot. Totally my type,” Wayne said dreamily. I raised my brow and playfully bumped his shoulder. “Pull yourself together, fucker. Your old man might catch you drooling over a nurse.” Wayne chuckled and bumped my shoulder too. “Loser.” Just when we’re about to reach the exit of the emergency room, we were signaled by the nurse to step aside. Agad naman kaming tumabi. Ilang sandali pa’y may pumasok na paramedics, isang lalaking duguan ang kamay ang nakahiga sa taas ng stretcher. Napasinghap kami ni Wayne sa nasaksihan. Others might think na bakit naman magiging ganoon ang reaksyon namin gayong medical student naman kami. You see, nurses, doctors, and other healthcare practitioners like us are humans too. Ang mga kilalang doctor at ibang mga personalidad sa medical realm ay minsan ring dumaan
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