An Alpha’s Loss, Another’s Gain

An Alpha’s Loss, Another’s Gain

By:  Ryder Maverick   Updated just now
Language: English
9 ratings
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Melissa Rockwell, an omega in the Packhouse was fated mate with the Alpha’s son, Alfredo. They’ve professed their undying love to each other countless times, and their relationship would be made public once Alfredo becomes the next Alpha of Silverrose Pack. But things took a drastic turn when Melissa got rejected by Alfredo and to crown it all she was also accused of theft and was sentenced to death. A night before she was to be executed Melissa was given a second chance at life when the person she least expect came to her rescue and set her free from the dungeon she was locked in. How will an omega, who is also an orphan survive as a rogue in the wild with nowhere or no one to turn to?

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Kelly Strickland
I Rate this particular story with FOUR STARS!!! It is well written, With an awesome storyline that flows evenly. Each of The characters within are Individually defined by the author with Good Grammar, form, and punctuation throughout. The updates Are a bit slow but I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND READING!!!
2024-06-06 12:38:19
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Oguchi Uwom-Ajaegbu
Updates please. Add more chapters not just one every other day
2024-05-22 03:34:11
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Delinda Schumacher
85 chapters 5-20-24
2024-05-20 19:58:45
user avatar
Wow more pls
2024-05-13 14:01:12
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Suzanne Stone
Storyline is good. Just needs some proofreading before posting.
2024-05-04 06:24:15
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Cheryl Williams
I am enjoying the story right now. I am anxious to see where it goes.
2024-05-01 07:36:13
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
64 chapters 4-30-24
2024-05-01 02:58:06
user avatar
Sammy Ayres
enjoying it so far but did notice you mixed up the seer name with lisa the wolf on Elsa last visit
2024-04-27 17:40:41
user avatar
loving this ...️
2024-04-26 03:04:06
111 Chapters
Chapter 1
Melissa's PovThe day is almost over, and I'm beyond tired. I've been working all morning keeping the entire pack house tidy. Being the personal omega of the alpha's family came with a truckload of chores, and I'm glad I had just one more before I called it a day.I walked over to Alpha James son Alfredo's study, to tidy it up. I folded my hand and knocked gently."Come in," his baritone voice came from the other end.I entered, quietly shut the door behind me, and placed the bucket of water and mop I came in with at the side.I stood at the entrance of the door, watching as he worked on some documents on his desk, looking handsome as ever"I told you to not just stand at the door whenever you come in," he said, without looking up from what he was doing."You seem really busy with some important Pack affairs," I said as I could see a Silver Rose stamp on the documents he was working on. Walking over to his desk, I slumped lazily in the chair opposite him, not taking my eyes off him f
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Chapter 2
Mellissa's PovI woke up today with a knot in my stomach and feeling extremely tired, which is quite unusual for someone who got proposed to yesterday. Glancing over at the clock on my bedside stool I realized I had overslept, the time was past 8 am. I stood up from bed abruptly as I knew I was in deep trouble, Mrs. Ironheart the head omega won't spare me for waking up late, when I have chores to do. I wonder why she hasn't barged into my room yet and given me an earful already, most times she'll even pour water on my bed, and I'll have to sleep on the floor until my bed gets dried.I quickly washed my face with cold water, and brushed my teeths, bathing can wait a little longer, but Mrs. Ironheart's wrath won't. As soon as I stepped out of my room in the omega quarters, I saw Mrs. Ironheart addressing the omega's.I tiptoed towards them and tried sneaking in to join the meeting without being noticed."Welcome, Queen of Queens," Mrs. Ironheart said mockingly, and all eyes were suddenl
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Chapter 3
Melissa's PovI woke up the sound of a loud banging on my door. Before I could react, some guards barged into my room."What's going on?" I demanded, as I wrapped the duvet around my naked body. "Why did you guys just barge into a ladies room without knocking properly?""We've been ordered to search your room," one of the guards answered, and flipped my bed over not minding that I was on it."By whom?" I asked as I watched them turn my room upside down in confusion."I gave the orders," Luna Aziza's voice came from outside as she walked into my room."Good morning, Luna Aziza," I greeted with a bow."Search every nook and cranny of this room, I'm sure you'll find it in here?" She instructed the guards."Find what?" I mumbled to myself."This girl right here is a thief.""W-what?" I stuttered, with my duvet still wrapped around my body as I stood there surprised by the Luna's words. "I didn't steal anything!""Luna Aziza, is this the ring?" A guard walked over to her, and showed her th
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Chapter 4
Melissa's Pov It's been over four days since Alfredo said those cruel words to me. Every time I hear footsteps in the dungeon I keep on hoping that it was Alfredo, maybe he has come back to his senses and was ready to apologize, but each time my hopes keep getting shattered. My tears had run dry and all I do all day since then is just lay on the cold harsh floor dejected and wallowing in self pity. By this time tomorrow all my pains and sufferings would be over, as judgment would be passed upon me on the grounds of theft. It was obvious I'd be executed so I just closed my eyes and got consumed by my nightmares, at least it's better than the emotional nightmare I'm going through."Melissa!" I heard my name in a hushed whisper. "Melissa, you've got to wake up!"Slowly opening my eyes, I saw Sarah, Alfredo's Beta."Here, there's no time," she threw a bunch of keys to me. "You need to leave immediately!""What's happening?" I stuttered, sitting up.I couldn't understand what was going o
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Chapter 5
Alfredo's POV"Melissa!!" I growled her name, my voice echoing through the corridor as I watched her disappear from my sight, while I struggled to stand on my feet. I had no idea Melissa had so much power inside that little body of hers.Groaning as I clutched my groin in pain, I stood up to my feet. "Let's go after her, Alfredo!" My wolf, Dex, roared with anger, at the thought of losing his mate."Prince Alfredo!" A guard called out to me as I made to run after her."What?!" I barked, as I turned to face him, Dex, flashing in my eyes."L– Luna Aziza sends for you," he Informed, in a trembling voice, as he pissed his pants."What for?!" I snarled. "I– I don't know Prince Alfredo," the guard stuttered. "She only told me it's important that I bring you to her."I punched the wall beside me as frustration built up inside of me. "Fine, I'll be there soon. Get out!"I stared at the direction Melissa went, conflicted with my feelings if I should go after her or go answer my mum."Prince Co
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Chapter 6
Melissa’s Pov“Take her to the dungeon,” His order rang in my ears like steel bells with his unnerving gaze on me.I moved away from his grip, scared out of my wits. There was no way I escaped a dungeon to end up in another one. Blue eyes that stared at me under the faint glow of the moonlight were no longer enticing and mysterious, having lost all of their allure to a coldness I couldn’t fathom.“No, please. Don’t do this to me,” I pleaded, stepping backward with every word I said to gain distance from the men in front of me.“Do you know where you are, spy?” He said the word with venom under his tongue. His word rang through the woods and sent birds fluttering into the night.“I’m not a spy, I beg of you. If only you would let me pass and I’ll be on my way,” I continued with my pleas, but none of the men before me looked touched by my words as fangs reflected silver under the moon’s glow. Bloodthirst filled the air from their bodies and auras.The man named Alpha Farell stood as his
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Chapter 7
Alpha Farrell’s PovIt’s been a while since any pack sent spies into my pack. My father made sure of their fear for us with our strength, agility, and stealth. He created a pattern that no pack would ever forget, bringing in an era of blood and death to those who dared to oppose us.I sighed as I leaned into the seat, closing my eyes for a second to recall the incident. If I had not arrived at that moment, both Kirk and Frin would have that lady’s head rolling on the ground, but she claimed not to be a spy.“Who is she?” I muttered the question when I heard a knock on my door. “What is it?” I asked as I knew the hand that had knocked.“The spy is awake, Alpha,” Frin said, his orange hair boobing atop his head as he opened the door.The table creaked as I used it as a support to stand, taking a deep breath before I would say anything else. “Let’s go see her.” He nodded, leading the way back to the dungeon.I entered the dungeon to see her holding the bars and talking to Kirk. “Where we
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Chapter 8
Alfredo’s Pov A groan escaped my lips as sleep evaded me from the knock on the door. I trudged to the door, aching to sleep with some hours left before I would do anything.“What’s it?” I asked as I opened the door to see the face of my mother’s Beta, dressed in white clothes tucked neatly into a black skirt that fitted her shape.“Your mother wants you to know your fiance is ready to leave,” she said without batting an eyelid.I covered my mouth as I made to yawn, closing the door on her. “Tell her I’ll be on my way soon.”She put her leg in between the space before I could close it shut. “She said right now.” Her eyes burned almost the same way my mother’s eyes would burn when she needed your attention.“Let me clean up and I’ll be with her,” I said to pacify the beta. She nodded as she removed her foot. The sound of her heel clicking to the ground echoed around the hall. I sighed as I shut the door, moving past the furniture and to the bathroom.I stood in front of the mirror, sta
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Chapter 9
Melissa (Gabriella's POV)I sat still while they discussed what fate would befall me. Startled, when the man he called Kirk came to the gate with Frin. The alpha walked away, leaving those men with me, a huge aura pouring from Kirk’s body.“You heard what he said,” Frin said as he entered the cell, jiggling keys following his hands as he walked to where they locked the chains. “I’d prefer if she died than check for things that would say the same thing I’ve already said,” Kirk said as he leaned on the bars of my cell. “You can only do as the Alpha said. You can’t take matters into your hands when he has decided something already,” Frin said as the chains clattered to the floor before he moved towards me, unlocking the chain and leaving the cuff on my wrist. Kirk scoffed as he opened the gate with Frin lifting me to my feet.“You didn’t need to lie to him about remembering anything,” Lyra said as they led me out of the dungeon. Frin took the front while Kirk remained at the back. It c
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Chapter 10
Princess Sheila’s POV The journey home was quieter than I expected. Lisa remained quiet the whole time, refusing to tell me the details of what transpired between her and Alfredo’s wolf.“What did he ask of you?” I asked the wolf that had turned mute with me, hoping to get a glimpse of their discussion if not all of it.“He did what we discussed last night,” Lisa said. Her answer sounded like she didn’t want me to ask about it.I agreed with my thought as I stared through the tinted glass. The blue sky was tinted ash by the dark windows, to white fluffy clouds. With a low bow, a guard opened the door for me when we got home. My heels clicked on the ground as I stepped on the mosaic of a rose in front of our house.My father stood, a smile on his face as he welcomed me home. He still looked young with his stubble of almost golden beards on his chin. I wondered why I never got his genes for his golden hair, instead, it was my mother’s silky, black hair.“How did it go?” He asked as he
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