The Lucifer's Bride (English Ver.)

The Lucifer's Bride (English Ver.)

By:  Alvern Gyan  Completed
Language: English
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Making a contract with the demon is an eternal agreement. Even when your body had broken and shattered, and you were lifeless, your soul would still be bound by the chains in the deepest of hell. *** Aghya’s revenge — Felenia’s mother caused her to bond with the cruelest demon, Lucifer — The Fallen Angel. She became his bride. Lucifer tortured her body many times until she was on the verge of death. However, Felenia always remains in the same condition as before. She should have hated Lucifer because, thanks to the demon, she needs to go through the most painful experience in her life, which was the loss of all her family members. However, another feeling developed in her heart, feelings of love that Felenia shouldn’t have. However, is it love? *** “That’s my way of showing love to you, my bride. After all, the demon does not bow to humans and other creatures, not even to God. So, I hope you understand that.” ~Leoniel~ The Great Demon Lucifer.

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64 Chapters
A demon with goat's horns and black wings on its back was sitting in his chamber. His breathtaking feature, covered by a thin cloth at the waist, exposed his sexy upper body. On either side of him, two succubi were groping his masculine frame, but he seemed not to care and lost in thought while sipping the crimson liquid from a grail.“You look bored, My Lord,” said one of the succubus.“Hmm,” he mumbled. Endless boredom stroke him these few hundred years, made him feel in need of entertainment.“Isn’t there anything to cheer me up?” he sighed.“How about you play with me? I offer myself up so you can have fun, My Lord.” The succubus drew closer, and a grin appeared on the demon’s gorgeous face.“Hm, come here. Please me, I won’t forgive you if you can’t entertain me, understand?”“Ah~ Yes, My Lord.” The succubus’ body
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1. Black Cat
The great commotion struck at dawn when it was pouring.Barend and Aghnya had fierce arguments. Felen did not know the reason behind the quarrel between his parents, but after snooping on the maids’ talk, she knew. Barend insisted Felen couldn’t become the head of the family because she was a woman, but Aghnya refused it and stood firm on making Felen the sole heiress of the family.In this era, women were just tools to give birth. No more than that. How pitiful.“Then what do you wish for? You only have one daughter, Barend!” said Aghnya.Feeling humiliated by Aghnya's tone, Barend shouted back, with a voice full of hostility.“Watch your manner, Aghnya! Who said I only had one child?” A cynic smile crept onto his face.“... W-what do you mean?” Her eyes widened in surprise.“As you had found out just now. I might have another child, and my son will become t
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2. The Heir of Leister
The carriage of nightmare had arrived in front of the front gate, and only a matter of time before it stopped right in front of her.It brought Abelard, Barend’s future successor. The boy snatched all of her father’s attention away. That's way Felen hated and resented him.Not long after, the carriage stopped in front of her. As the head butler opened the door, a boy stepped out of the carriage. Barend moved forward while spreading his arms to welcome him.“Abelard, my son and the sole heir of Leister,” said Barend, and Felen sneered. As if he made fun of her - the rumoured illegitimate child, even though Felen and Barend had the same eyes colour that confirmed their blood ties.The warm atmosphere between Barend and Abelard made Felen envious. He came from the slum, yet took over her position and made all her efforts as a former heiress became meaningless.They need not her presence because when Abela
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3. The Punishment
The luxurious manor looked and dark, as if there was no life in there. However, in the room where several hippo-skin whips were hanging, two humans of different ages, Barend and Felen, were standing opposite each other after a brief quarrel.“Turn around, show me your calves,” Barend said with his jaw tightened in anger. In his right hand, a black whip was ready to be used.“Papa...!” said Felen with a pitiful face. Tears rolled down her chubby, pale cheeks.“Felenia, don’t make me repeat the words.”Her lips clenched at Barend’s bitter voice. Her body shook as the clock ticked in the night's stillness. She tried his best to hold back the sobs that escaped her lips. Not wanting to further exacerbate the anger directed at her from her father. Felen turned around as ordered. She closed his eyes, hoping that the pain she was receiving could lessen a bit by doing that.“Five l
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4. Runaway
“You will move to the western building for the time being according to Master’s order,” the butler said to Felen, who was indifferent to her surroundings. “Yes...” said Felen, agreeing to the exile. Since then, Felen no longer lived in the main building, but in the west building, close to the servants’ quarters. Barend restricted her from visiting the main building. He isolated her from the outside world. Not knowing what was going on besides her golden cage. Including Aghnya condition, who was in her room under strict guard. Felen believed being confined was better than having to witness Barend’s affection for Abelard, where she became the forgotten party, monotonous life without conflict. However, Barend crushed her expectation when he called her at certain times to meet with Abelard. Last, his anger became a dessert that she had to taste. This continued until Felen stepped into adulthood. Happened until it made her bored and
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5. Meet with The Demon
Freedom is only a dream when the devil intervenes. *** “Hurry after the two of them. Don’t let them run away!” Rough shouts full of anger continue to echo in the misty forest. Aghnya and Felen ran with all their might from Barend’s men. Sweat dripped down their bodies while the twigs scratched their skin. It hurt, but if they stopped just to look at the minor wound, they would capture the two of them. Now, they no longer have a secure place to take rest and shelter. Aghnya’s love for Barend is foolishness that she regretted after learning of her husband’s betrayal. Being tortured, she bears up, but when Barend tries to kill Felen— his only daughter, Aghnya will fight back. She did not realise her husband’s evil attitude toward herself and Felen because love blinded her. Even Aghnya’s parents opposed her marriage. However, under the pretext that one day his attitude would change after that incident, she forced her will to
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6. The Banquet
“Felenia, do you want to come with me or let the humans finish you?” Felen turned her head, then looked at Leon’s outstretched arm. “Why should I come with you?” She chuckled. A bitter smile appeared on her lips as her gaze fell on Aghnya’s stiff, breathless body. “Because you’re my prisoner. Your mother also left you with me. You don’t have any perfect reason to refuse my goodwill. Staying here and ending up dying is not an option that you will choose.” His words were true that a doubt clung to her heart. The circumstances didn’t give her much choice. She took his hand. Even though she didn’t know what kind of future she would face if she followed him, it was better than death. Her golden eyes gazed at Felen. “Wise choice. Don’t worry, you will continue to be with me from now on,” he said that with a bright smile. Once again, she looked at his Aghnya body, which was covered in Leon’s black feathers. “What about
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7. The First Ritual
Your pain is the most delightful thing that I will slowly absorb. *** “My Lord, the preparations are complete.” Adrien approached Leon, who was looking at the beauty of the night sky in Devil Reign through the glass wall. He waited quietly, not wanting to disturb his master. “Look, Adrien...” Leon sighed as he spread his arms wide. “... one of my wishes is within my reach,” he said with a burst of passion. His face showed satisfaction as he licked his dark red lips sensually, feeling a pleasant euphoria bubbling within him. “Of course, My Lord. After all, you are indeed wonderful.” Adrien replied. This time, Leon chuckled. He put on a big smile. “Your flattering still sucks, Adrien.” His body turned to face the old servant as his hands tucked into his pocket’s pants. His golden eyes gazed coldly at Adrien. “You may go, Adrien. I’ll pick up my bride myself.” “Very well, My Lord.” Adrien lowered his head and walked
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8. The Cruelst Demon
Felen saw her reflection in the mirror. Nothing had changed from her physique other than an odd symbol on her chest. She touched it with her fingers. This is proof that last night was not a dream. She would never forget it. It might even last a lifetime. Her body and mind remembered it. However, she still felt it was not real, or rather, she rejected it. Once again, she looked at herself in the mirror. This time, she turned around, surveying her back. However, there are no other oddities as well. Then at that moment, the doors opened wide, revealing the demon who had tortured her last night. “Wow…” The demon — Leon, whistled at the attractive sight. She covered her breasts and inched backward when he stepped closer. “It’s not what you think it is!” she said with a wary expression. He smirked. “I don’t mind if you think about something dirty, Milady.” “Stop right there!” She said, but he didn’t heed it at all, mak
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9. His Failure
All demons in the room looked tense. Except for Leon, who was sitting with a bored face on the throne. He was, oddly enough, still lenient when the general of the Interessengruppen suggest something that humiliated his greatness. The thing he was proud of as The Avatar of Pride. “Don’t beat around the bush, Alair,” he demanded. Alair bowed his head. “I didn’t dare to be presumptuous, My Lord.” His body trembled in fear as a light breath of Leon’s power blown towards him. “Raise your head.” Alair raises his head at Leon’s command. He stared at his master right in his golden eyes to show his sincerity. “It would be wise if Miss Felenia learns about the Demon World first,” he said that with a firm voice. Leon did not reject or accept his suggestion. He was still considering it. “So you’re saying I should put her in the Demon School?” After a moment of silence, Leon responded. “That’s right, My Lord.”
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