Never ending addiction

Never ending addiction

By:  Pooja Parte  Completed
Language: English
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'Eira' The girl who has frozen heart, no Anger, no happiness, no pain, no lust and desire just like a clean slate. Most importantly she doesn't know that she is a werewolf because she haven't shifted yet, the reason behind it, is still unknown. She was living her life like a human for the last twenty four years, minding her own business and doing what she has been told. But her life took twisted turn when her mate found her in the forest, coated in her own blood. The Alpha Claimed her but what will he do after finding out that his mate is just a living body, not caring or loving at all. Would Eira's Frozen heart melt when he will reveal the dark secrets in front of her one by one. How will Eira take it after finding out about her own dark life. She is not ready to embrace him... And he has NO intentions to let her go...

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61 chapters
1) Whispers!
Authors povThe night was hollow, filled with darkness as wind roamed in the dark forest like the king, The full moon was hidden behind the thick dark clouds, filled with rustling of fallen leaves and faint sounds of owls hoot, also the accompanying sound of A stream burbles as it travels along its bed, bubbling over rocks and fallen branches as massive river flows to the South. The night was scary and it's calmness was threatening, alluring it's pray to fall in its trap.Ignoring all these things Eira was solely concentrated to listen the breathing and panting voices of her prays. 'Eira' The name was given to her by her master considering her platinum silver hair just like snow and she was just like that, cold as ice.Eira is a one of the best assassin, Trained as a professional killer. She was told to assassinate the one of the important personality. There was no choice to deny the work, she has to do wh
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2) Obscure feeling!
Authors pov Eira blinked few times to clear her vision, her leg was stinging but as soon as the pain arising, quickly it was disappearing too. She never feels the pain more than mere seconds and it amused her in the beginning, not anymore.  When her vision was steady she found herself on the soft silk like king size bed, never in her life she has slept on the bed like this, it was either floor or cheap mattress.  Frowning she looked around, the bedroom was big but dimly lit. Partly by the chandelier and partly by the candles. The large window was covered by the long red curtains which was occasionally swaying with the wind. The fireplace was also adding to the source of light and room was warmer than outside.The antiques and the furniture looked royal. Eira tried to lean back to the bedpost with difficulty, her body was feeling heavy and head was still dizzy. She noticed thick cotto
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3) Unrecognized!
Authors povEira slowly opened her eyes As drug wear off from her system. Blinking few times she looked at the lavish ceiling and then realization hit her.She is in house of a stranger, he has seen her face. He found her in the forest that means he has saw dead bodies too. He knows that she is a killer. Showing your face to someone while you are on mission was strictly against the rules. Her chief will definitely punish her but that was not the concern for her. The problem was if The handsome man creates some difficulties for her then she have to kill him and she didn't wanted to kill her saviour.She was not that much of a monster.Eira was sure that her chief must have ordered other fighters to track her down, thinking that she is betraying them. Before things got out of hand she must reach to them first.The sun was on its peak, the window was wide open letting the bre
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4) Hallucination or reality?
Authors pov "no, thank you I'll do the rest..."Eira said to maid after she helped her in the washroom, she couldn't take bath as her wounds were still fresh so the maid arranged the sponge bath for her.  Eira is used to do her all work by herself so she wasn't allowing the maid to wipe her body."Miss but it's an order from the Al___ I mean sir, to help you." "I'll call you when I need something... this, I will do by myself..."She answered in dismissing tone, the maid nodded and left. Eira squeezed the water out of the sponge and cleaned her legs and arms, giving special attention to her wounds. It takes hardly one week for her wounds to heal whenever she gets injured and pain was almost non-existent. After cleaning she tried to reach her back but couldn't. "May I help you?..."She looked at the xavion who was standing in fr
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5) Fight for it!
Authors povEira Changed herself into denim shorts and t-shirt which she was provided by one of the maid.She was still in confusion and was not sure what she just saw. How can someone turned into an animal. Never in her life she has seen or heard something like this, her whole life she was Engulfed in the martial arts and discipline while other girls of her age was watching and reading fantasy world. She has no idea what werewolves are, that vampires do exist and witches linger around too.Whatever she saw just few hours ago was none of her business until it gets in her way. Werewolf or not she has no interest in it. she was feeling good now, perfectly fine and ready to go. She doesn't care if supernatural World exist or not, it's none of her business and she would love to stay away.She tied her hair in ponytail And went out of his luxurious washroom. Marble floor and walls with huge bat
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6) Not a human!
Authors pov Eira rolled on her bed restlessly, it was still unbelieving that she lost and now have to stay here with him. If she want she can leave the place but she has given him her words. She lost a fair chance to win against him but was it really fair? Sighing she sat up, sleep didn't even graced her for a blink. Eira was sure that her chief will find her so it wasn't a big problem. They will take her back no matter what, so she wasn't wasting her energy in trying to escape now. But this wasn't the main concern now, the problem is she was feeling restless all night and it was happening since Xavion has left her alone after the fight. Somewhere she was missing his presence, her mind was continuously diverting towards him. She couldn't understand why. It was almost sunrise time, she could hear singing of birds and red, orange colors slowly taking over the sky. Eira made her way towards the bathroom
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7) The wolf!
Authors pov "You are a werewolf not a human..."He declared and her eyes snapped towards him. "What?"Eira's eyebrows scrunched together in confusion. "Yes Eira... You are a werewolf..."His hold was still firm around her.  "I don't believe you..."Eira said, pushing herself away from him.  Before she could stand up xavion made his way out of the pond and wrapped a towel around his waist, not even glancing at her as he didn't wanted to lose his control looking at her naked body. When he turned around he saw her in front of a Human size mirror and big fluffy towel wrapped around her. Xavion walked towards her crushing the young green grass beneath his feet. Eira stiffened in her place when he wrapped his hand around her waist from behind and placed his face in crook of her neck."Mr. Xavion what are__" 
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8) The pendant!
Authors pov "are you ready?..."Xavion asked as he saw Eira standing near the window, admiring the view outside. The day was rainy with dark thick clouds in the sky. Her long platinum hair were swinging with the breeze, her blue orbs were mesmerizing but they were still cold. Plump lips were set into thin line and he was eager to see smile on them. His eyes admired her slender figure, she has a body of athletes. His wolf growled proudly looking at his beautiful mate. When he got no response from her, he walked towards her and stood behind her, placing his hands on her shoulders gently and inhaling her scent which never fails to drive him crazy."What are you thinking about?"Eira turned around and shook her head not wanting to say anything. Within two days her life has taken 360 degree turn. She is not a human but a werewolf which she had no idea about, the hallucinations she was getting was not hall
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9) First kiss!
Authors pov Eira's eyes widened in horror."NO!..." Adrenaline rushed inside her when she saw him taking a jump on the baby, before he could reach there, Eira rushed towards the kid and pulled the little boy away making the wolf land on the empty ground.  The wolf furiously scratched the ground and his angry growl echoed in the forest. Eira held on the baby tightly and started running towards the direction of the cemetery. The big black wolf started chasing them, thankfully Eira was a fast runner. The baby was clutching on her like a snake to sandalwood. She could heard the wolf reaching near to them. Xavion chased them furiously, stomping on the wet ground and crushing the dead branches beneath his paws. He could see Eira tripping over the wet and slippery ground but she didn't give up, she was running for the life of the child.  She had no idea why she was doin
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10) Undeserving hate!
Authors pov Eira quickly ducked down and ran towards the xavion as Aron attacked her, she was Unarmed and there is no way she can fight with the Angry Wolf. This was The first time when she realized that, she has started trusting xavion, so much that she knows he will protect her. Xavion quickly pushed her Aside from the way and shifted in his wolf.Xavion tackled Aron on the ground and hovered over him, growling. Aron was quick to submit under the Alpha. When he was calm and submitted, xavion stepped away from him. Eira couldn't understand why he attacked her, she didn't triggered him in any way. She stood there as xavion controlled his brother. This is the first time she witnessed the power of The Alpha. Aron's wolf was smaller than Xavion's but they were growling at each other like they are having conversation in their own language. After few minutes Aron stopped growling and s
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