Secrets of Wyoming

Secrets of Wyoming

By:  Sadieperez9  Completed
Language: English
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When Samantha Layne's world gets turned upside down and her marriage falls apart, there is only one place she can go. The family home in Wyoming. Alone and heartbroken, Samantha tries to start over in a new state, but when the hot new neighbor decides to start sticking his nose where it doesn't belong, Samantha receives the shock of a lifetime. As the secrets begin to unfold all around her, will Samantha be able to move past them and love again?

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66 Chapters
    There's no way...Absolutely no way. We always use protection, and I'm on the pill. How can there be two lines? Two! How can I be two weeks late?    I drop the disgusting pee stick into the sink before staring at myself in the mirror.   What am I going to say to Adam? We aren't ready for a baby. Our marriage is so rocky right now, and his parents aren't supportive at all. Out of the seven years of us being together, I can only remember his mother smiling at me twice. And neither were genuine.   I shake my head and force the pessimistic thoughts from my mind. That's not how I should be responding to this news. I should be happy! Overjoyed, even. "I can do this," I mumble before brushing my flyaways from my face.    I can be a mom. Maybe this baby is what we need. All we have been doing lately is fighting about everything, which isn't us...The fighting all started about the time he b
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    I gulp down my Dr. Pepper almost desperately before grabbing another one of Adam's shirts. I place my glass down before picking up my Ralph Lauren perfume bottle. I spray the collar just like I've done all the others and hang it back up.      Even though every cell in my body is calling for violence and destruction, I fight it. If I destroy his stuff the way I want to, he will know how hurt I am. How utterly broken I am, and I refuse to give him the satisfaction. He doesn't deserve my love or my tears. What he deserves is endless hours of smelling me. Endless hours filled with missing me.    I have decided he is nothing but a weak coward who still hides in his mother's skirts. No matter how hard his father pushed the importance of family and tradition on him, I guess it wasn't enough. It only took six months of hard times for him to cheat. Because "precious" Kelly said they had been together for six months and our fighting only
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       It's done. I'm free. Finally! I sigh as I stand to my feet. Happiness is pulsing, ready to erupt right under my skin, but I contain it. I need to remain dignified since the enemy hasn't left the courtroom.   I straighten my pencil skirt and push a stray curl behind my ear. I offer Mr. Hedge my hand, and I give him a big smile.    "We did it, sir," I say, and he returns my smile and handshake before refocusing on gathering his notes.   "We sure did. It wasn't easy, but we did it. You have officially divorced Mr. Polk and are once again a free woman. If there is...Oh yes, umm, Ms. Layne, tomorrow, could you stop by my office around 3 pm. A few days ago, I was contacted over a separate matter that I need to discuss with you," Mr.Hedge says as if he just remembered the separate thing we needed to discuss.   He packs up the few documents left on the table, and my brain panic
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New Home
    I stand up and stretch my back before rubbing my rounding stomach. I let out a long whistle as I take in my surroundings. This place is beautiful! Beautiful and big. I have no idea how I will take care of the house, let alone the land, but it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.    I press my hand to my forehead to cancel out the setting sun and smile. The rustic mansion isn't just beautiful; it is gorgeous, and the backdrop is something you would see on a postcard. I still can't believe this is all mine.    When I contacted the lawyers handling Hazel Layne's estate, aka my grandmother, I learned about the size of the house and how much money I was inheriting. When the lawyer had informed me I would be receiving just under 63 million after taxes, I fainted.   I don't know the story behind my father's family and where their money came from, but I know I am a millionaire—a millionaire with no ide
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PLEASE LEAVE REVIEWS IT HELPS MY STORIES!!! I NEED TO KNOW WHERE I CAN IMPROVE OR WHAT I AM DOING RIGHT. THANK YOU DANIEL POV (A few weeks before Samantha moves to Wyoming) "I don't care. I don't know why you insist on looking for a Layne spawn after all these years, but I told you before, and I will tell you again. Leave me out of it," I snarl before my fraternal town brother can say another word on the matter. I grab a hay bale and toss it effortlessly into the stall of my favorite gelding. Stanley follows me to the next stall, and I grind my teeth together. "Dan, stop! This is serious. This isn't like the old days when territories could transfer hands without humans knowing. The land is still in the Layne name. I had to make sure there wasn't a single living descendant before we could purchase it. Dad did have me go into law for a reason, you know. We have to keep shifters secret. You being a fucking hot-head isn't going to cut it," Stan snaps, and I freeze. My co
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SAM POV     "Coming," I call as I quickly make my way to the front door.   I don't want to keep my rescuer waiting, and I especially don't want to spend another minute in this house alone. Forty-five minutes of hiding under a comforter that would do very little to protect me from claws were enough.    When I get to the front hall, I smooth back my crazy unbrushed hair as best as possible. I glance down at my clothes and grimace, but I'm not going back upstairs to change. These sweats are comfortable, and I desperately need comfort right now.   I place a believable smile on my face and swing the door open to greet Daniel Gray, but as soon as he comes into view, I wish I was back upstairs under my protective layer.   The tall piece of man-candy standing at my door looks as if he wants to eat me. His blue eyes are ablaze with so much ag
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    "This place is beautiful," I whisper as Daniel pulls in front of a house similar to mine.    He gives me a broad smile before unbuckling his seatbelt...and mine.  "Not as nice as yours. I'm guessing you haven't checked out your barn," Daniel says before hopping out and heading around the front of the truck.    He opens my door, and I tilt my head curiously.    "There is a barn on my property," I ask, and he nods while offering me his hand.      I take it and get out, but my wheels are still turning.    "How do you know that," I ask, and he looks a little shocked by my question.    He grabs my bag from the floorboard and closes the door to the truck before answering me.    "We used to stay on that land. Mrs. Layne was over there by herself, so we tended the land and helped out," he replies while trying to seem distracted. <
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   DANIEL POV "So Samantha Layne is your mate," Stan asks before throwing the rock across the smooth water.   "Yes," I whisper as the light wind gently blows through the trees.     Sweat and dirt tickle my skin, but I ignore them. My body is pulsing with emotions I have never felt before, and they are so intense I couldn't even enjoy our pack run tonight.   A run we should have done before Samantha even moved here, but we didn't. It's been weeks since we went for a good run. The Gray pack needed to get out, and the park rangers needed us to do our job. So even though Samantha being here is risky, we felt since she was sleeping, it was the perfect time. "What are you going to do? She doesn't know anything about shifters, let alone mates. Plus, she seems super skittish," Stan asks while our packmates wrestle around in wolf form ten yards aw
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Getting acquainted
SAMANTHA POV     Tracking down a bathroom in a huge unfamiliar house while trying to be as quiet as possible is hard.   I tried holding my weak morning bladder for as long as possible, but it's still only seven-thirty....much too early to wake up a house full of people playing gracious hosts.   My foot finds a squeaky spot on the floor, and I freeze. Damn... The sun isn't even up, and I'm going to wake up the whole house because my child has decided my bladder is its pillow.     After a few seconds of holding my breath and staying perfectly still, I take another cautious step forward. I shift my weight to avoid making the floor cry out again just as the closed-door I am creeping past opens.   A smirking gorgeous woman, and I lock eyes as my foot touches back down on the floor. After a moment of her staring at me in amusement, I strai
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SAMANTHA POV   "Thanks for driving me the whole way. You really didn't have to. I know you must have better things to do on the ranch," I say while taking shy glances towards Daniel.    He has been quiet ever since breakfast this morning. Even when he gave me a complete tour of the house, he kept his distance and acted as if I had some incurable disease. I don't know if he regrets having a stranger underfoot or if I did something to offend him besides jumping in to stop him reprimanding an employee.   "It's no trouble. I like knowing you will arrive safely," Daniel replies, and my cheeks turn pink.     "Wow. Umm, thank you. That's sweet," I whisper with surprise in my voice.   Daniel gives me a sideways glance then smirks.   "I've been known to be sweet sometimes," he says, and his hot meter jumps from 100 to 1
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