Save Me

Save Me

By:  Alexia_Dream  Completed
Language: English
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Mia Anderson was known for her nonstop drinking addiction. With a strong will to make a life-changing diction that gave her the determination to be a successful businesswoman. With only small part-time jobs, Mia was able to earn a little money. With her mindset on a more Exclusive job, Mia signed up for an accounting position But unfortunately, with her terrifying background, which meant she has been rejected that opportunity evolved with her going back to her old habits that later turned into a terrifying experience she never thought would happen.

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12 chapters
(Save Me) My Sister's Visit
Emma Lying in my bed, shifting back and forth, I can’t wait for the next day to arrive to see my sister Mia. It’s been three years since Mia left for Chicago to pursue her dreams to be a successful businesswoman. Ever since I turned 17, I’ve always wondered what it was like to be able to do whatever I want whenever I want without being watched 24 seven by my controlling mother. As I lay in bed with my hands and feet crossed, gazing up at my ceiling, too excited to fall asleep. I thought some calming music could help me doze off quicker. After a few minutes of listening to a little instrumental music, I fell asleep almost immediately with the music still playing and my headphones still in my ears. I woke up the next day to the sun parsing through my bedroom window, my headphone and cellphone still in the same spot from last night. I crawled out of my tiny bed to the sweet smell of my mom downstairs making pancakes. I went into the kitchen to s
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What have I done?
Mia With a shape pain in my head, I slowly started to regain consciousness. I steadily lift my head from what I understood was the dashboard to the realization that we crashed into a tree I glanced over to the driver’s seat but was stunned with disbelief before realizing what I’ve done.            “E-Emma ….No please No”, stunned by the sight of my sister’s lifeless body as I begged her to please wake up.            “D-don’t worry, I’m going to go get help, ok, you’re going to be fine”, I stuttered but wasn’t able to detach her neck from the branch that came through the Windshield. Over and over again, I kept telling myself she was going to be okay, but with a heavy heart, I eventually accepted the truth. I placed my head on her chest to listen to the sound of no hope. I said my goodbyes and ran to the main road straight home on my journey home; questions started
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Touched by an Angel
Rushing back to the exact bar from last night, thinking to myself I could drink myself to death. “Bartender can I get a shot of whiskey” I shouted “Hey Mia, is it” shouted the bartender before placing the shot of whiskey in front of me “Do I know you?” “I’m a friend of Emma. I was the guy who called to you the other night and the one who called Emma to come and pick you up.” “Y-You’re the one who called her”, I whispered with tears dripping down my face. “Yeah, you couldn’t go home drunk. Are you ok?” “No, I’m not. I can’t take this anymore the grieve, the burden I didn’t mean it I said I was sorry, but it’s like I’m being tormented I know I killed Emma, and I’m truly sorry,” I shouted but was stunned after realizing what I had just said I immediately ran out the door leaving everything behind all I could hear was the sound of the bartender shouting my name. I dashed across the street, but due to my carelessness, I wasn’t able
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Back in Time
Day 1 "Mia you need to wake up", whispered Apollo as I jumped out of fright. "What happened?" "It's nothing you just scared me that's all", I replied as he slowly helped me off the living room floor "where are we?" "Well your home well not really home you're next door", he stated, pointing through the living room window when I noticed a teenage girl dressed in her black and white attire, hair nicely combed into a ponytail. I didn't waste any time before immediately sprinting across the lawn and over the fence. I paid no attention to Apollo shouting that I should come back. I ran up to the young lady before coming to a stop deciding that I should go back. Before I knew it, she turned to face me which resulted in her being startled. "Hi uh do I know you," she asked, but before I could say anything, a much older lady exited the house. "Emma who's your new friend," she asked "I don't know her she just came up to me."
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Switching of Faith
Day 2  “Mia wake up”, Apollo whispered “What Happened?” “Mia’s here and so is Emma’s new car”, he replied. At that moment, I could feel the fear running through my veins as he utters those words. I casually but quickly made my way outside to the sight of Emma taking pictures of her new car. “Good morning neighbour” I shouted as it felt as if those words struggled to exit my mouth  “Oh, Hey sandy look what I just got, a car can you believe that. I can drive myself to college with ease well the moment I actually pick a college which I’ll do later.” “Oh, that’s great you know Emma cars can sometimes be not so great, to be honest, it's one scary piece of technology. I prefer walking or maybe taking the bus” I giggled nervously, followed by Emma laughing before calling me “A weirdo” It didn’t take long before the fake Mia walked out of the house. “Wow not going to lie but the fake Mia looks truly terrifyin
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(The Witches Legacy) A Night you'll Never Forget
[Suzan’s POV] After an amazing night out trick-or-treating with my three mature best friends Jack, Beth and Simon, it was finally time to head home. I dug around in my bag for a small candy to nibble on before Simon said something that made the hair on the back of my neck stand firm.    “Guys, how about we go visit the witch’s cabin? I heard she’s more active on Halloween, and if you knock three times on her front door, one of her windows will shatter, and that means she’s lurking inside the house. Come on. Wouldn’t that make Halloween way cooler?” he expressed, but of course, I was only 11 years old at the time, and hearing that made my blood run cold.  “Simon, I think we should just go home. It’s already getting late.” “Oh, come on, Suzan. You’re so boring. People have gone there, and nothing happened. We’re just going to visit the cabin and see if something does happen.” “But what if something does happen? I’
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Friends to the End
[Jack’s POV]I woke up the next day to my usual morning fragrance, which is my dad downstairs having a cigarette for breakfast. I stretched and yawned before glancing over at my watch to see it was ten in the morning. I crawled out of my tiny bed, scratching my genitals meanwhile making my way over to the bathroom to take a hot bath and get dressed.I left the house in search of breakfast at our local diner. I made my way down the street on my black and blue bicycle, but I couldn’t help but notice Luke passing out flyers.“Hey Jack, could you come here for a minute.”I rode over to Luke as I completely zoned out, placing all my focus on what was on the flyer when I instantly got nervous after seeing a photo of Suzan, and in big letters were the words “MISSING” A chill ran down my spine as I watched Luke hand me a few flyers.“So would you mind handing these out for me,” he asked. I no
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What Just Happened?
[Jack’s POV]Seating on the edge of my bed, staring intensely at my alarm clock, nervously waiting for my alarm to go off.I listened to the dread sound of my alarm as I blankly gazed off into space, my muscles tensed up as if I was starting to change my mind.When I was startled by a tapping sound coming from outside my bedroom window, too terrified to see what was making that sound, so instead, I ignored it?“He Jack, we said 1 pm bro,” Simon shouted. I sighed in relief, finally having the courage to leave the house. It was an aggravating 2-hour walk in the woods when we all froze in fear. The moment we spotted the creep house in the distance.“Oh, would you look that” Simon shouted, getting ready to toss a rock?“Wow- wow- wow, you said you would knock, are you trying to piss the thing off.”“You're such a fucking woos, now if you didn't notice. I was proving a point
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Luke Walgreen
[Luke POV]Flashback“Hey Jack, could you come here for a minute” I shouted as I continued to pass out flyers.“S-Suzan’s missing, and I’ve been out here all day passing out flyers. I could use some help so, would you mind handing these out for me,” I asked. He nodded his head, collected the flyers, and went on his way. Weirdly I had this urge to observe him there, was something off about his sudden mood change before I was startled by my best friend Adam shouting my name, well, not quite.“Hey Lucy, guess what, never mind, I’ll just tell you I have an amazing day planned for both of us and, it involves ladies. What do you say?” “Bro, my sister is missing I’m truly not in the mood to party,” I stated, slowly backing away.“Come on, Lucy, are you going to keep the ladies waiting.”“It's Luke ass wipe get it right&rd
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The stench smell of rot and decay flesh contaminated the air. With no capability to move, all I had left was to silently cry. As I watched, the witch paste around the room, sampling our blood. When I immediately realized that I was still capable of feeling pain which I shouldn’t.The witch tossed Simon’s body onto the table in the centre of the room, grabbed an Axe as she started to decapitate him. My eyes widened. My heartbeat, rapidly as I had no option but to watch that thing consume my best friend, my stomach grew tighter, trying to stay focused on getting out of here.“Come on! Come on! Please, I know I can do this, please,” I repeated over and over again in my head. My body grew tense as if my eyeballs were going to pop out of my head as I tried to mentally and physically force my body to move.My eyes widened, startled at the fact that the witch suddenly started screaming. The scream echoed throughout the room, causing my eye&rsquo
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