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Scarlett is a Vampire-Werewolf Hybrid She is the eldest daughter of the Vampire King Phoenix is a Vampire He is the second in command to the Vampire King They are destined for each other or are they As old lovers interfere And a new lover wanting to claim Kidnapers everywhere A King in trouble Is war still on the horizon * Book Two in the 'Royal Family' series I would recommend that you read book one first as some parts will make more sense by doing so. ** Warning this book contains high mature scenes, mature and physical abuse, rape and some violence which may trigger some readers so please read at own discretion!

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With people out to kidnap a member of the royal family and others wanting to kill the queen. As old lovers threaten their love for each other. Their loyalty to the kingdom will be tested as they fight to keep their family together and prevent the war that threatens to break out.Will their love prove to be strong enough to see them through, or will one betray and destroy the other? Will they stop the war that is coming or are they the start of it?My name is Scarlett King, and I am nearly eighteen. I am the first daughter of the Vampire king Dominic and his Werewolf Queen Seraphina. I am a hybrid of both vampire and werewolf, so I have the traits from both, even though my vampire is slightly stronger. My wolf Ruth is a healer. She heals me if I get injured and she loves helping and healing others. My vampire Cara she is hard to describe. She is very quiet, cunning, and can be very cryptic when wanting me to do something. I found out recently that as part
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SCARLETT POVWe have not had any extreme trouble over the last few years since my mother and father repaired their relationship. Except for the slight increase of rogues crossing our borders, we all have been enjoying the peace. It's my eighteenth birthday tomorrow. I am so excited my wolf Ruth and my vampire Cara keep telling me that tomorrow we can and will confirm that Phoenix is indeed our mate. Cara has known Phoenix was our mate since we were around five that I remember. I shifted early at around two years old. All I remember from that age is them always arguing quietly in the back of my mind, but the one thing Ruth agreed with Cara on was being mates with Phoenix. But Ruth always said we wouldn't know for sure until we were seventeen or eighteen. It is also the blood moon tomorrow night. Mother and Auntie Josephine have been putting together the blood moon ball as everyone loved it. So when Father and uncle Noah suggested that maybe they could make it a joint tradi
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NATHANIEL/HUNTER POV Damn!! Damn!! Damn!! That did not go how it was meant to. All I wanted to do was see and spend a little time with my sister before our birthday tomorrow and all the chaos that will be happening around the castle with the blood moon ball. We have grown up with Phoenix connected to Scarlett because he says that they are mates.. but is it really true? How did he know? She was only a baby when he declared that she was his. There is also the fact that he is nearly as old as my father is. I know there are a lot of years between him and my mother, but watching them and then looking at Phoenix with Scarlett it just doesn't seem right; she is too young... Maybe it was his plan to make her think she was in love with him, so instead of being only the second to my father, it makes him family and able to take the throne if he so desires. I didn't mean to hurt her and as
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HUNTER POV  I run, following Ruth's scent. I find her at one of the many lakes scattered around the kingdom. I whimper and go to my belly as I approach her from the side. "We are sorry! Scarly!! Please forgive us, we really didn't mean it." "That hurt Hunter! What Nat said! To know you don't believe in me, it hurts. At least I know Phoenix does.." "I truly am sorry, and I do believe you. I just wanted you to be sure, that's all!" I crawl a little closer, dragging my belly as I move. "I can never stay mad at you Hunter, maybe you should teach Nat how to be a better brother." She laughs and so do I "Nat a
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SCARLETT POVI laugh as he steps up the dance we are doing, which makes everyone move slightly and watch as we move around the dance floor. When the music stops, he bows, and I curtsy. I start to giggle as father holds out his arm. I take it and he leads me back to the thrones."That was good, when did you two learn that?" mother whispers as I sit back down, I smile "You know the private classes father was giving me?""Yes""Well, they were private dance classes because I kept tripping over my own feet every time I tried to dance."Once I had sat down after dancing with Father, more and more males approached me for a dance, I had a duty tonight and that was to be the kingdom's princess and possibly be someone's mate, the only thing that I didn't like was I already knew I was someones mate and he was standing just behind father on protection duty. I sneak another look at Phoenix whenever I can, in any normal circumstance anyone that
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PHOENIX/SOREN POVMy eyes stopped flickering as Soren backed off. We then went on to dance and dance until I whisper "Butterfly I want to be alone with you, do you want to get out of here?"She smiles and nods. I take her hand and we head back to the castle. Once we make it to my room, Soren takes control. I close the door and grab her around the waist, pulling her in for our first kiss. I use passion and dominance. I back us up, pushing her hard against the wall. She returns my kiss with just as much hunger, making me believe this is what she wants, but as I slide my hand down the side of her body and I reach her thigh, she seems to tense a little. As I move my hand back up, I slide it under the hem of her dress, coming into contact with her bare thigh, making her shiver. I take this as a good sign. When I reach her hip, I extend my claws and move my kiss down her neck, wanting to both drink from her and mark her as well. My fangs
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SCARLETT POVHe leans in, closing the gap between our lips, and kisses me gently. I move my arms so they are now around his neck as he rolls us slightly, so he is laying over me but not on top of me. He slowly adds more dominance to the kiss, tightening his arms, pulling me closer and more underneath him. I tense and open my eyes as he pulls back. Breaking the kiss, he moves one of his hands to my cheek.“Relax Butterfly, I will not take it further until you are ready.”I relax, and he starts kissing me again. This time he moves his kisses down the side of my neck and whispers, “May I Butterfly?”“Yes!” I move my head slightly allowing him more room as I feel his fangs lengthen, he slides them lightly over my skin before sinking them in slowly, then retracting them and drinking, I let out a mix of a moan, a growl, and a hiss as the pleasure from him drinking spreads thro
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SCARLETT POVI’m still a little scared of what is to come, but with the pleasure and sparks still running through me, I give him a slight nod. He then goes back to sucking on the spot where his mark will go and I feel his fangs lengthen, he scrapes them along the skin a couple of times making a shiver of pleasure flow through me again before he sinks them in, as the pain gives way to pure pleasure, he thrusts his hips forward hard tearing through my innocence and burying himself deep inside me in one move. He holds himself still and tight to me as I scream out with the pain, all pleasure now gone and tears falling out of the corner of my eyes. He removes his fangs from where his mark now is and he swipes his tongue over the skin to seal it. He moves his kisses, trailing them back up my neck to my lips, and then he looks into my eyes. “Butterfly? Are you okay?”“It hurts Soren… Why did you??” I can’t help t
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PHOENIX/SOREN POVI wake up in the late morning surrounded by Scarlett’s scent and her wrapped tightly in my arms, but I can also smell fresh blood. I tried to keep Soren from blocking me out last night, but the combination of the blood moon, Scarlett’s wolf, recognizing the mate bond, and then that encounter with Sharon, one of our old lovers, made it really hard. I just hope he didn’t do anything that I will regret today, but I have a feeling that he has, especially with smelling the fresh blood and it is Scarlett’s. I really hope he didn’t force the mating on her last night. She deserves love, not just giving him some quick pleasure. “Soren??”“Yyeess Nix?” He lazily answered while giving a small hiss sigh of satisfied content“What did you do with our Butterfly last night?”“Well, I
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SCARLETT POV“Scarlett! If you don’t stop...” I feel him shaking slightly as he tightens his arms around me even more. Even after what Soren did last night, I still feel safe in his arms. I always have, but no one seems to understand that, the same as they won't understand why I will choose to stay with him even after what Soren did. I then whisper in between kisses,“Nix! Can you...” I then look up into his eyes.“Are you sure? Butterfly? I don't want to scare or hurt you anymore! I don't want you to think I am just taking my pleasure from you...”I can hear the nervousness in his voice and I know it will take time, but we are meant to be together. I move my hand lightly over his skin up to his chest. I smile as he hisses low again. I place my hand on his cheek and slowly pull myself up to place a soft kiss on his lips.I guess that was all the answer he needed as it didn’t take him l
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