Getting Laid by the Last Lycan Prince

Getting Laid by the Last Lycan Prince

By:  Asia David  Completed
Language: English
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This is the standalone book for the first story in the book "The Wild Adventures". After spending a wild night, Ethan woke up alone in bed. He searched for his “Baby Girl” every day in between work and everything he did but he failed. His sense of smell, even with his Supernatural identity, could not find her. Until a few months later. Lexy was on her way home from school when she was blocked by gangsters in a neighborhood alley where she had to pass through to get to her best friend Marlyn’s new place. He had to rent somewhere nearby the school and Lexy was going to attend his housewarming party. Ethan followed a scent so familiar and found out it was indeed his long-lost and untiredly searched-for “Baby Girl”. Ethan rescued Lexy and ever since then, he became a self-claimed personal bodyguard. Let's explore and enjoy the adventurous love story between the cursed Lycan Prince and his fated-mate-Princess!

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    Chapter 1 Night Out
    "Now, tell me what happened that night, you sexy hoe!" Marlon or Marlyn, Lexy's gay best friend, demanded details from Lexy. "Well, where do I begin?" Lexy answered flirtatiously. She playfully flipped her hair as she sat like a queen right across from Marlyn's spot.  "Dzammmm! Babe!" Marlyn shrieked, getting the hint from Lexy's words that she really got what she had wished for. He shook his friend happily as they both screamed joyfully. "Now, hurry up and tell me," Marlyn urged Lexy excitedly after their crazy hoot of cheer and laughter.  Lexy started to look back.  "Remember when we were dancing, and a guy asked me if he could borrow you for a minute, and you popped into thin air, leaving me behind for a hunk?" Lexy sneered at Marlyn playfully. "Yeah, yeah," he quickly persuaded Lexy to continue. "You saw him. You can't dare blame me. He was a hmmmm..." Marlyn pouted as he tried to reason out, biting his lips in a sex
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    Chapter 2 First Time
    Lexy tried to free herself from his imprisoning hold, but she kept failing, so she snapped at him. "Let go of me!" Lexy demanded in a stern voice. "She's fiery..." another thought popped into Ethan's mind again.  Instead of annoyance, Ethan was more amused at the girl who did not show fear despite being wrapped in his arms, someone who was a stranger to her. He twisted the situation into a humorous one. He stated something more obvious and agreeable at the moment.  As if something inside Ethan was urging him to pull the girl's hips to his, he pressed his front bottom to Lexy's."Well… you gave me a boner, so you have to deal with it," he stated indifferently as if she owed him because he had a boner from watching her, but deep inside, Ethan was extremely aroused. "If every boner in here that I've caused will demand me to deal with them..." Lexy sassed, rolling her eyes at Ethan. "I don't think I will still be alive to see the nex
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    Chapter 3 Tingly Sensations
    The elevator doors slid open and shut then Ethan pressed the open button again and sauntered his way out of it with Lexy still in his secured hold. Their kisses got even more heated even as he crossed the short distance from the lift to his door. He slammed the door closed as soon as they got in and pinned her behind it, lips never parting.  Lexy seemed to have learned to breathe through her nose to supply air to her lungs without breaking the kiss. Still behind the door, Ethan let her down to free his hands and search for a way to take her dress off her. Lexy guided Ethan's hands to the side where the zipper was and let him decide what he wanted to do with it, while she groped his chest. When she wasn't satisfied due to the clothes in between her hands and his skin, Lexy started to undress him too of his shirt. Ethan felt so hot that he couldn't wait for the buttons to all be opened, so he grabbed the shirt from the unclasped button and snapped it open, making
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    Chapter 4 Sweet Taste
    Ethan tried to comply with Lexy's unspoken command to keep, but as he wanted to see all of her, touch her in her birth suit and shower his kisses without any barriers of cloth, he sat up and pleadingly looked at the sexy goddess right before him. "Let's take this off of you first," Ethan slowly pulled her panties down her legs as he lustfully gazed at her and threw them down somewhere on the bed. Lexy complied, she even voluntarily helped the man get rid of her thong. "Oh... baby..." Ethan groaned. He started showering kisses from her ankles to her knees and thighs, making Lexy shiver and tried to move away as he went up and up. But Ethan held her thighs with both arms wrapped around them, then he nuzzled on her hidden cavern. Read more
    Chapter 5 Unfathomable
    "Ohhhhh, Mmmmm…Ethan baby..."  Ethan kept his pace. His hands reached for her chest mounds to squeeze them in his palms, rolling her tits in between his thumbs and forefingers on each hand. And it added to Lexy's arousal. A flow of electrifying-like current feeling from her mammary glands seemed to connect to her guts down to her pelvic floor muscles and secrete that glorious sensation of her juices releasing out of her.  "Fuck! Ahhhh! Fuck! Oh my god!" Lexy screamed so loud. She was mindlessly blabbering as she groaned and moaned in pleasure. Lexy panted and couldn't help swearing in a euphoric feeling that she has never ever had in her whole life. She felt drained, weak but heavenly. Ethan lapped on her juices, avoiding touching her still sensitive bud of
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    Chapter 6 Horny Man
    Ethan's pleading words and tone earned a confused look from Lexy. Lexy looked up to meet eyes with Ethan. She was not teasing him. She was really amazed at how his cum tasted. And nothing seemed to bother her and stop if that was what the man before her was asking Lexy to do. To Ethan's astonishment, her luscious tongue became even more playful and somehow aggressive.  "Hmmmm...." Lexy moaned. "Fuuuuuck..." Ethan groaned. She licked every bead of his cum that comes out, one after another. And every time she would have a taste of his male juices, her face would sport bewilderment. Curiosity and amazement were potent. Looking at her questioning look, Ethan knew she didn’t know what effects her actions were making him feel. But also showed she wasn't sure and confident, or knowledge equipped with ideas of what to do. Ethan took the liberty to tell her how he wanted to be caressed. “Take me wholly into your sweet mouth, baby,” with a raspy v
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    Chapter 7 Popping her Cherry
    Ethan made sure he did his best to get Lexy well lubricated and ready before he pushed his way into her tight snatch with her consent. "Oh, baby..." Ethan kissed Lexy passionately. "My mate... You are mine..." Ethan could feel himself extremely rejoicing deep within. The mere thought that he had his shaft pointing at Lexy's core, promising spectacular delectation, was sending shivers to his very soul. Lexy was feeling beyond aroused. She was overwhelmed with such inexplicable emotions and sensations that she spread her legs wider to accommodate Ethan in between her thighs- silently encouraging him to go on. "I'm yours..." Lexy whispered back to  Ethan. Her words were like a set of invisible hands that seemed to have gently pushed the man's pelvis towards Lexy's.  Ethan had only managed to get his tip in, but as Lexy's entrance was too tight to welcome his girth, it already felt gratifying."Ohhhhh... Fuc
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    Chapter 8 Sawing Into Her
    “Baby, I don’t wanna hurt you more than I already did,” Ethan leaned to hover above her face and gently spoke in response to her words.“No, please, baby, harder… faster…” she kept begging.He wanted to only make her blissful, but the fear of being misunderstood that he was refusing to comply; seeing Lexy's requesting and expectant face, flipped Ethan's sanity again, and did exactly as she had asked. It made Ethan lose all his reins of worry to cause her pain and slammed into her. Just as she wanted, he rowed his rod harder, deeper, faster.“Ahhhh, I am cumming, baby, don’t stop, please, please….”“Cum for me, baby... Yes, let it go,” Ethan urged her. Read more
    Chapter 9 Good Hunting
    Lexy woke up before the sunrise. Her mind was not at ease to float into the tossing waves of slumber because she was worried her mom would find out she did not get home last night. She can ask her friends to cover for her, but as much as possible, getting home before mom dragon wakes up will be the best option. Her friends are also scared to get on her bad side. And she will be labeled as no word of honor if she breaks the rule the very first night she is allowed to enjoy her adulthood. She carefully moved out of the bed. Good thing the naked sex God on the was sleeping like a log. He must have been too exhausted as he did not let her go until she dropped in tiredness and excessive-extensive orgasms after orgasms. She wanted to sleep just like him, but her mind was not at peace, worrying her mom would barge into her room if she did not answer her wake-up call for her.Lexy quickly but stealthily moved around to find her clothes. She found her dress instantly, but her panties were
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    Chapter 10 Curse Lifted
    But Lexy seemed to be forgetting one very important fact!What happened last night was not something only she is affected by. Although usually, it would be girls tailing boys to be responsible for what happened, for a night they have shared. And Lexy wasn't planning on doing so.  But this time, it's the other way around while she is peacefully asleep.  The other person was going mad and crazy. The man woke up alone. He didn't even know how to find her, his Baby Girl, again. Aside from that, something no one would ever believe is happening! That next morning, Ethan woke up alone. And instead of the sweet voice of her baby girl Lexy from last night, he heard a different, manly voice snarking at him about something. It seemed like a gnarling thought that barks at him. But does it makes any sense?Ethan looked around. No one was with him in the room. He shook his head. He feels like he is going mad. He misses he
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