Melting the bad boy's heart

Melting the bad boy's heart

By:  Deborah96  Completed
Language: English
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"You think you will sit on our chest and enjoy all of our money all your life. We don't want you, Zara. Don't ever try to get back here. Remember you are sold and the sold things never get to return back to their original place," Zara rolls down the thick drops of tears as she clutches her clothes with all her might. The line cuts off and there is silence all over the dark room where she is supposed to meet him today. She is scared and she is foreign to the place. She doesn't know who the is the one she is entangled and sold with by her uncle and aunt. Her eyes plays around the room only to find the dark and tall figure standing right behind the door and his blue orbs was only what she could see right now. "Get the out of here or I will make you life just the ," he shouts and her whole body shivers with his hoarse voice. ** He is practically a monster who has always distanced away from people and lived his life completely in an arrogance. He doesn't but he also doesn't love anyone. Will she be able to melt his heart and turn him back to normal young man? Will her lifelong trap be beautiful instead of being a ? Or will it be even worse?**

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129 Chapters
**Prologue**"Get the hell out of my room, right now. I don't want to see your face for my entire life," Xavier shouts at Zara as he throws a vase which hits on the mirror next to her and break into pieces, both the mirror and the vase."I'm... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to intrude but I thought you need me right now," she speaks low and her body shivers all over while her hands covers her head for the protection."Fuck! I don't need your help. Just get the fuck out of my room," he shouts at her and she runs quickly away from there with her hands still shaking with his behaviour."I know... This is going to be hard. This is going to be really hard but he is my husband. I am his wife and I should do anything that is going to turn him into human," she clutches her palms into tight fist and returns back to his room.He is taking off his black leather jacket and trying to take off his shirt but he isn't able to. The blood is gushing out of his hands as t
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Chapter 1||Special service
**Zara Todd’s POV**Okay! So, I don’t know how did I get this? I mean is the thing in front of me real or it’s just an imagination?I scrutinize the document in front of me vividly as my eyes can’t believe that it’s true.“Why the hell are you watching it like it’s some weapon in the secret mission? We aren’t trying to send you on the secret mission in  Iraq. Why don’t you just accept it?” my aunt’s sharp and irritating voice shouts out as it’s been quite a while that I am watching the paper.“I don’t believe this. I don’t believe that I have got the opportunity to study over here,” my eyes don’t even bother to blink at the paper in front of me. It’s hard to believe for it.“I can’t believe too. But you got it what can we do. Now at least you got to
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Chapter 2|| I am precious
**Zara Todd’s POV** The whole drive is silent. The people in there seem more like they are grim reaper. They were all dressed up in black suit and their face have weird kind of expression which neither looks like they are smiling nor it seems like they are angry. I have seen such kind of expression only in eth silent shows and no where else. How can they be so much silent like this? And suddenly this things runs through my mind. Did I just get in the wrong vehicle? This isn’t exactly like they have informed me. Am I being kidnapped right now? My heart starts to beat out loudly but I am completely trying to hide those weird feelings I am having right now. “Excuse me! Can I please get out? I need to use the washroom!” I say. I don’t know if they are going to buy my lies but I really can’t get into here. I feel everything strange over here. Even the air I am breath
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Chapter 3||You are my daughter in law
**Zara Todd’s POV** My eyes opens with the noises of people all around me. There are lots of people chattering all around me. I don’t even realize what the hell is going on all around me. I open my eyes and sit straight and look around for a while. I am sleeping in the huge queen sized round bed which I have seen only in the homes of royals in the movies. Am I in the dream of some sort or what? Did I just die and get into he heaven? It’s really hard for me to decipher what’s exactly going on over here. “She’s woken up,” a lady in her mid fourties shouts to all of the ladies working with her and makes all of them stand right in front of me. “Who are you guys? Why are you bowing in front of me?” I ask them. “I am really sorry for your convenience young miss. We must have disturbed you on your good sleep.
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Chapter 4|| Pains and betrayals from my own
~~Zara Todd's POV~~"What do you mean by daughter in law? I didn't know about it. I am not even informed about it. Isn't this the fraud?" my voice stiffens and there is so much fear and anger in it.What the hell did just happen in some hours? I was happy. I was so much happy when I knew that I am getting a full paid scholarship all of a sudden and without doubt I had thought that this all happened because of talent I hold.But what the hell is wrong now? When did I even agreed to get married? Who asked me for this?"You don't know about it?" she asks as she raises her brows and stands up from her seat.I shake my head."It doesn't matter. I have already paid your parents the money they wanted to have and there is no return now." Her voice is calm but my heart is beating out louder and louder with fear.I am just eighteen years old girl who have dreamt her life in so many magical ways. I had thought once I wi
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Chapter 5|| Mysterious mother and son
~Zara Todd's POV~"No! Holy! What is this?" I mumble.My eyes enlarge as I see the beautiful and magnificent decoration in front of me. The room is painted in golden color like it is made up of pure gold. And the pieces are exactly like of some royal movies."You like your room, miss," Mrs. Jones asks me."I love it. But what do I even deserve to get something huge like this?" I ask."You're our lady after our Madam and you are going to be the wife of our young master. Why wouldn't you deserve to have something like this?" she says with a smile on her face.I can see that her face has that smile plastered every time I talk with her. I don't know it's made up or just some genuine one cause I can see the same smile again and again when she is around.I fake a smile as I look around the room. This fancy room surely amazes me. It makes me think that this could even be a dream and not a reality but this isn't what I have ever
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Chapter 6|| Meeting a monster
~Zara Todd's POV~"You seem troubled dear," Mrs. Jones asks me as she helps me with my stuffs in my room.Why wouldn't I be troubled?I am a eighteen year old girl who is going to get married in four days and sold to her madam from her own relatives. Who would be troubled if it is not me?"I'm fine. I'm just anxious with new environment. Everything here is black for me," I reply."Black?" her brows arch."I mean it was white and now it's black. Contrasting," I amend my words. Isn't it the truth? It was completely different the day before yesterday. I would be doing some chores if I was in the my uncle's house but I am here sitting in a well furnished lavishing room with my heart beating faster and faster with fear."So, I heard it's your birthday today," she says."Yes, it is."My birthday isn't special every year. It's just a day that comes like other usual days. Chores and hard works are the o
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Chapter 7|| Complicated relations
~Zara Todd's POV~ I fall asleep after hearing the noises of breaking of stuffs in the house. I don't know what stuffs are those but he continued to do that for almost an hour. For an hour, my body keeps on trembling  behind the door while seated on the floor. I bend my legs against my chest and clutch them as tightly as I could.My grips on my legs would increase when I hear the sounds of the crashing of stuff downward as my body flinches with every move. What the hell is he? Why would he do that?  Is he a monster? Why is he behaving like a unsocial animal? Just like a monster. Nothing like a human. After almost an hour, the sound stops. I obey Mrs.Jones on this. I don't open the door till she knocks on my door. I wait for her to knock the door so that I can be safe enough to open the door. And I get asleep on the floor while waiting for her. I don't know for how many hours, I have been sleeping on the floor. A
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Chapter 8 || Let us make her over
~Zara Todd's POV~Getting married to to-be-Minister is more than just something and going to be the daughter-in-law of the woman he is going to get married is just... I don't know what should I say?Should I feel elated? The man whom the world is trying to reach out now is in front of me.Or should I feel sad for all that happened to me since the morning."Happy Birthday. I heard it's your Birthday," he says. He smiles with his beautiful pink lips as he stretches out his hands to me for shaking them.I don't know what should I do? Should I shake hands with him or not? Should I just try to stand still like I am completely shocked and don't know what to do or should I just shake hands with him."Miss Todd!" he calls me and I get out from my own dream world."What happen? I'm glad I get to attend your party," he says as he shakes our hands and massages the back of my hands some extraordinarily which I feel quite off about.I pull
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Chapter 9|| Please! Don't touch me
~Zara Todd's POV~"Oh my God! You look absolutely stunning," Adrian's mouth stays open when I stand in front of them."You're right! She looks absolutely gorgeous, just like a princess," Camilo adds and I smile slightly. She turns me to look at the mirror and even when I look at the mirror, even I couldn't speak for a second."This is me?" I say and all of them laugh for a while."Yes, dear. So we're done here. We will be leaving now and please have a quite good time with yourself first," they say and start packing up their stuffs and walk out of the room.I can't help but stare at my own self. I have never seen myself as like this. Not with the attire and make over like this.The crimson colored velvet gown extends from my wide neck to the floor like I am the real princess if some movies.It's cut off shoulder showing off beauty bones. The golden border around my neck design, below my chest and on the bottom of my flair makes it so s
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