High In Pursuit

High In Pursuit

By:  Nia94  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ryan, an outstanding police officer with the highest criminal arrest rate in the city. He is kind toward the innocent but cruel and violent to the criminal. There is no pity for those who oppressed the weak. This is a typical system and transmigration story, but, rather than meet truck-san, he is killed by a serial killer he has chased for years. Join his journey on world hopping with his snobbish system to resurrect back into his original world and apprehend the serial killer. Well, due to his good luck anyway, he meets the serial killer's reincarnation in every world he went into and continuing the game of cat and mouse between them. "Change the cannon fodder's fate? Who cares about that! As long as I can catch him by my own hands, I'll even become the devil himself!" (What rotten luck. I got a rather peculiar host this time -Sigh- Host! You need to finish your mission at least! Grab some points, damn it!) This is a work of fiction and purely comes from the writer's imagination. And the cover picture is not mine. Credit to the real owner.

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49 chapters
Prologue 1
Dyed in red color is someone's motionless body. That person's adulated chest rises up and down in a frantic manner. Gasps and pants for breath echoing in the surrounding. A puddle of blood pooling around Ryan's body, gushing out from the scarring wound on his neck.   He despised this color so much that he hated anything in red, including the food. Even his counselor couldn't help him in sorting out this matter. Once he saw the red color, he felt the urged to vomit, and his body started sweating profusely. However, he could not remember the reason why he despised this color.   You see, there's this one day, his soon-to-be girlfriend, Anna or something, wore a red, bright, and sexy knees length dress for their first date. Baffling, he involuntarily rejected her on the spot. She asked the rea
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Prologue 2
He blinked his eyes in confusion. He dumbly stares at his bleak and unmotivating surroundings.   Wow! He secretly exclaimed. Even if he despised the red color, however, a room in white is not a better choice either. It's reminded him of something unpleasant from his distant memories.   Wait! That's not the main point! He has already died, right? That damn sadistic bastard snapped his neck into two! He felt extreme pain before he loses his consciousness. Where is this place, anyway? A hospital? A morgue? Or a waiting room? But, room for what?   (This is a space boundary between the worlds.) A mechanical voice answered his question.   Ryan jolted in shock. His pupils constricted, languidly flickers every nook and cranny of the vast space.
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1.1 The First World
"Freeze! Dropped your weapon and put your hands above your head right now!" Ryan instantly dropped his knees on the ground and raised his hands as instructed. Amidst this chaos, something caught his attention. There's a bloodied knife dropped beside him. His eyes widen in shock. What is that thing? What the heck is this situation? Ryan blinked his eyes again, redeeming the absurd sight he saw just now. Did he kill someone? The first time he was being transmigrated, he had, unfortunately, had been branded as a murderer by the police? "Seize him!" The same voice instructed. Hasty footsteps approached him, and someone forced him to lay above the dirty ground with both of his hands twisted behind his back. Two police officers wearing casual clothes apprehended him. Ryan is still in a dumbfounded state. He surveyed his surroundings, and his sight falls into a bloody figure of a young woman not too far away from him. The woman's eyes look li
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1.2 : The First World
Author/Note: ( )-System speaking { }-Ryan speaking   ***   (Host, the plots, and the missions...?)   White Ball tried to probe the host's mental state.   {Can we discuss this silly matter tomorrow? I'm currently having a mental breakdown.} Ryan replied irritatingly. He is glaring at the innocent system.   (But, host-)   {Oh, come on. Have some common sense, please?! I'm already dead! Now, I'm talking with a mechanical system and forced to do unimportant missions for a nobody! Right now, my self-esteem is in grave danger! For me, being branded as a killer had the same effect as anyone facing the zombies for the first time! Can you, at least, tried to understand m
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1.3 The First World
Ryan tapped his finger on the wooden desk. The rhythm of the finger tapping is slow when his thinking is in its optimum state. But, when he's thinking is in a disordered state, or when Ryan is in a stress condition, the tapping becomes faster and annoyingly loud.   This tic is one of Ryan's bad habits that he cannot stop even after his soul changes its body. From his face, people usually cannot guess what is the man is thinking. However, his close friend and his coworker can gouge how deeper his thought trailed on based on the tapping of his finger.   Ryan's face frown in a deep concentration. He stared at the pictures of some women that scattered on the wooden desk with great interest. You must be assuming in your heart that he is contemplating something vital and worth anyone's attention
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1.4 The first world
A tall and muscular young man dressed in a stylish grey coat sitting comfortably in a bustling cafe.   The cafe which is situating in the middle of A city had been crowding with customers since morning. It is one of the most popular attraction spots of this busy city.   Cafe Au Latte.   This handsome young man is currently be admired by the other customers in the cafe, mainly by the women. They have been whispering nonstop while looking at him excitedly.   "Oh my god! He is so handsome!"   "He's a model, no, a celebrity! I will be his passionate fan and follow him on social media!"   "If I asked, will he gave me his name and his phone number?"   The man is
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Character Informations & Plots of the story
MC: Han Ryan(28)   An honorable(self proclaim), and an outstanding police officer with the highest arrest rate in the country. He chased after a famous serial killer for ten years and almost caught him. In the end, he, unfortunately, was killed by the said killer. He is a very passionate man that loves his work( women come second after that).   Antagonist: Doctor Jackal/ J   A famous serial killer that killed many women and men in MC's original world. He still killed people even after bounded himself to a dark system. He is a cunning and sly villain and acted possessive towards his toy(the MC).   ML: Derrick Lee(27)   The team leader of Investigation Team 1 and a chief Inspecto
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1.5 The First World
(Host, the Female Lead is here. In this world, you are the stepbrother of the female lead, Zhang Mian. You do remember. Right? I already give you the plots.) White Ball's eyeing Ryan suspiciously after the system saw him avoiding eye contact. (Host, seriously? You didn't read them?!)   {Why should I care about that green tea bitch anyway? If she wanted the heir position so much, she should improve her knowledge and work harder to prove her charms and good points. With this level of intelligence, no wonder their father ignored his legitimate daughter and focused more on his talented son. A jealous person is pitiful. They always blamed other people for their shortcomings. Don't they realized
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1.6 The First World(Part 1)
Grandier Hotel. Room 3448(VIP Suite).   Ryan looked at the trembling girl with an icy glare. He felt no pity for her, just repulsive contempt.   Zhang Mian tried to diminish her sense of presence in the hotel room. Her torn and tattered white dress is hanging pitifully on her exposed body. Ryan ignored her miserable crying. Since he knows the pompous girl deserved it, he didn't felt the need to appease and coax her.   "Father should know this matter," He indignantly said. "I think he's on the way here."   Zhang Mian choked on her sobbing.   "Older brother, please, no! Daddy will be angry and punish me severely for this!" She pleaded while in tears.   "So, what is wrong with that?" Ry
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1.7 The First World(Part 2)
Recap of the previous chapter.   The meeting between the main character and Zhang Long. What is happening for them to meet in the hotel room? Did Zhang Mian do something improper to her stepbrother, which leads to her miserable ending? And, Ryan mentioned something about drugs. Did Zhang Mian drug him?   Let's turn back the time to ten hours before the predicament took place.   ***   Ten hours ago, Zhang Wei's house.   Ryan reads the message given by Jin Wei [in case you forget, Jin Wei is the bodyguard that served Zhang Wei. He is mentioned in chapter 8] for the third time. He looked at the expressionless system. With multiple creases appeared on his forehead, Ryan said in an adamant voice.  <
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