Secretary Kim

Secretary Kim

By:  Uche Lawrence  Ongoing
Language: English
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Kimberly White got a job in one of the biggest company in Germany after she ran away from her stepfather and stepbrother who made life miserable for her. She was to be the secretary of a strange CEO who left his seat vacant for almost a year and half. When the staffs have a problem, they take it to his mansion to sort it out. Some of the new staffs haven't seen his face before. Damien Anton is the CEO of the company, no one knows why he decided not to come to his company. But at last, he came back looking more cold and inhuman all of a sudden. He needed a new secretary and eventually employed Kimberly because he met her few hours to her interview. It was a very bad meeting. Damien made life difficult for her but Kimberly being a no-nonsense girl would sometimes talk to him back not caring about loosing her job. Kimberly knew something was wrong when she found out Damien many weakness. Darkness has been surrounding him. She decided to find out what happened to him and will do her very best to bring him out of darkness?

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40 Chapters
Chapter one
  Kimberly got up from the bed and quickly walked to the bathroom like a zombie.She is going for an interview and she had woke up so late that her heart was beating fast. "Oh Lord, I pray they aren't through with the interview yet. I promise to go to church on Sunday, If you just let me get the job. I can't believe the devil woke me up at this time." She mumbled as she took off her clothes to take her bath. After bathing, she wore her new ivory dress with a black tiny belt. She did a light makeup and let down her brown hair before grabbing her shoes and bag. She left the house without wearing her shoes but slippers. Once she get there, she'd behave well. "Why's no cab coming?" She groaned as she walked down the road in a hurry praying for a cab to come her way. Her interview was 8:00am but she woke up at 9:12am.A car speedily passed her s
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 "Don't back out when it gets tough." He warned, pointing a pen to her. "You're hired" "Thank you, Sir. I promise to do what you ask me to do." She smiled and grabbed her bag."See you on Monday, Sir" She got ready to go. "I didn't ask you to leave my office, Miss Kim." The CEO said. "And, I didn't say you will start work on Monday. You're starting today." "B-But today is friday. I don't even think I can work with this ruined dress." "You don't know me, do you? Well, I'm Damien and no one, I repeat, no one disobeys me. Do you want this job or not? If you still want, your desk is outside this office waiting for you right now. You know what I mean." "Yes. It means get to work." Kimberly replied and sighed.She was planning on going home after getting the job. She'd celebrate alone and get ready to be a secretary on Monday. "You'd see
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  He fell into Kimberly's arms and stared at the sky then Kimberly."Call the ambulance." He ordered strictly even in that situation. And soon, he passed out. *******Kimberly called out for help and they took Damien into his car to the hospital.The nurses assisted them and took him to the VIP ward for treatment.Kimberly walked to the reception and sat among others waiting for someone to come out of the room and tell her what's wrong with her boss. She remembered how he had called his papa, mama and the last person, Emily. Why would he call them with so much pain in his eyes.Yes, she saw the way his face looked so painful. Did he lost his family or something?No, she needs to mind her business. Soon, the doctor came out and looked everywhere like she was looking for someone. Kimberly knew she was looking for who brought him here.
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  Kimberly could hear him mumble something out.If she wasn't mistaken, she heard him mumble,"I don't want to die like them. I don't want to die the second time." *******The taxi got to Dam-Ton company. Kimberly paid the man because Damien walked inside as soon as they got there. "He won't even pay." She scoffed before going to catch up with him. "Sir, are we still going to canada?" She asked. "Yes. Call Mr Ben for me." He instructed while he headed to the car garage. Soon, Kimberly came with Mr Ben."Mr Ben, When the Dantes come, tell them I'm out of the country. I won't be around till next week Monday. Don't turn my company upside down. If you do, a sack letter on your table is going greet you a good morning." Damien warned while Mr Ben nodded his head before going out of the garage. Kimberly stepped f
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    "And it's because of the way you run your mouth like tap water made you look ugly more than a gorilla." She insulted before the men could descend on her. *********But she was able to run out before they could get to her side."F*ck! Those stupid people that Sir Damien called business partners." She groaned and removed her heels to start walking on barefoot. She almost at her hotel room when she heard two men speaking."Okay, are you sure the goods are going to work? What if he check them before leaving?" One of the men said while Kimberly hid herself well from them and continued to hear their conversation. Someone she was engrossed and she sensed that they must be talking about her boss. And it was finally confirmed when she heard one of them say, "Damien can't check those goods. We will have to do our best for him not to o
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   But it seems Kimberly has been carried away. She was staring at the man from afar who was holding a pregnant woman's waist. "Nathan?" She said in shock.The man she has been looking for.********************Damien looked at the direction she was looking at."Who's Nathan?" He asked, facing her. "My fiance. We are getting married in two weeks time." Kimberly explained. "Married?!" Damien shrieked. He didnt even know why."You're getting married? Wow! I never thought you'd be getting married at that young age." He scoffed. "Sir! I'm twenty-three! I'm old enough to get married." She frowned."I need to check if that's him or not. He can't possibly be with another when he should be preparing for our wedding. Or maybe the woman is Nathan' sister." "Don't be dumb. He's holding the woman's waist and can
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    Damien looked down, his hands was covered with blood and he realized that Kimberly had released his shirt. She wasn't moving at all. He raised his head to the girls and said, "Call the ambulance immediately" They obeyed. ******************The ambulance arrived and took Kimberly away."That son of a b*tch!" Damien growled before entering his car and drove out of the church.Anita and Chloe had followed the ambulance. The doctors kept treating Kimberly till few hours passed and one of them came out before the another one came out with two nurses. "How's she, doctor?" Anita stood up immediately the doctors came and ran to one of them while Chloe followed her. "The surgery went well. But she's still unconscious. In the next two hours, I'm sure she will wake up."The doctor explained and left.
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  "No! Don't involve any police. She's just going through emotional stress or something. I will find her." Damien spoke and left the room. 'I shouldn't involve myself into this. But I can't stay and watch my secretary dying.' Damien thought. Damien sighed as soon as he got out of the hospital.Where did his secretary go to? Where is he going to find her? He took out his phone and dialed one of her friend's number which he'd collected hours ago. Both Chloe amd Anita's number. "Is this Anita?" He knitted his brows waiting for an answer. "Yes. This is Anita. Who am I speaking with?" She drawled. Her voice sounds like a tired one. "It's Damien. Kimberly's Boss."  "Oh my! The hot angel....sorry, I know you're looking for Kimberly but I don't think she's in her right mind to see anyone." She responded.
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  He'd wanted to go to that beach but he just can't. His phone rang and he checked the caller.It was Clara.  At first, he didn't want to pick it but he finally did. "What the hell did you want again? I thought I told you to stay away from me."  "Damien, calm down, will you? I just wanted to ask how you're doing." Clara answered. "Okay. I'm doing good okay? Now, can you leave me alone? I need to rest my ass out right now and I don't need any disturbance." He rolled his eyes. "Fine. I will hang up. But please, take care of yourself, huh? And get enough rest too. I love you, Damien." Her voice sound so soft at the last part. Somehow, it made Damien cool down."Thank you. Good night and sleep well too." He replied calmly and unknowingly he'd put a smile on her face because of those words he said to h
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 Damien flew up to catch Kimberly but she ran away. And that was when they heard a knock.The pizza man is here. "Who's there?" Kimberly asked as she walked to the door and opened it."Ohh! The pizza and coke. Boss, the man is here." She told her boss. Damien came and paid for the pizza then shut the door before turning to Kimberly. "Sir, you're not going to beat me right? I'm too old to receive a beating from someone." She pouted. "I wasn't going to do that. I was only looking at you so you could hand me the pizza." He stretched his hand out to receive the pizza while she held the coke."You can join me if you want." "I ate not too long. I don't want to get fat by eating too much." She answered and opened the coke to drink. "I didn't give you permission to drink that!" Damien uttered. He got up and grabb
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