Lara: The devil is my savior

Lara: The devil is my savior

By:  Safina Bello  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lara is the epitome of evil, the sign of destruction, she is a savior to one and destruction to the other.

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18 Chapters
Dedicated to my sister. Amina BelloOctober 1st, 1989. ‘ The Lord took her away from me And I choose to worship the devil because he brought her back to me.’She laid on the cold floor, sobbing looking at her dead baby, She loved her baby even before she was born, she already named her the day she learned she was pregnant, the day her baby was born was the happiest day of her life, she celebrated her every single day, her baby was the reason she was alive and now that reason is gone. Her two-month-old baby is dead. , she lost the reason for her happiness, her smile has been taken away from her. She woke up early in the morning to feed her baby, the bright sun hit her face, a wide smile spread across her face, she was so happy today, today her baby marked two months, she watched the baby monitor her baby was sleeping peacefully not even making a single noise.She decided to take her bath before she sees her baby, she walked into the bathroom to take her bath. The
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Chapter one.
Stella. she walked out of her room neatly dressed, She wore black jeans with a blue tank top and a jacket, she curled her hair and did a little make-up powder, some mascara, and a little bit of gloss. She wanted to know what was wrong with her?, She booked an appointment with a doctor online, and she choose an early time. she wanted to be done with it at the earliest. She walked into her living room to be met by one, everyone was asleep she didn't even want to meet them, she didn’t want to answer the question of where she was going?. she took out her phone and booked a cab, a minute later the can arrived it was eight in the morning there were few people outside. "I will be going to City hospital." She said to the Cab driver. "Okay, Ma'am. Hope all is well." The cab driver asked. "Yes, I'm fine thanks for asking," Stella said with a smile. The drive was quiet, she stepped out of the cab to be met with a large building made of glass, it was beautiful, s
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Chapter Two.
Third person point of view.Stella.Everything felt like a dream, She couldn't believe what just happened?, She never saw this coming. She felt heart broken, Her eyes were still sore from all the crying.She stood in front of her house with her luggage she had a last look at the house she grew up in, she had a lot of memories in that house that where she learnt how to ride a bike? That where she cooked her first meal that where she had her first injury, her first cry, her first laugh. The house was big, There was a small garden by the side of the house the gate was painted in black  her Father name was beautifully written on the gate “ Saverio”, the fence had electric wires to avoid bandits the floors were marble, the house was painted in white, it was beautiful painted some of the windows hanged open she could see her room from there. She had no place to live she didn’t know what to do?. She quickly took out her phone and texted Aaron.Read more
Chapter Three
Third-person point of view. Stella. Aaron's house was not that big but it was enough for two people, it was painted in white, a bed laid at the center of the room, with a SpongeBob bed sheet, by the left was a desk and a wooden chair he kept books and other things on his desk just by the right there were two doors, one was the bathroom and the other was a kitchen the doors were painted in brown, a large carpet that almost covered half of the room was laid, it was in Ash and black a small carpet laid at the entrance if the bathroom, it was in Ash. By the right side of the bed was a cupboard, a small cupboard where he kept his clothes. Aaron was three years older than Stella he was done with college while she was in her first year in college. She met Aaron at a restaurant when she went on a dinner with her parents, she didn’t like their food so she complained to the management, Aaron apologized for that, she still argued and shouted. Aaron loved that about her, it was love
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Chapter Four
Third-person point of view. Josephine the daughter of a priest she lives in the town Stella and Aaron are planning to move to. Josephine is an Eighteen- year-end old. She got ready quickly, she was planning to go to a funfair, her parents would never have allowed her but she lied about going to the library to read, she wore her clothes under her pajamas she packed some of her make-up and her purse in a large school bag, walking downstairs she was met by her parents. Their sitting room wasn’t that big it had two couches, a small television a small center table painted brown, the walls were painted white, the doors were brown but on the right was a dining room some of the chairs weren’t good anymore, the room was filled with family pictures hanged all around the room, a traditional family clock kept by the television. They didn’t have enough money for an air conditioner but they had an air cooler towards the end of the room. “I will get going, mamma.” She said in
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Chapter Five
Third person point of view.Josephine.A chilling wind brush past her skin she rubbed her hands together to get a little bit of warmth, she raised her blanket and covered her body more, Josephine finally managed to sleep, She couldn’t sleep all night she had an strange aura that she was been watched someone was looking at her, looking deep into her soul.She kept the mysterious book on her desk burying it with her clothes, she didn’t want her parents to find out about the book.  It was four in the morning she raised her blanket more to cover her body, the more she raised it the more it was pulled back, she had a feeling someone was pulling back her blanket.She woke up with a scream when she felt a strange hand on her leg, the hand was pulling her.“What happening?” She asked her empty room.  She looked around to see no one, her room was really quite not even a single sound was heard.
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Chapter Six
Third person point of view.Stella and Aaron.She was woke up with sloppy kisses all over her face, the kisses continued. “Stop let me sleep.” She said through her sleep.“No baby, Wake up it time to go”. Aaron said.“Let me sleep.” Stella said.“No baby wake-up”. Aaron said to her.She groaned loudly and woke up. She rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand. “I’m tried let me sleep more.” She said with a pouty face and her best puppy eyes.“Come on, come take your bath and dress we will be late.” Aaron said while dragging her from the bed and pushing her into the bathroom.“Argg” She groaned in annoyance. She felt tried even if she just woke up, she didn’t want to leave the town, a town she grew up in, a town that held some many memories, a town she spent her whole childhood in. She took a quick bath, Aaron’s bathroom wasn&rs
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Chapter Seven
Third person point of view.Aaron and Stella.Daylight  twinkled on her skin, Aaron used his hands to cover the daylight from her skin, It was adorable how he shielded her from the daylight."Sir we are almost there." The driver said."okay thank you." Aaron replied.He looked at Stella admiring her beauty, Her pink lips her beautiful flawless skin, her long hair that reached the back of her neck and hee straight nose. Stella was such a beauty. She stired a little in her sleep, holding Aaron hands really tight."Baby wake up we are almost there." Aaron said while touching her face softly waking her up."what's your problem, let me sleep.""come on baby, dont be stubborn." Aaron said.
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Chapter Eight
Jospehine. She sat on the chair with her black gown that was touching the floor, her hair in an arranged bun with a scarf that covered it, she did a little makeup, powder, mascara and lipgloss. Mondays were the days her mother forced her to church,The other days she will always make up an excuse of a reason not to go. She never liked going to church, She always says "I am not old and dying, I dont need it right now Mamma." She kept really quite listening to the priest. "Dobla Las Manos(Fold your hands.), Le agradezco a Dios cada día que me curé !Dios es grande! ( I thank God every day i was healed, God is great.) !Dios es grandioso! confía que respon
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Chapter Nine
Josephine..She had no idea how it got here?, She remembered clearly she didn't keep it there, She remebered throwing it away, Why was it here?, It looked very different from when she found it, This was not how she saw it?, It like every time she looked it changes it pattern, The book looked more darker, the patterns seemed demonic, it was like the patterns were moving or at least that what she thought? There was something written on the book, it was written in a language she didn’t understand at all. There was blood on each end of the book. What is going on?, This has never happened before, Was she hallucinating? Was it a dream?.She moved forward to see the book, She wanted to touch it but she couldn't, Every time she reached for it her hand would burn leaving a large mark, She tried to move it from her bed but all efforts went in vain. The more she touched the book the hotter it got.She moved towards her cupboard trying to find a piece of clothing
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